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How to Watch Movies on Kodi Anywhere

Entertainment makes up a significant portion of our daily lives. People always search for new ways to access content from the comfort of their homes—especially these days with Covid-19 restrictions keeping people at home more than ever. Kodi is one of the best media playing hubs available today, helping people stay connected with the world. So if you were wondering how to watch movies on Kodi, you are in the right place.

What is Kodi?

Kodi is a media player software built with open-source technology. Designed to work just as well on large and small screens, although Smart TVs make up Kodi’s most common usage. Kodi also offers compatibility with most modern operating systems including iOS, Android, Linux, OSX and Windows. Similarly, you can find a compatible version of Kodi for any device with a processor. However, despite initially being designed for the Xbox, Kodi now does not support any console, hand-held or otherwise.

You can use Kodi to view all manner of digital media, be it on local storage, a network location or via the internet. You just need to connect each storage location to Kodi and organize the content as you like for the former two options. There are several community-developed skins and other customizations from which to choose.

Lastly, Kodi supports all contemporary audio and video formats/codecs from AAC/AVC to MEPG4 and more. However, as the developers themselves clarify, Kodi does not provide any media content itself, nor does it support the piracy of content.

How to Install Kodi

Since Kodi is an open-source platform built by community developers, not all official stores and distribution channels support its download and installation. Therefore install procedures will differ depending on your device and operating system. However, that said, the key, in most cases, lies in enabling the installation of third-party apps. Everything else is a straightforward installation. If you require info more specific to your device, check out the official Kodi website or the Wiki.

How to Use Kodi

Kodi behaves like every other media hub or media streaming app available today. With an intuitive and user-friendly interface design, you will have no problem learning the ropes. However, we should go over how to watch movies on Kodi using the three different types of streaming it offers.

Playing movies and music directly from local storage is the first kind. To connect a local source:

  • Click or tap on Videos;
  • Then click or tap on Files;
  • Then click on Add Videos in the bottom right;
  • Click on Browse;
  • Then navigate to the specific folder you want to connect to Kodi and click OK;
  • Kodi will then index all video files it finds.

Similarly, adding a network location as a content source follows the same steps as above up to number four. After that you need to:

  • Select Windows network (SMB) instead of searching for the folder;
  • Kodi will look for network shared folders already setup with SMB protocols;
  • Once the shared folder shows up, click OK to add it to Kodi;
  • The next screen, click OK again to set content and start watching

Note: For more information about SMB and how to use it, check out the Wiki page.

The third option is to stream media content through the internet. As mentioned earlier, Kodi does offer any content directly. To stream online, you need first to download and install third-party apps that provide such services. Here’s how to watch movies on Kodi over the internet:

  • Click or tap on the Add-ons tab located in the left side panel;
  • If you have add-ons installed, they will show up here. If not, click on the Enter add-on browser button near the bottom;
  • Choose an add-on that makes sense to you from the long list that shows up;
  • On the next page, click install. It will be the last one at the end of the button row;
  • Once installed, your selected app will show up in the section mentioned in step 2;
  • Then open the app and start streaming.

Securely streaming on Kodi Add-ons

Before streaming content online, you should consider purchasing a streaming VPN subscription and one that works with Kodi —Premium VPN services such as iProVPN offer complete privacy and security for browsing the internet. If you would rather that the content stream remain private, or bypass meaningless government restrictions, a VPN can help protect you.

Furthermore, even though most content on Kodi add-ons is free, it can be geo-restricted. i.e. you can access certain movies and tv-shows only from specific countries. For example, you cannot access Disney+ in countries such as the UAE, Pakistan. Similarly, Netflix offers different content in each country.

If not region-specific content, ISPs have a nasty habit of throttling your bandwidth if they feel you’re using too much for too long. By rerouting your link to the internet through several high-speed servers, a VPN prevents this from happening.

How to Install iProVPN for Kodi

Installing iProVPN as an add-on for Kodi is a straightforward process:

However, if you are confused about your particular device, read through one of our other blogs here to understand the procedure better. You also can install the VPN directly on to your router, thereby removing the hassle of installing it on every device or media app you own.

Top 5 Add-ons for Streaming Movies on Kodi

Now that we have covered how to watch movies on Kodi anywhere, here are some of the best Kodi add-ons available for streaming movies and other media content.

1. Classic Cinema

Classic Cinema is a comprehensive collection of historical movies and documentaries that are now public domain. i.e. free for use. It indexes media from sources worldwide and supplies it to history buffs everywhere.

2. BFI Player

The British Film Institute manages and maintains this streaming service. The BFI Player offers new content and specially curated films from its archives that hold historical significance. Although, unlike Classic Cinema, the BFI player is not free.

3. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is a video streaming service that offers free feature-length movies and webisodes. What sets Popcornflix apart is the wide variety it offers. From cult classics to biblical dramas, if your interests lie away from the mainstream, this is the Kodi add-on for you.

4. The Crew

This add-on is one of the most widely used for streaming movies. It offers a vast collection of films spanning decades. However, you may come across torrent links and not so legal content here as well. Best to use a VPN if The Crew is what you need.

5. Crackle

Crackle is a media streaming service now owned by the same parent company as Popcornflix. Originally owned privately, Sony purchased it back 2006 and then sold the site to Chicken Soul for the Soul Entertainment in 2019. Crackle is excellent in terms of device compatibility, however, only accessible in certain regions.

These top 5 add-ons are currently the best for streaming, and maybe you can even find content like the best hacker movies or the best romantic comedies- depending on what you’d like to watch!


Wrapping it up, Kodi is an excellent choice for managing your media collection and streaming content online. Its user-friendly design enables quick and easy access. However, when viewing media online, you should use a VPN like iProVPN to ensure your privacy, bypass geo-restrictions and protect you from online attacks.

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