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Watch Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano on Smart TV

Watch Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano on Smart TV

Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano’s clash is considered the most massive fight in women’s boxing history. Two of the contenders will collide and make it the enormous blast of the year 2022. The event is all set to happen on the 30th of April, 2022, at Madison Square Garden.

Fans are all enthusiastic to see their favorite fighters walking into the ring with all energetic vibes to pull off the event. Meanwhile, supporters would be going through the extreme commotion and screaming their hearts to make their favorite fighters feel contented and loved.

People have already pre-booked their seats in the world’s largest arena in New York city, to watch the lightweight title clash face-to-face. What about those who have a tight schedule and cannot make it to the event at MSG?

Worry not, since this blog is designed for you to end worrying about the event and plan your weekend accordingly. You might be thinking, how? Stay patient, and read along to find out how to watch Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano on Smart TV.

What Is the Actual Hype for Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano?

The long wait is over, and you are just a few days away from watching your favorite contenders fighting their rivals in the ring. The moment news got viral; boxing fans are counting the days to cherish the captivating bout in the boxing world.

Since both of the opponents have an inspiring boxing history, people dont want to miss out on such an event!

Katie Taylor, popular undisputed lightweight champion, will be facing Amanda Serrano, seven division world’s champ, on the 30th of April, 2022, in Madison Square Garden for the enticing bout of the era.

Let’s get into a little insight, who are Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano, and what is the actual hype about this lightweight title clash?

Katie Taylor is an Irish professional boxer and a former football player. Currently, she is the titleholder of a two-weight world champion and the present-day undisputed lightweight champion.

Amanda Serrano is a Puerto Rican professional boxer, wrestler, and martial artist. Considered as the unified world featherweight champion, she has held the WBO laurel in 2019 and the WBC accolade since 2021.  Incontestable as the world’s only woman who has won the world’s titles in more than four weight classes, she has millions of fans waiting to support her during the bout.

An Insight into Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano’s Previous Fights

Taylor and Serrano are about to challenge the sports world while waiting to appear in front of their fans to prove who is pound to pound contender in the boxing world. Previously, Taylor defeated Miriam Gutierrez in November 2020, and Serrano holds a record of 42 wins in female boxing history.

Previously, Taylor won consecutive gold at the Women’s World Championship in her boxing career. However, Serrano is also not behind in collecting numerous awards and making iconic boxing titles.

The fantastic duo has attended several press conferences to express their feelings about the upcoming fight, which will be going to change the boxing world for the admirers.

Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano Fight Date, Time & Venue

The main event is expected to begin around 10:15 PM ET. The situation is all dependent on the undercard contestants.

Here are the accurate details for you to mark your calendars for the big day!

  • Date & Day: Saturday, 30th April. 
  • Timings: 7:30 PM/ET, 12:30 AM, GMT.
  • Main Event Ringwalks: 10:15 PM, ET/ 3:15 AM, GMT. 
  • Venue: Madison Square Garden, New York.

Where To Watch Katie Taylor vs. Amanda Serrano

You must be all prepared to see your two favorite female contenders walking in the iconic Madison Square Garden for the combat sport. DAZN is the media channel that is going to provide the live broadcast of the bout with all the steaming news of pre-fight and post-fight elements.

To access the magnificent fight, you need to get a DAZN subscription and sign-up to watch Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano. Read further to find out how you can do it with iProVPN.

How to Watch Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano on Smart TV with iProVPN

It is not a troubling task to watch Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano on DAZN. You need to connect via a premium VPN, and for this purpose, we recommend you iProVPN for streaming and unblocking numerous media sites globally.

Follow these effective instructions to install the DAZN app on your Smart TV, to get your hands on the inspirational event you’d talk about for years.

  • Subscribe to iProVPN.
  • Configure iProVPN in your router.
  • Connect your VPN configured router with your Smart TV.
  • Go to the home settings of your Smart TV.
  • Download the DAZN app.
  • Log in to DAZN. Make sure you have a subscription to DAZN.
  • And watch Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano on your smart TV.


This is the undercard for 2022’s iconic boxing event between two female contenders that are going to make it a historical mark. Hence, this is the undercard for the Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano lightweight bout.

  • Katie Taylor vs. Amanda Serrano )Taylor’s WBA, WBC, WBO, and IBF world female lightweight titles)
  • Jessie Vargas vs. Liam Smith (Super welterweight)
  • Franchon Crews Dezurn vs. Elin Cederroos (WBA, WBC, WBO, and IBF super-middleweight titles)
  • Galal Yafai vs. Miguel Cartagena (WBC international flyweight title)
  • Reshat Mati vs. Joe Eli Hernandez (Welterweight)
  • Khalil Coe vs. William Langston (Light heavyweight)
  • Austin Williams vs. Chordale Booker (WBA continental Americas middleweight title)
  • Skye Nicolson vs. Shanecqua Paisley Davis (Women’s featherweight)

Fight Records of Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano

Before the fight day arrives, we recommend you to iProVPN to get privileged to watch this iconic duo uprising your heartbeats grappling each other in the boxing ring. While you’d be sitting in front of your Smart TV and wishing good luck to your favorite fighter.

Hence, you might be interested to read about the fight records of Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano. Here you go!

Katie Taylor

  • Weight: Lightweight, Light-welterweight
  • Height: 5 fit 5 in (165 cm).
  • Reach: 65 in (165 cm).
  • Nationality: Irish.
  • Stance: Orthodox.
  • Total Fights: 20.
  • Wins: 20.
  • Wins by KO: 6
  • Losses: 0

Amanda Serrano

  • Weight: Super Flyweight
  • Height: 5 fit 5 in (166 cm).
  • Reach: 65 in (166 cm).
  • Nationality: Puerto Rican.
  • Stance: Southpaw.
  • Total Fights: 44.
  • Wins: 42.
  • Wins by KO: 30.
  • Losses: 1.
  • Draw: 1.

Final Words

And we are done! Now you have every detail that will concern you about the iconic boxing event of 2022. Now, it is the time to subscribe to iProVPN and launch it on your Smart TV so you can cherish Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano on the 30th of April, Saturday, having the best streaming experience with zero connectivity drops and slow bandwidth. Dont forget to bring some cheesy flavor popcorns to munch on while enjoying the classic bout!

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