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Become an iProVPN Affiliate

Don't settle for less! iProVPN provides the affiliates with the commission they deserve.

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  • Get fast payouts with iPROVPN
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  • Work with our marketing team to achieve targets
  • Work on long-term goals with us

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Reasons to Join iProVPN As An Affiliate

iProVPN’s connectivity features ensure a smooth and easy-to-use experience.
High conversion rate

Earn High Commissions

We pay our affiliates with better commissions. The formula is simple- the more sales you get, the more you get paid. Take advantage of our fastest payouts and join our Affiliate Program today.

Dedicated account manager

Promote a Fast and Secure VPN

Built with advanced features, iProVPN protects digital identity and provides online freedom. We cater to various locations and have managed to establish a big clientele for ourselves. Become an affiliate and earn high* commission.


Realtime Reports

Our dedicated affiliates panel provides real time reports on your progress as an iProVPN affiliate. View your sales and track your progress for the entire year.

Generous commissions

Work with our Marketing Team

Work closely with our dedicated team and get support from our digital marketing team to help tailor your marketing campaign. Keep updated of our upcoming events and ideas with our Affiliate Newsletter.

Get Started in 3 Simple Steps

Working with us is a simple process
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Sign up

Join the iProVPN affiliate program.

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Promote iProVPN

Get your unique affiliate link and marketing materials.

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Earn commission

Receive a commission for every customer that you send our way.

Earn High Commissions With our Payout Model

Our commission rates are one of the best in the industry. What you earn depends on the subscription plan ordered by each customer you refer.

1-month Plan

  • New sign-up 100%
  • Recurring 40%

1-year Plan

  • New sign-up 70%
  • Recurring 40%

2-year Plan

  • New sign-up 70%
  • Recurring 40%

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Signing Up

How can I sign up for the Affiliate Program?

You can join our Affiliate Program by signing up through this page. Once your application is approved, you will work closely with our marketing team and become entitled to receive our promotional material to help you start earning a commission on every referral.

How does the iProVPN Affiliate Program work?

It works in a very simple way. You sign up for our Affiliate Program and start promoting our services to attract new customers. For every new customer referred by you, you will earn a commission. The more customers you send our way, the more commission you earn.

What are the prerequisites for signing up?

You must have a website or channel to be able to join our Affiliate Program.

How much commission do I earn?

Once a client subscribes to one of our packages, you will start earning commission. You will receive 100% commission on the 1-Month Plan and 70% commission on a new customer. A 40% commission will apply on all recurring sales.

Why should I join the iProVPN Affiliate Program?

Join our Affiliate Program to enjoy the following perks:

  • High conversion rates.
  • Recurring commission.
  • Low cancellation rate.
  • Realtime reports.
  • Dedicated account manager.

2. Marketing

Will I be provided with all the relevant marketing materials to promote iProVPN?

Yes, we provide all the required material to you once you sign up for our Affiliate Program.

How does iProVPN track clicks from the Affiliate Program?

We use a reliable system to keep track of all your referrals. We ensure that you do not lose any commission.

What marketing methods are not approved by iProVPN?

The following marketing methods are not allowed:

  • Spam emails.
  • Spamming users on social media, blogs, etc.
  • Bidding on our brand keyword.
  • Illegal and deceptive means of marketing.
  • False claims, rates, discounts, etc.

If an affiliate is found violating any of the rules, the affiliate will not receive any commission and will be permanently banned from the iProVPN Affiliate Program.

3. Payment

What is the payment method?

All payments are made via wire transfer or PayPal.

What is the minimum payout?

The minimum payout is $100.

How does your payment cycle work?

We pay the affiliates 15 days after the sale has been made.

Does iProVPN provide its affiliates with a recurring commission?

We provide a 40% recurring commission on all subscriptions.

What happens when a sign-up is found out to be fraudulent?

If the referred sales are found to be fraudulent, we are not bound to pay you commission. We immediately refund the fraudulent payments.

Does iProVPN have a reseller program?

No, iPROVPN does not have a reseller program.