Watch Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva on Firestick

Watch Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva on Firestick

Jake Paul and Anderson Silva will take on each other on the 29th of October 2022, Saturday.  Supporters of both of the contenders are energetic to see their favorite fighters in the ring. The show is happening at Desert Diamond Arena, Glendale, Arizona, US. Boxing fans who cannot visit the venue to watch the live event can stream it on Showtime from the comforts of their homes. However, a quality VPN is needed since Showtime is geo-restricted outside the US. In this guide, you can learn everything about how to watch Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva on Firestick without any content limitations.

The 47-years former UFC champion Anderson Silva is all settled for the clash with 25-years Jake Paul, the popular YouTuber, and Disney Star. It’s been a while since Paul’s multiple matches got canceled in 2022 including the Tommy Fury and Hasim Rahman Jr fight that was scheduled in August. However, this time The Problem Child has announced that he is seeing his victory within the fifth round scoring it with a knockout.

A Flashback to Paul and Silva’s Former Achievements

Jake Paul started his career as a social media influencer when he got popular by posting videos on Vine in early 2013. Shifted to his own YouTube channel, and later on, and he continued to increase his number of followers.

Anderson Silva is a mixed martial artist and boxer who holds a record for the most massive title reign in UFC history. He initiated his voyage in sports by taking part in Capoeira, Muay Thai, and Taekwondo. In his last fight with Tito Ortiz, Silva achieved a victory via first-round knockout.

How to Watch Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva on Firestick with iProVPN

People who have an Amazon Firestick know about the exquisite experience of streaming a favorite show or much-anticipated fight on Amazon Firestick. Firestick users don’t have to worry since they can watch Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva on Firestick with having an iProVPN subscription. Here’s how to:

  • Subscribe to iProVPN.
  • Download and install the VPN app on Firestick.
  • Connect to a US server.
  • Open the official site of Showtime.
  • Sign up and get a PPV subscription for your desired event.
  • Search the bout you want to watch and start watching Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva on Firestick.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva

There are major entertaining sites that are geographically blocked outside their authorized country and Showtime is one of them. You can access Showtime if you are located in the United States. However, if you are living outside the USA, you cannot access Showtime. If accessed, it will show you an error message: Sorry, we are not available in your region.”

Connecting a VPN can solve many of virtual issues and geo-restriction is one among them. You can connect to a robust VPN and it will assign you an alternative IP address. Having a replacement of your IP, will conceal your actual location where you are situated. Any streaming channel such as Showtime would be tricked into that you are someone who is accessing their services within the permitted lands. Following this way, you can easily connect to the channel and watch Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva on Firestick.

Why Choose iProVPN to Watch Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva on Firestick

Not any VPN can get around the geo-blocks of any streaming site or entertainment channel outside its permitted location but a premium VPN is designed to do that. When it comes to the best security features, privacy protocols, and high-class encryption, iProVPN ticks all the boxes. It ciphers your sensitive data with AES-256-bit encryption which is an advanced impenetrable language. Additionally, it will prevent the third-parties to pry on your web browsing activities. Providing you with next-level internet liberty, iProVPN unblocks your very desired streaming channel with its top-notch VPN servers. Moreover, you can connect iProVPN app on your major devices including Windows, Android, iOS, Kodi, Roku, several gaming consoles, and Amazon Firestick.

Apart from that, iProVPN offers affordable subscription plans that work best if you are someone who’s maintaining a budget. In a nutshell, iProVPN is your ultimate privacy partner that will solve your internet problems spontaneously.

Fight Schedule – Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva

Date 29th October 2022
Day Saturday
Timings 6:00 PM MST/PT, 9:00 PM, ET
PPV 9:00 PM
Venue Gila River Arena in Glendale, Arizona, United States

Official Media Broadcaster –  Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva

Showtime is the official media broadcaster of Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva. You can purchase a Showtime subscription for $10.99 per month. For a Showtime PPV, you have to pay $59.99.

Undercard – Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva

The official undercard that is designed for the Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva is mentioned below:

  • Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva for Catchweight (187 pounds)
  • Ashton Sylve vs Braulio Rodriguez
  • Dr. Mike vs Chris Avila

Fighters Stats

Details Jake Paul Anderson Silva
Nationality American Brazilian American
Born January 17th, 1997 14th April 1975
Height 6 ft 1 in (185 cm) 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Weight Cruiserweight Middleweight, Light heavyweight
Reach 76 in (193 cm) 77 ½ in (197 cm)
Total Fights 5 4 boxing fights, 45 MMA bouts
Record 5-0 with 4 wins by a knockout 3-1 boxing record with 2 wins by knockout – 34-11 MMA record by no contest and 23 wins via KO

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, now you have a command of everything about how to watch Jake Paul Vs Anderson Silva on Firestick. It doesn’t involve any long tiresome procedure of setting the VPN on a device. iProVPN app is very user-friendly and anyone can install and operate the VPN on any of the devices and Wifi routers. Therefore, get an iProVPN subscription before the event date arrives to enjoy a joyous boxing event of Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva on Firestick from the comforts of your couch with mac cheese to munch on.

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