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Affiliate Policy

Our affiliate program can be joined by anyone who wishes to refer iProVPN to customers to earn a commission. The individual or company becomes an affiliate and would be eligible for a referral commission whenever a customer purchases iProVPN. The referral commission becomes valid once a legitimate purchase of a subscription is made. As soon as the new user makes the payment and is approved, the referral commission is validated for the affiliate.

The Affiliate Policy here describes the rules and practices you must adhere to as an affiliate of iProVPN.

Becoming a part of the iProVPN Affiliate Program

The following are the rules that you must comply with in order to become and to continue working with iProVPN as an affiliate:

Payout Policy

Before making any payments, the iPROVPN team will review your account to ensure that all terms are complied with. In situations where customer referral is unclear, we would ask the affiliate to provide us details. In case of breaching these terms, iProVPN reserves the right to deny payment to the affiliate.

The minimum affiliate payout would be discussed with you during your final contract. If the amount is reached before the end of the month, the affiliate can receive the commission between the 15th and 20th of the following month. Any bank fee or any other additional charges are to be incurred by the affiliate.

Refund Policy

In case if a new customer submits a refund request within 30 days of subscription, the affiliate's referral commission for that particular new customer would be deducted from their next payment. If the new customer submits a refund request after 30 days, his request would still be considered, if he provides a valid reason. However, iProVPN reserves the right to the final decision.

If we suspect higher than usual refunds and cancellations on your account, iProVPN reserves the right to restrict your account. This may even lead to suspending your account, and also retaining the amount of money in your account, in addition to the conduction of a full investigation. In case of any fraudulent activity suspected, you must inform the iProVPN’s affiliate team or the relevant third parties to help resolve the issue. During this period, your account may be restricted until the issue is resolved.

Termination of Account

Once your request to join our affiliate program is approved, you agree to abide by our terms of service, until and unless either one of the parties notifies the other party, in writing, to terminate the contract. Termination of the contract can be done via email. Your contract may be terminated immediately if we suspect any fraudulent activity from your account.


iProVPN is not responsible for any liability, loss, damages, costs, and expenses, including legal expenses, incurred by you or awarded against you, in case of breaching any contract terms, copyrights, trademarks, or other rights of any person.

Your Personal Data

Your data, such as email address, telephone number, name, address, etc. would be used to, but is not limited to, maintain your account on our platform, the arrangement of services for this program, to keep a track of all your activities to detect any fraudulent or unlawful activities. Your contact details would also be used by iPROVPN to inform you regarding any promotions, offers, or details regarding your account.

iProVPN reserves the right to revise these terms and conditions whenever it is deemed necessary. In case of any modifications being made to our terms of service, you would be notified via email. If you continue to use our services after that, it will be considered that you abide by our new revised terms.

If you have any questions or queries regarding our iProVPN Affiliate Program, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our Customer Care Team would be happy to assist you.