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What is an IP Address?

IP address is abbreviated for Internet Protocol address. It is a unique number allotted to any device that connects to the internet. They device may be your phone, laptop or tablet.

IP Version 4 and IP Version 6 are two versions of Internet Protocol that are in use presently. These versions have 2 prime functions to carry which are identification and location addressing. The different between the two is that IP Version 4 results in 4 billion addresses approximately whereas IP version 6 results in 3.4 x 1038 addresses.

An IP address is necessary to go online. It allows the two devices – of sender and receiver – to connect and exchange information. Without it, the two devices won’t know where to send or retrieve information from.

What is My IP Address Discloses About Me

Your IP address exposes pretty much everything there is to know about the location you browse
internet from, including:
  • Country

  • City

  • Province/State

  • ZIP code/Postal

The landing websites can reveal even more. They combine your IP address with more information gathered and extracted from metadata, trackers, cookies, owners of website, advertisers and marketers. By doing this, it is easy to build an entire profile about you. These pieces of information are put together along with the websites you visit, the kind of content piques your interest and who you communicate with. After that, you are either targeted for marketing and shown content and advertisement that may suit your liking or your data is sold to the person bidding highest.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are party to even more information. Your ISP knows more in-depth personal information about you than your friend. Being their customer they are aware of your name, address, cell number, bank account details, credit card number, credit history and maybe even more.

Countless countries, including UK and Australia, have ISPs maintain logs of your browsing history as they per a requirement. These browsing activity logs are handed over to multiple government agencies who don’t even need a warrant to acquire such information. Your internet provider can see any website you visit, if it is not HTTPS secured. Websites that are HTTPS secured only exclude the individual pages you visit from being monitored, your domains can still be scrutinized regardless.

Internet Service
National Security

Who can see
My IP address?



How to Change Your IP Address and Hide Your Location?

Changing your IP address or hiding it altogether is not a complex task. All you need is iProVPN.

By virtually putting you in an alternate area, a VPN will change your IP address. While using a VPN, your web traffic is directed through an encrypted tunnel with the goal that nobody, not even your Internet Provider, can keep track of what you're doing on the web.

A VPN will influence it to appear as though you are in the same place as the location of the server. For instance, if you are in the Australia, you connect with a VPN location in Denmark, you will have all the earmarks of being in the Denmark. There are many favorable outcomes to utilizing a VPN to conceal your IP:
Encrypts your web information so you can be online with greater security.
Hides your real location
Giving you a better web experience, free of censorship or other firewall confinements by enabling you to effortlessly switch between virtual locations.

Using iProVPN for a Private Connection

iProVPN has over 21+ servers spread across numerous countries. This provides a private, secure and free browsing experience! We can be trusted and relied upon because we have a stringent policy of keeping no logs of activity and connection. This guarantees that see your browsing activity. Simultaneously, your data is fully secure through 256-bit encryption.

If securing your privacy is your priority, get iProVPN now to protect you from people seeing your online activity!