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Watch UFC 296 on Kodi

Watch UFC 297 on Kodi Live Online

Are you a UFC fan but don’t know how to stream events? Do you prefer using Kodi for all your media playing needs? If you answered absolutely to both questions, you are in the right place. Here is how you can watch UFC 297 on Kodi live online from anywhere in the world.

What is UFC 297?

The Ultimate Fighting Championship UFC is the biggest and most popular Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) platform globally. The UFC brings together fighters across countries, disciplines, and fighting styles, including Boxing, Sambo, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. UFC 297  is the two hundred and sixty-second fight event held by the UFC, to be more specific.

Where is UFC 297 Happening?

UFC 297 is going to take place on Saturday,  20 Jan 2024, at  Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

What is Kodi?

Kodi is a free-to-use media-playing software designed for compatibility with a wide range of devices. You can use Kodi to watch media stored locally on your device, from a shared network location, or stream directly from the internet. Streaming, however, requires the use of third-party apps such as Venom or The Magic Dragon. The most significant advantage of using Kodi is that it is user-friendly and has an intuitive design.

How to watch UFC 297 on Kodi securely

Before we get into how to stream, there is one, critical ‘ground rule’ to cover, i.e. always protect yourself when streaming content online. The best way to secure your internet connection these days is by using a premium VPN like iProVPN. This incredible software spy-proofs your activities online and helps you get around geo-restrictions. Here’s how to install and use iProVPN with Kodi:

  1. Go to and purchase a subscription;
  2. Then download the relevant iProVPN app for your device, e.g. the Android installer for Android devices;
  3. Then launch iProVPN and select the appropriate server and IP address combo;
  4. Go back to the home screen and launch Kodi;
  5. Enjoy your streaming experience.

Alternatively, you can install the VPN directly to a router. Most routing devices come with built-in VPN support. To learn more about how to get iProVPN for your router, click here.

UFC 297 Fight card 

UFC numbered events usually feature high-profile fighters and higher stakes compared to Fight Nights. Check out the full fight card below:

  • Sean Strickland (c) vs. Dricus Du Plessis — UFC Middleweight Championship
  • Raquel Pennington vs. Mayra Bueno Silva — UFC Women’s Bantamweight Championship
  • Neil Magny vs. Mike Malott — Welterweights
  • Chris Curtis vs. Marc-André Barriault — Middleweight
  • Arnold Allen vs. Movsar Evloev — Featherweights

Time and Place

  • Day & Date: Saturday, 20 Jan 2024.
  • Location: Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • Media Channels: ESPN+ PPV

How to Watch UFC 297 on Kodi

Now we get to the real reason you are here: how to watch UFC 297 on Kodi live online. On Kodi, you can stream content through third-party streaming add-ons. One of the best for watching UFC fights is Planet MMA.

How to Watch UFC 297 on Kodi with Planet MMA Addon

Formerly known as UFC Finest, Planet MMA is a Kodi add-on specializing in global martial arts content. You can watch replays and live UFC events including Pay Per View (PPV) and Fight Nights all from a single location. Here’s how you can use this add-on to watch UFC 297 on Kodi using Planet MMA:

In the first step, you have to add the Supremacy repository to Kodi by doing the following:

  1. Launch Kodi on your preferred device;
  2. Click on the miniature gear icon next to the power button to access ‘Settings’;
  3. Then click on File Manager in the bottom right;
  4. On the next screen, select ‘Add Source’;
  5. Then, in the following pop-up, click ‘<None>’;
  6. Enter the following URL: and tap ‘OK’;
  7. Next type ‘Supremacy’ in the bottom bar and hit ‘OK’;

Now that you have the source added, you have to add the Supremacy Repository aka Repo to Kodi. Here’s how:

  1. Head back to the Kodi main screen;
  2. Then click on ‘Add-ons’ again;
  3. Look for the small, open-box icon in the left panel. Clicking on it should open up the add-ons browser;
  4. Click on ‘Install from ZIP file’ and then select ‘Supremacy’ from the list of directories;
  5. Select ‘’ and then click ‘OK’ to install;

You have to use your newly acquired repo to install Planet MMA to Kodi in the final step. You need to:

  1. Go back to the add-ons browser;
  2. This time select ‘Install from the repository;
  3. Now select ‘Supremacy’;
  4. Then select ‘Video add-ons’ to bring up the repo’s video streaming collection;
  5. Scroll until you find Planet MMA and click on it;
  6. Then click or tap on the ‘Install’ button in the far right of the button bar;
  7. Once you receive confirmation of installation, you are good to go.

Before you start streaming, however, ensure your iProVPN app is on and connected. That way, you can watch UFC 297 on Kodi safely and anonymously from the start instead of backtracking later. Furthermore, if Planet MMA doesn’t work for you, go through the list below and pick one that works:

  • SportsDevil
    • Use as the source URL.


UFC live events are some of the most popular globally, attracting audiences from every country with an internet connection. If you want to watch UFC on Kodi, you can use the add-ons suggested here to enjoy your martial arts experience. However, do not forget to use a premium VPN like iProVPN. By masking your actual IP address and rerouting your internet traffic through dedicated servers, iProVPN protects you from unintentional DMCA notices and copyright infringements. Not to mention the VPN encrypts your connection with AES 256-bit technology.

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