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Best YIFI/YTS Alternatives

Explore These Best YIFY/YTS Alternatives for Uninterrupted Content Streaming

Do you reside in a country where YIFY/YTS websites are inaccessible? Due to piracy concerns and copyright violations, these platforms have faced legal charges for some time. But fret not; there are numerous YIFY/YTS alternatives available.

Yify Movies, often known as YTS, has established itself as an essential source inside the peer-to-peer sharing community.

For those living in areas with limited YIFY or YTS access, here is a list of YTS alternatives that may be used to download torrent files. These YIFY proxy unblock alternatives provide a wide choice of torrent files for download, and most of the platforms listed below are available in multiple regions.

What is YIFY/YTS Movies?

YIFY Torrents, or YTS, was launched in August 2011 as a peer-to-peer online distribution site primarily focused on offering a catalog of free downloadable movies via BitTorrent. The availability of HD-quality compressed movies notably gained Yify popularity among the masses. And as time passed, movie fanatics crowned it their top streaming site.

YIFY, commonly known as YTS, quickly became popular among movie fans owing to its vast collection of high-quality torrents for newly released films. The site’s quick climb to renown was straightforward, with massive daily traffic and significant attention and participation.

And, out of nowhere, the site displayed a blank page. Given YIFY’s reputation of seldom having significant outages, this surprise shutdown caught many users off guard.

However, it was later discovered that the website’s closure resulted from a multi-million dollar lawsuit filed in New Zealand by the MPAA.

The site has been unreachable since then, and the possibility of its recovery is poor. There is, however, a ray of optimism, thanks to YIFY proxy 2024 – bringing you to our article where we mention the 5 best YIFY/YTS alternatives!

Does YIFY Still Exist?

The YIFY site was shut down – losing a multi-million dollar lawsuit. However, thanks to all its mirror and proxy sites, the site managed to pass through. The search for a suitable replacement for YIFY, has brought people to the most popular options, such as:

  • The Pirate Bay
  • TorrentZ
  • KickAss Torrents

Torrent users are looking for a fresh and effective alternative to YIFY, commonly known as YTS.

Note: This article is purely for informational purposes, and iProVPN doesn’t encourage its users to access free proxy sites that violate copyright licenses and feature pirated content.

The 5 Best YIFY/YTS Alternatives

With over 28 million people engaging in P2P file sharing daily, knowing a top torrenting site can save you an incredible hassle.

While a YIFY proxy 2024 can be reached using the domain name YTS.am and is still operational, some people still yearn for the original YIFY torrent site. Here are a few best YIFY/YTS alternatives for fulfilling all your torrent needs.

1. Lime Torrents

Lime Torrents

While Lime Torrents is not as well-known as many other platforms in the torrent market, it still offers top-notch features to its users, especially given the DMCA’s focused measures against certain famous companies.

Due to its growing selection of movies, anime, music, and games, the site has quickly gained appeal among users. Lime Torrents has earned a position on our top five YIFY alternatives list because of its user-friendly layout.


  • Extensive database.
  • Efficient customer service.
  • Magnet links.

2. Kisckasstorrents


This is a proxy of Kickasstorrents, proving relatively successful at that. The site has an extensive torrent catalog, leading to its quick development in popularity in a short period.

As a result, if you’re looking for the type of experience that YIFY torrents formerly delivered, Kickasstorrents might be what you’re looking for!


  • User-friendly Interface.
  • Extensive library.
  • Magnet links for facilitating peer-to-peer file sharing.

3. TorrentDownloads


Knowing a list of torrent sites is best when looking for the best YIFY/YTS alternatives. And, when using these sites, such as TorrentDownloads, it’s crucial to use a trusted VPN, like iProVPN, for a safe and secure browsing experience.

One of the most notable advantages of this site is its user-friendly design, allowing users to navigate easily.


  • A public IP address.
  • Host sites use a seedbox.
  • Easy and fast file downloads.

4. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is a long-known torrent site that continually provides consumers with happiness. The site has a clear yet appealing user design, increases site navigation, and offers an incredible assortment of torrents covering practically every conceivable genre. Additionally, vital information, like the number of peers, seeds, and file size, is neatly shown beside each file – making it the best alternative for YIFY proxy unblock.


  • Appealing User Interface.
  • Vast catalog.
  • Categorized information.

5. Torrentz2


Torrentz2 is a popular meta-search engine that combines search results from many torrent networks, offering a solid alternative to YIFY. Despite not directly hosting any torrents, it efficiently gathers torrents from many sources, allowing users to find requested material quickly.

Using Torrentz2 broadens the scope of your search and increases the possibility that you’ll find the precise files you’re looking for.


  • Free and fast meta-search engine.
  • Multi-search option.

FAQs - Best YIFY/YTS Alternatives

Is it legal to download movies from YIFY?

Accessing and downloading movies from YIFY is illegal. It was shut down after MPAA filed a copyright action against the website. The one you might be accessing is a YIFY proxy 2024.

Does YIFY still exist?

The original YIFY site doesn't exist; it was permanently shut down in October 2015. However, a YIFY proxy unblock is possible via a clone YIFY site or its alternatives.

Final Note

Technological advancements have accelerated content accessibility. Leading to the launch of torrents and YIFY proxy 2024. While these sites are free, they’re home to malware and viruses – the reason why iProVPN is precisely what you need to maintain online privacy while using a YIFY proxy 2024.

Start Browsing Privately!

iProVPN encrypts your data for protection against hackers and surveillance. Unblock your favorite streaming platforms instantly with the best VPN for streaming.

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