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YouTube Alternatives

Dominating the digital world as the most popular video streaming platform, YouTube stands in a class of its own. Its user-friendly interface allows for convenient uploading, downloading, commenting, or streaming. It is easily available on desktop PCs, mobile phones, and laptops. However, certain aspects of YouTube have people looking for alternatives, such as the need for a Gmail account for viewing protected videos and the risk of your account being disabled if the rules are breached. Read the article to discover why people (content producers and consumers alike) are ditching Youtube and find the list of emerging YouTube alternatives that are kind-of-ruling the digital content world these days.

Why people are looking for YouTube Alternatives

While YouTube has enjoyed popularity and dominance for many years, with 2 billion logged-in users currently, content creators, as well as consumers, have started looking for other streaming platforms because:

  • YouTube is saturated and has high competition. to gain a competitive edge, influencers around the world have started leveraging the potential of Instagram – an emerging platform for bite-size content. Talk about businesses that offer services and products, and have a strong social media following. These businesses leverage ‘ease’ and instead of bringing their audience to YouTube, they prefer to engage through Instagram.
  • YouTube is a free platform for uploading and watching content and a lot of popular copyright material isn’t available on the platform. Keeping this in view, binge-watchers had already made their way to premium services like Netflix to watch original series limited to the platform. Money Heist and Stranger Things are popular examples.
  • YouTube works on the local Google Adsense Program, which means it collects and processes data for first-party and third-party revenue generation. When you stream entertainment or educational content on YouTube, you’ll have to see ads, which are hosted sometimes with the consent of the content producer, sometimes not. Also, while streaming, clicking, reacting on YouTube, you only add to the digital fingerprint of yours that Google has been creating and maintaining for years.

Best YouTube Alternatives

Here are some of the best YouTube-like websites that allow you your fix with or without any of the red tapes. So read on to find one that’s best suited to your needs. The list is compiled based on user preferences, popularity, likes, dislikes, availability of content, competition in content production and not with the intent of promoting any platform.

1. DailyMotion

This is basically a genetically modified, higher-quality version of YouTube without all the restrictions. It has a similar layout as YouTube and everything that you’re used to, such as playlists, recommended videos, homepage, and more. The quality of content is a lot better than YouTube since there’s less money to be made on this platform, there are less balderdash and riff-raff.

Why choose Dailymotion?

  • You’ll find high-quality content.
  • The layout is user-friendly.
  • The rules are lax with fewer risks of content removal.
  • The platform is not as saturated as YouTube, which means you can generate a fan following more easily on Dailymotion than on YouTube.

As for content producers, Dailymotion is even better than Youtube because of its no-censorship policy. Furthermore, content producers can choose to restrict the viewership of their content in certain geographic areas of their choice. This would have been a limitation of the platform for content consumers who intend to research via the videos or keep traveling. However, with a VPN by their side, they can bypass geo-restrictions users, regardless of their actual location, and can stream videos whenever wherever they are.

2. Vimeo

If you’re in search of a site that is better than YouTube, then you’ve hit the jackpot with Vimeo. This platform incorporates some of the best content creators aimed at using professionals, especially those of the elite arts. The quality of content is incomparable to anything you may find on the internet. So it’s not just a YouTube alternative, but we see it as a potential rival as well in the coming years.

This is not the place to go ‘aww’ at cats and dogs videos since Vimeo has a pretty strict policy regarding quality. For content producers, there are different pricing plans: the basic plan being free where users can upload upto 500 MB of content every week, Plus members can upload 5GB per week and Pro members can upload unlimited content.

Why choose Vimeo?

  • It has well-defined categories for easy search
  • It is exceedingly easy to use and is an amazing source if you’re learning a new craft.
  • Users can enjoy more focus on videos and fewer distracting elements.

All-in-all, it is the best alternative to YouTube in terms of viewing or hosting video content for revenue generation.

3. Metacafe

As one of the oldest video streaming sites, Metacafe specializes in short-form video content offering quick and lighthearted 90-second clips to its many subscribers. The interface offers a minimalistic design with neatly organized categorized sections that offer to about 40 million viewers.

Why choose Metacafe?

  • You can personalize your channel.
  • Excellent for watching 90-second videos.
  • Has a lot of content for on-the-money product reviews and how-to-guides.

For someone who enjoys humorous clips with crafty titles and thumbnails, this is the best YouTube alternative in 2021.

4. TikTok

TikTok has become impressively pervasive with internet users of all ages due to its capacity to create short-form videos. The competition between TikTok and YouTube has been on the rise in recent years. Keeping up with the competition, YouTube has offered a similar panel called ‘YouTube Shorts’. As of now, that’s still a way off, and till then, TikTok is definitely the place to bring out your inner performer or watch others strut their stuff.

TikTok makes for smooth content creation with its dedicated app for iOS and Android.

Why choose TikTok?

  • It is a superb platform for entertainment purposes and also offers cheap production.
  • It has lax policies regarding content upload

Though TikTok hosts everything everyone can produce, it can sometimes mean that users can stumble upon low-quality content or strict copyright material. However, emerging digital entrepreneurs are leveraging the platform’s potential to market their products and services.

5. Utreon

Utreon is another YouTube clone with a refreshed UI and functionality and is trending as a popular YouTube alternative. The best thing about Utreon is its privacy promise: it does not sell data to third parties, allows users to stream ‘anonymously’ which is absolutely impossible otherwise without a VPN. The platform does not require passwords and discourages data breaches.

Why choose Utreon?

