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Watch Vasiliy Lomachenko vs Jamaine Ortiz on Smart TV

Watch Vasiliy Lomachenko vs Jamaine Ortiz on Smart TV

Are you aware of when is Vasiliy Lomachenko vs Jamaine Ortiz?  Vasiliy Lomachenko vs Jamaine Ortiz is taking place on Saturday, the 29th of October 2022, in the Hulu Theatre, at Madison Square Garden, New York, United States. Supporters of both of the contenders are waiting eagerly to watch Vasiliy Lomachenko vs Jamaine Ortiz on Smart TV, Firestick, and other favorite streaming devices. ESPN+ has the broadcasting rights professedly. But, this is only implemented to US viewers. People who are not physically located in the USA need a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to get around these geo-restrictions of ESPN+. Therefore, iProVPN is here to save your bacon.

Vasiliy Lomachenko is one of the most successful fighters in the WWE world. Having achieved several laurels, including consecutive gold and silver medals. He is popular for his hand speed, footwork, and athleticism. His opponent Jamaine Ortiz beat Jamel Herring and won by unanimous decision. He has accomplished several titles with zero losses. Portrayed in the WWE world as the unbeaten contender, Jamaine Ortiz gave this message to media channels: “I am excited about this fight.”

So, if you have a Smart TV, set it up to watch Vasiliy Lomachenko vs Jamaine Ortiz with a secure connection and lightning-fast servers of iProVPN. Continue reading to find out the easiest tutorial to watch Vasiliy Lomachenko vs Jamaine Ortiz on Smart TV.

How to Watch Vasiliy Lomachenko vs Jamaine Ortiz on Smart TV [Easy Steps]

  • Get a subscription to iProVPN.
  • Download and install the VPN app on your Smart TV or you can configure it via your Wifi router.
  • Go to the servers and connect to a USA server.
  • Power on your Smart TV and head towards the Smart TV browser.
  • Search for ESPN+ and sign up. (ESPN+ charges you a subscription fee of $9.99 monthly)
  • Start watching Vasiliy Lomachenko vs Jamaine Ortiz on Smart TV on the 29th of October 2022.

Fight Schedule – Vasiliy Lomachenko vs Jamaine Ortiz

This is the schedule of the spectacular WWE fight.

Date 29th October 2022
Day Saturday
Timings 8:00 PM AT, 5:00 PM PT, 1:00 AM BST, 11 AM AEDT
Venue Hulu Theatre at Madison Square Garden, 4 Pennsylvania Plaza, New York, NY 10001, United States
Media Broadcaster ESPN+ USA, Sky Sports UK
Organizer Top Rank Boxing

Official Broadcasting Channels – Vasiliy Lomachenko vs Jamaine Ortiz

Two channels are broadcasting the much-anticipated bout of Vasiliy Lomachenko vs Jamaine Ortiz. Here, follow the broadcasting details:

  1. ESPN+ USA – ESPN+ has the official rights to on-air the Vasiliy Lomachenko vs Jamaine Ortiz in the United States. All you need to do is get a subscription.
  2. Sky Sports UK – has the official rights to telecast the show for UK viewers. You can get a subscription for £25/month (or about $34/month).

Undercard – Vasiliy Lomachenko vs Jamaine Ortiz

Contender Vs Contender
Vasiliy Lomachenko Vs Jamaine Ortiz
Robeisy Ramirez Vs Jessie Magdaleno
Richard Torrez Jr Vs TBA

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Vasiliy Lomachenko vs Jamaine Ortiz on Smart TV

Geo-restriction has become a global issue lately. Every second channel is restraining viewers outside a certain location from accessing their services, and the same state is with ESPN+ and Sky Sports.

ESPN+ is broadcasting the Vasiliy Lomachenko vs Jamaine Ortiz for the USA viewers. If you try to access ESPN+ outside the United States, you will be sent an error depicting you about the unavailability of the channel in your particular region. If, however, you connect to a secure VPN that has impenetrable privacy features, you can bypass these geographical restrictions without any delay.

A VPN not only offers you a safe and secure space on the internet but also caters to other aspects of using it. It routes your internet traffic from encrypted virtual tunnels that are hidden from the eyes of any ISPs and government data logging agencies.

Additionally, a VPN assigns you several robust IP addresses that excel spoofing your actual identity and physical location. With having a different IP address, you can stay anonymous and unblock as many media sites as you want, regardless of your geo-location.

Fighters Stats – Lomachenko vs Jamaine Ortiz

These are the stats of both of the competitors:

Details Vasiliy Lomachenko Jamaine Ortiz
Nickname The Matrix The technician
Age 34 26
Weight Featherweight, Super featherweight, Lightweight Lightweight
Height 5 ft 7 in (170 cm) 5 ft 8 (173 cm)
Reach 65 ½ in (166 cm) 69 in (175 cm)
Nationality Ukrainian American
Stance Southpaw Orthodox
Total Fights 18 17
Wins 16 16
Wins by KO 11 8
Losses 2 0

Bottom Line

You all must be very enthusiastic about the next WWE bout so let’s double the excitement by unblocking ESPN+ with iProVPN outside the USA. Geographical blocks can deprive you of watching your favorite media content, such as Vasiliy Lomachenko vs Jamaine Ortiz on Smart TV, and we know this pain. Therefore, to circumvent these stubborn blocks and watch your much desired fights and sports, regardless of the region you have resided, register yourself for an iProVPN membership, and voila!

Start Browsing Privately!

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