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The Best Deepfake Apps

Deepfake apps are as scary as a nightmare; these apps can create a false photo or a video of anyone using AI technology.

The deepfake technology gives incredibly authentic results in creating realistic false videos or photos. Due to this technology, it’s becoming difficult to distinguish what’s real and fake on the internet.

In this blog, you will learn all the facets of Deepfake apps technology and its associated threats. You will also explore the list of the best Deepfake apps and how to find if a photo or video is deepfaked.

What is a Deepfake?

Deepfake is an image manipulation technology that uses deep learning models to trick you into believing something that’s not real.

Many Deepfake apps replaced a person with someone else in an existing video or image. Mostly, these apps are used for fun for creating memes, but they can be equally dangerous. Some bad actors may use the technology for deceptive purposes.

What are the best Deepfake apps and Software in 2023?

Here are the best deepfake apps in 2023 to try and understand the technology.

  • Reface


Reface is one of the most popular Deepfake apps worldwide. The app uses AI technology to swap faces in GIFS and videos. This app offers the most convincing results that you and your friends can’t even spot a real or fake face in videos, GIFS, and photos.

  • FaceApp


FaceApp is mainly an editing app that completely transforms users’ images using AI technology. This app got viral in 2020 due to its incredible filters and a variety of effects. FaceApp is a free application that uses a combination of technologies to filter images. FaceApp uses artificial intelligence; Deep Learning, advanced Machine Learning, and Image Recognition systems.

  • SpeakPic


SpeakPic is another sophisticated Deepfake app that combines AI technology that transforms your selected image and makes it speak. You can record or type a text, and your selected image will say the same thing that you want.

  • Zao


Zao is a popular Chines deepfake technology app. It’s mainly a face-swapping app that lets you swap faces or add any face in any video. This app gives deepfake generated results in seconds. You can also add or swap your face with any movie character. It’s a fun app that provides a collection of videos and images. However, the app is only available in China right now.

  • DeepFaceLab


DeepFaceLab is not an ordinary Deep fake app. It’s a high-end software program that runs on powerful, high-end GPU PCs. Deep Face Lab enables users to learn and understand deep fake technology realistically. You have to thoroughly understand the documentation before using this program. It’s not a user-friendly program, but it’s an open-source deep fake system that swaps faces in videos and images.

  • Reflect


Reflect is also one of the top face-swap apps. The app is amazing and uniquely swaps your face into any video. You can swap faces in statues, paintings, video games, and more using this app.

  • Fake App

Fake App

Fake App is another deepfake application that lets you swap the faces of your family and friends into different videos using Artificial intelligence technology.

  • DeepArt


DeepArt cannot be considered as a deepfake video app. However, the app uses deepfake images and converts those images into artistic paintings using AI and the Neural Style Transfer algorithm. The app is free to use and provides more than 50 filters and styles for art.

  • Deepfakes Web

Deepfakes Web

Deepfake Web is a cloud-based software program that creates deepfake videos on the web. The program almost takes up to 5 hours to complete a deepfake video. The software learns from uploaded videos and images then applies AI algorithms together with learning technology to face-swap an individual in a video.

  •  Jiggy


Jiggy is another incredible Deepfake GIFs app. With this app, you can literally take the memes to another level. Using Jiggy will allow you to swap your face into any GIF that you like. You can select your photo, then select your favorite GIF; the app will automatically place your photo in the Gif using its learning power. Jiggy is the best Deepfake app to create customized GIFs.

Pros and Cons of Deepfake Technology

What Are the Benefits of DeepFakes?

We cannot say that deepfake technology is utterly useless. In fact, it has tremendous benefits, and industries that involve films and movie making can better leverage the technology by adding faces into movies to enhance storylines where actors cannot be present for some real reasons.

In the future, it is also possible that deepfake technology will make its way to the film industry to replace conventional CGI techniques.

Not only that, but it will be a great contribution to the fashion industry. Designers can create virtual videos to better assume their customers in their designed dresses.

What are the downsides of Deepfake technology?

Although deepfake technology might have some benefits for the film and fashion industries, however, this technology also has some serious associated risks.

Researches are still making improvements in spotting realistic-looking deepfakes, but the technology will be a great future threat as it can be used to spread misinformation on social platforms.

Deepfake technology can be a weapon of hatred and can be used for various nefarious purposes like spreading deceitful images and videos.

The only way to eliminate deepfake technology risks is to create robust deepfake detection programs, but as of now, such programs are elusive.

How to Detect a Deepfake Photo or Video?

It can be tricky for a general user to spot a deepfake image or video. If a deepfake image or photo is of poor quality, then you can easily spot it. However, high-quality deepfakes with advanced technology are harder to be detected. You can always focus on a few signs to spot deepfakes, and those significant signs are:

  • Odd eye movement
  • Abnormal hair texture
  • Strange skin color
  • Digital background audio
  • Robotic sound effects
  • Artificial or poor lip-syncing
  • Irregular shadows
  • Misfit body positioning
  • Unusual head movement
  • Artificial lighting effects
  • Less to no eye blinking.

How to Control Deepfakes?

Several actions have been taken to combat the negative effects of deepfake technology. Governments and companies are making new laws to curb the use of this technology.

Moreover, giant social platforms like Facebook and Twitter have banned deepfakes. Meanwhile, companies are introducing the latest protocols and integrating detection technologies like Sensity AI and Deeptrace to detect deepfakes.

Are Deepfake Apps Illegal?

Right now, deepfake apps are not illegal. You can use these apps for fun purposes like creating animations, GIFS, and videos. However, you might land into trouble if you are abusive or invade someone’s privacy while using the app.

When did Deepfake technology invent?

Deepfake technology was invented by a Reddit user back in 2017. A few celebrity photos were initially manipulated using Google’s open-source deep-learning technology together with face-swapping technology.

How to download a Deepfake app?

If you want to have some fun with deepfake apps, you can head straight to your app stores, search for deepfake apps and install them on your device. These apps are readily available for users on all the major app stores.


That was our list of the best Deepfake apps that you can try in 2023. Deepfake apps are fun to use, but they can be a threat if used in a wrong or nefarious way. You can install any of our listed deepfake apps and create a new GIF, video, or image by swapping faces.

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