Watch UFC 293 on Smart TV

How to Watch UFC 293 on a Smart TV Live Online

Want to enjoy watching UFC 293 on a large screen? If you own a Smart TV, there are several ways you can. Official channels like ESPN+ and UFC Fight Pass give you all the tools you need. Continue perusing this article to find out how you can watch UFC 293 on a Smart TV and simultaneously protect your privacy.

The UFC – What it is About?

The Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC is the biggest and most popular Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) platform globally. Although other promoters do a well enough job, the UFC consistently attracts more extensive and larger audiences every year. Furthermore, there is something for everyone in these fights. Fighters come from various disciplines, including Sambo, Boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and Jiu-Jitsu.

How to watch UFC 293 on a Smart TV safely

Knowing how to stream UFC events is only half the battle. You also need to understand how to protect yourself from unwanted DMCA notices, spyware, malware, and the ever-so-annoying hackers. Today, the best method you have at your disposal is a VPN.

Premium VPNs like iProVPN encrypts your connection with AES 256-bit encryption technology. It also renders your IP address (your unique identity online) untraceable by routing all your internet traffic through secure servers worldwide. Follow the steps below to install iProVPN on to your Smart TV:

  1. First, navigate to through your TV’s browser;
  2. Purchase a subscription and then download the relevant installation file directly to the TV;
  3. Then go to settings and ensure you have ‘Unknown Sources’ enabled in ‘App Settings’ or ‘App Management’ depending on your device;
  4. Next, navigate to where you downloaded the installation file and launch it;
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen to install iProVPN and launch when complete;
  6. Then select the most appropriate combination of IP address and server (discussed later);
  7. Enjoy watching UFC 293 on a Smart TV with ease.

On the other hand, you can directly install iProVPN on your router. Dongles won’t work, but most router companies offer support of third-party VPNs. Follow the directions outlined here to learn more about the process. However, iProVPN allows up to 10 simultaneous installations, so the choice is yours.

Where and When UFC Event 293 is Happening?

UFC 293 is happening on Sept 10, 2023, at Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney, Australia.

Who is Fighting?

UFC numbered events usually feature high-profile fighters and higher stakes compared to Fight Nights. Some of the sport’s biggest names come together from around the world to compete for fame and glory. Some only for the thrill of the fight. Either way, see who is fighting this time in the fight card below:

  • Israel Adesanya vs. Sean Strickland
  • Tai Tuivasa vs. Alexander Volkov
  • Justin Tafa vs. Austen Lane
  • Tyson Pedro vs. Anton Turkalj
  • Viviane Araujo vs. Jennifer Maia

How to Watch UFC 293 on a Smart TV

There are more than a few ways you can watch UFC 293 on your Smart TV. The official channel for all things UFC is UFC Fight Pass, or the app by the same name. On the other hand, ESPN+ and BT Sports subscribers will also have access to the PPV. However, keep in mind that most content on all of these channels is geo-restricted and, therefore, only available to specific countries. You can use iProVPN to bypass these blockades and enjoy content from anywhere in the world.

How to Watch UFC 293 on a Smart TV with UFC Fight Pass

UFC Fight Pass gives subscribers access to every PPV fight and Fight Night event. Here’s how you can watch the bout on your Smart TV:

  1. Open your Smart TV’s internet browser;
  2. Navigate to;
  3. You can either purchase a subscription or order the PPV for UFC 293
  4. Enjoy watching UFC 293.

How to Watch UFC 293 on a Smart TV using the UFC Fight Pass App

Because using the browser on a Smart TV can be clunky at the best of times, it might be better to install the UFC Fight Pass app. It gives you access to more features and a more comfortable layout. Here’s how to get it (make sure you’ve already ordered the PPV):

  1. If you have an LG Smart TV:
    1. Press on your remote’s Home button to bring up the launcher;
    2. Then click on ‘More Apps’;
    3. Open the LG Content Store app;
    4. Select ‘Premium’ and search for UFC;
    5. Then click on ‘Install’.
  2. If you have a Samsung Smart TV:
    1. Press on your remote’s “Smart Hub” button;
    2. Click on ‘Apps’;
    3. Select the little magnifying glass icon and search for ‘UFC’;
    4. When the app shows up, select ‘Download’;
    5. Once the download is complete, select ‘Open’ and log in with your credentials;
  3. If you have an Android TV:
    1. Access the Google Play Store on your Smart TV;
    2. Search for the term ‘UFC’;
    3. Select the UFC Fight Pass app;
    4. Tap Install and then log in once the install completes.
    5. If you can’t access it on the Google Play Store, maybe try changing the country location.

How to Watch UFC 293 on a Smart TV without using any apps

If you find using a Smart TV interface cumbersome, you have one more option, as many do. Order UFC 293 on PPV and install the UFC Fight Pass app on a handheld device. Then click on the ‘Cast to Device’ button in your admin panel (it usually looks like a small screen with a WiFi symbol in the corner).


UFC is one of the most prevalent events in MMA. Sports fans worldwide look forward to the numbered events to see who wins the titles. However, given the common geo-restrictions on fights, remember to use iProVPN to avoid DMCA notices and protect yourself from hackers and bandwidth throttling.

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