Watch Jake Paul vs Ben Askren Live Online

Watch Jake Paul vs Ben Askren Live Online

Jake Paul vs Ben Askren is all set to air on Saturday, April 17th, 2021. The event will be held at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. There is so much more to this fight that all the new fans of fighting must know. Find the match details, and its online streaming schedules in this blog, dedicated to all Paul and Askren lovers.

The boxing ring is an adaptation of our lives. It is a pedestal on which we place the fighters and safely watch the proceedings from afar. They are held to unfathomable and unrealistic standards and are judged sometimes harshly but often lovingly. These are the aspects of boxing that connect us to the fighters in a way that is so much more formidable than any other sport.

But have you ever thought about what makes us choose one fight over another? What makes a certain fighter your fighter?

The reasons can be as straightforward as a fighter hailing from your city or as complex as seeing yourself in them and watching them come out victorious at the other end just like you hope to. Regardless of the reason, you can watch Jake Paul vs Ben Askren live online, which promises to be the most thrilling sporting event of the year.

Who is Jake Paul?

A former Disney star, Jake Paul gained recognition in professional boxing after defeating former NBA star Nate Robinson and going viral. Jake Paul is presently a YouTuber with significant followers on virtually every social media platform. After fighting Deji Olatunji on the undercard at his brother’s fight, he continued to fight professionally twice and holds a record of 2-0.

Since then, Jake has been under a lot of criticism about fighting novelty players, which is why he has been going back and forth with a number of MMA fighters along with Conor McGregor and his coach Dillon Danis. Ultimately it led to the 17th of April, 2021, where he will take on Ben Askren, retired UFC fighter, under the Triller Fight Club banner at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia.

Who is Ben Askren?

Ben Askren is a former Bellator Welterweight champion who holds a record of 19-2. After suffering two consecutive losses, Askren announced his official retirement in November 2019. Prior to that, Askren was the champion at One Championship and has defeated lethal strikers like Douglas Lima. His nickname is ‘funky’ owed to the American freestyle wrestling that he uses to impose his will on his opponents. Even though Ben Askren has a more profound professional fighting career, the oddsmakers have Jake Paul as the favored opponent. This may be due to the wrestling-oriented approach Askren has in his fights.

Why Has Paul Gained So Much Recognition?

The huge spotlight on Jake is of the unorthodox backstory that has brought him more recognition than any 2-0 boxer has ever had. A portion of that spotlight hopes to see Paul lose, but he’s doing everything to prove that he is not going to let that happen, and any appreciation the public has for him is well-deserved. Paul says that he’s taking boxing seriously even more so than professional boxers. He feels he is cognizant not to get too comfortable or think that he’s invincible so that he doesn’t have to face failure and show critics that they were right.

If things go as expected, Paul will be seen with bigger opponents with tougher fights. Those moments will not be without adversity, but he plans on giving his doubters a surprise and stay resilient in case he’s knocked out!

Jake Paul vs Ben Askren Live Online: Undercard

When you watch Jake Paul vs Paul Askren live online, make sure to take a look at the undercard as it holds some world-class fighters:

  • Steve Cunningham (29-9-1) vs Frank Mir (pro debut/boxing, 18-11-0 in MMA)
  • Regis Prograis (25-1) vs Ivan Redkach (23-5)
  • Joe Fournier (8-0) vs Andres Felipe Robledo Lodono (pro debut)
  • Lorenzo Simpson (9-0) vs Francisco Torres (16-3-1)
  • Junior Younan (15-0-1) vs Jeyson Minda (14-4-1)
  • Quinton Randall (7-0) vs William Jackson (13-2-2)

How To Watch Jake Paul Vs Ben Askren Live Online

Gaining streaming rights is a global battle that is escalating on a daily basis.

The boxing event is a pay-per-view event that means you need to purchase the PPV to gain access to the event.

  • The pre-show live online can be watched on the official website of Triller Fight Club. You can visit the website to get more information. Audiences from the USA can register on social media site Trillerm, where the show will cost them $49.99.
  • The organizers have confirmed FITE TV as the streaming site that will cover the entire event through pay-per-view in the UK. The show will cost £17. You can download the FIRE mobile and smart TV apps so that you can enjoy the event from any device of your choosing.
  • iNDemand is the exclusive streaming service in North America that will cover the event via PPV. The boxing fans can order the event through their existing satellite, cable, and telco PPV providers in the US and Canada.

Because these streaming services are geo-restricted, you will need a VPN to watch Jake Paul Vs Ben Askren live online if you are outside these regions.

With a reliable VPN service dedicated to secure entertainment, you can change your IP address to a location that unblocks geo-restricted content and protects your online data and personal information from prying eyes. With a VPN, you can also eliminate chances of speed throttling. Know that a VPN uses encryption technology so that your online activities stay hidden from everyone, and you’re able to watch content regardless of where you are in the world.

How To Watch Jake Paul Vs Ben Askren Live Online with a VPN

  1. Subscribe iProVPN.
  2. Download the iProVPN app for your device (smartphones or TV screens).
  3. Enter your account credentials.
  4. Choose either USA or UK servers.

iPro has multiple servers for these rush locations so speed and traffic won’t be an issue.

  1. Depending on ticket costs and your chosen server, subscribe to either FITE TV or Triller site and buy the match tickets.
  2. Start streaming the match on April 17th, 2021.

Final Thoughts

Jake Paul’s venture into professional boxing has attracted a wider audience making this sport a lot more diversified. There are no obstacles greater than yourself, and this is the basic premise of boxing that has people watching from the seat of their edge from all over the world. Watch Jake Paul vs Ben Askren live online, have fun, stay digital-safe and let this event remind you that you too can achieve whatever you set your eyes on.

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