  • Offers video support of up to 4K.
  • UI is analogous to that of Youtube.
  • It has a strict commitment to user privacy.

Its compelling features such as properly categorized sections, user-friendliness, and the ability to monetize the videos on Utreon make it the preferred platform for many content creators and watchers.


Made specifically for the growing population of mobile users, IGTV is a platform that allows you to host clips without a hitch. It allows you to upload 60 minutes of clips, and it enables users to reach a larger audience. You can upload short videos on your profile or start your own content production channel. It supports short videos making quality a focus for many content creators. It is accessible for all Instagram users and can easily be signed in with Facebook also.

Why choose IGTV?

  • Producers can choose to upload short or long videos. For promotions, they can go live individually or 2 profiles can choose to collaborate for the same purpose.
  • Users can watch the content of their interest on smartphones.
  • Searching for various channels is convenient and quick.

Remember that YouTube’s 70% of watchtime originates from mobile devices. This trending platform is ideal for viewing vertical videos that have been modified with the mobile user in mind.  Though with YouTube, users are not forced to log into the app, or use the web version – the videos can even play on your Whatsapp screen, unlike Instagram that requires users to sign up or sign into their IG IDs to view content.

7. Twitch

It’s hard to call Twitch a YouTube alternative per se, but it has everything gamers drool over, ranging from live streams from their favorite gaming icons to tournament replays. There’s also other content for people with more refined tastes, such as the arts, music, and TV series. You can just as easily monetize your lazy Sundays by playing Fortnite or watch your favorite gamer playing live.

Why choose Twitch?

  • Users and content producers can build a gaming community.
  • Users can stream videos dedicated to gaming.

This makes Twitch the most happening platform to watch live streaming and live chatting centered around the gaming world.

8. Dtube

Based on the Blockchain fad that has everyone on the edge of their seat, DTube is a YouTube look-alike and an acceptable alternative. The homepage lists all hot, trending, and watched videos that you can browse through and also save for later watching, making DTube pretty much an ad-free clone of YouTube.

Why choose DTube?

  • The platform is almost ad-free offering an uninterrupted viewing experience.
  • DTube has no censorship and users and producers can use the platform to their heart’s content.

DTube uses Steem Blockchain to maintain records and uploading a video on this platform rewards you with crypto-currency. Users who engage with the videos in different ways can increase their chances of earning.

9. Veoh

You will most likely find Veoh’s name in a lot of lists when searching for YouTube alternatives in 2021. This video streaming platform offers the easy discovery of videos and personalizes your viewing experience. Veoh is a viable option if you enjoy longer videos since it offers uploading content of unlimited length. You can find several TV series, movies, and even anime on this site.

Why choose Veoh?

  • Suggested for longer videos and movies.
  • Sleek UI with social features.

It is easy to navigate and has networking features such as creating groups, adding contacts, and direct messaging.

10. PeerTube

PeerTube is as good as YouTube with its open-source video sharing option. The software is decentralized, where everyone is able to host videos on their personalized channel. Compared to YouTube, the interface is neat and simple with no ads. It also contains a recently added and trending section that allows you to view viral content.

Why choose PeerTube?

  • No sign-up is required.
  • it is decentralized and open-sourced.
  • It has a no censorship policy.

PeerTube bypasses the limitations of YouTube with no censorship or getting your account blocked. It’s very freeing and empowering for content creators who can showcase their creations without the risk of getting banned. It’s comparatively new and doesn’t have a variety of videos, but it’s getting up there as an appreciable competitor streaming service.

Netflix and TED

These two are also trending streaming platforms but both serve different audiences and have different working models. For the reasons outlined here, we haven’t added them to the list above:

  • Netflix doesn’t match directly to YouTube because it has no free plans, only hosts copyright content and highly promotes series that are originally made for this platform. Though it has certain documentaries that can be used for educational purposes and also hosts a separate profile for kids, the majority turns to Netflix for entertainment. The language and concept tags are mostly for adults aged more than 15; the platform has tons of mature content. Therefore, several countries have censored certain content based on national and cultural considerations, for example, series and movies available only through Netflix USA.
  • TED stands for Technology, Education and Design and so hosts independent guest speaker sessions on subjects that fall under these categories. It is a great platform for students, teachers, influencers, speakers, scientists and common individuals who would like some inspiration to continue with their passion. Though most TED Talks do have some points of humor, the content is not geared towards entertainment but towards learning, research and awareness.

Concerns Associated With Online Streaming

Streaming isn’t as simple, private or secure as it should be. Some content producers do upload copyright content and users can stumble upon such content and participate in copyright infringement. Also, when binge-watchers stream via Netflix or YouTube for hours, they consume considerably higher bandwidth than those who come online for simple browsing, which makes streamers subject to bandwidth discrimination or what we call ‘ISP throttling’. Your ISP may choose to monitor your online streaming activities or slow down the speeds when you are on a specific streaming platform to control your streaming behavior. Major streaming platforms except for Uteron and TED micro-target and process data for advertisements, which means users can still face web tracking.

For people apprehensive about their online privacy and safety, digital experts suggest users install a reliable VPN app and browse through an anti-tracking platform. This way, you can put your major digital concerns at ease and avoid online hazards like web tracking, ISP monitoring, and speed throttling.

The Bottomline

There isn’t a single site that can be a full replacement to YouTube, but as far as YouTube alternatives go, this list can fulfill the requirements if platforms are used in combination. Go through the options, and you’ll be sure to find your favorite one since all of them are worthy of being YouTube replacements.

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