Watch George Kambosos vs Devin Haney Live Online

Watch George Kambosos vs Devin Haney Live Online

One of the massive boxing fights is going to happen on 16th October 2022, Sunday at Marvel Stadium, Melbourne, Australia. Boxing admirers are bewitched by this news and have marked their calendars for the impressive boxing ceremony. This guide is designed to provide every detail from the location, date, and fight card to the contender’s former victories. Continue reading to learn how to watch George Kambosos vs Devin Haney Live Online.

George Kambosos and Devin Haney are two career-oriented best fighters in the boxing world. If we have an insight into their achievements, they have played incredibly in their fighting records.

The adversary Devin Haney is a professional boxer from the United States who has held the WBC lightweight title since 2019. He has been recognized as the fourth most incredible active lightweight in the world. He holds seven national titles and is known in the boxing world as one of the most challenging boxers. Besides, Haney won 138-8 boxing contests when he was only seventeen years old.

At the age of nineteen, George Kambosos earned the proud two-time Australian National Championship as a silver medalist. When Kambosos battled against American boxer Teofimo Lopez for the glittering lightweight title, it was a thrilling fight. And, with a winning record of twenty fights, he has added another title to his already impressive collection of combat titles.

However, these were just a few of the highlights of two of the best boxers’ careers in the ring. Follow this article to the conclusion if you want to learn more about the dates, location, and fight card for George Kambosos vs Devin Haney Live Online.

How to Watch George Kambosos vs Devin Haney Live Online – Quick Steps

Follow these easy instructions to watch George Kambosos vs Devin Haney Live Online.

  • Get a subscription to iProVPN.
  • Download and install the VPN app.
  • Go to the locations and servers and choose a USA server. We suggest Dallas and New York servers.
  • Go to the official website of ESPN+ , sign-up and get a subscription.
  • Start streaming your favorite boxing fight of George Kambosos vs Devin Haney on the event date.

George Kambosos vs Devin Haney Date, Day, Time

The fight between George Kambosos and Devin Haney will take place on 16th October, 2022, in the afternoon, according to Australian time.

The event is set to take place at Marvel Stadium. The event followers in the United States will be able to watch it at prime time, which is from 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Boxing fans who are dying to see George Kambosos vs Devin Haney can use the schedule provided to plan their day accordingly.

  • Date: Sunday, October 16th, 2022
  • Time/ Maincard: 11:00 AM, AEST, 9:00 PM ET, 2:00 AM BST 
  • Ring walks: 2:00 PM AEST, 11:00 PM ET, 4:00 AM BST 
  • Venue: Melbourne, Australia
  • Broadcasters: ESPN+, Sky Sports, Foxtel PPV 

Venue for George Kambosos vs Devin Haney

The fight between George Kambosos and Devin Haney will take place in one of Australia’s most spectacular venues. Boxing fans can watch the spectacle live online from Melbourne, Australia’s entertainment and sports arena which is popular as Marvel stadium.

Media Channels to Watch George Kambosos vs Devin Haney

The following media networks will broadcast George Kambosos versus Devin Haney’s boxing event. ESPN,  Sky Sports, Foxtel PPV.  US viewers can live stream the bout on ESPN. For UK residents, Sky Sports is offering a complete live broadcast. However, for Australian viewers, Foxtel PPV is here to provide its services.

George Kambosos vs Devin Haney PPV Price

The most-anticipated boxing match between George Kambosos and Devin Haney will cost $69.99 on pay-per-view. It is available as a pay-per-view on ESPN+. On the contrary, residents of USA can access it via ESPN+ for a minimum subscription fee of $59.95. You also don’t need a subscription to any other sports streaming site to keep watching George Kambosos vs Devin Haney PPV Price.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch George Kambosos vs Devin Haney

There are networks that broadcast boxing matches, and the fights are broadcast for specific geographical areas. People from all around the world are geographically banned from streaming such media shows and accessing media channels like ESPN+, Sky Sports, and Foxtel PPV unless they live in a specific location. To watch such exciting boxing matches, movie premieres, and captivating media shows as the red carpet, you’ll need an advanced technology known as VPN.

A Virtual Private Network can disguise your geo-location by spoofing your real IP address. It assigns you a different IP address, indicating that you are visiting ESPN+ from within the United States. This allows you to watch George Kambosos vs Devin Haney from any location in the world.

Furthermore, when using a reliable VPN, you can enjoy complete privacy, security, and internet anonymity. Without a VPN, accessing geo-restricted media sites is difficult. Because iProVPN falls on all of these criteria, you may unblock and view any of your favorite media sites without worrying about data retention rules, internet tracking, or privacy invasion by your ISP or third-party government agencies.

The Undercard to Watch George Kambosos vs Devin Haney

Title Contenders vs Contenders
Lightweight George Kambosos vs Devin Haney
Super Flyweights Andrew Moloney vs Alexander Espinoza
Super Welterweight Amari Jones vs Ankush Hooda
Bantamweights Jason Moloney vs Aston Palicte
Heavyweights Junior Fa vs Lucas Browne
Heavyweight Hemi Ahio vs Joe Jones
Cruiserweights David Nyika vs Billy Ching
Super Welter-weights Terry Nickolas vs Lachlan Higgins
Super-Flyweights Taylah Robertson vs Sarah Higginson
Super-Welterweight Isaias Sette vs Luke Gersbeck
Welterweights Yoel Angeloni vs Ken Aitken
Super-featherweight Hussein Fayad vs Pom Thanawut Phetkum

George Kambosos Jr Fighting Record

  • Name: George Kambosos
  • Nickname: Ferocious, The Emporer
  • Weight: Lightweight
  • Height: 5 ft 9 ½ in (177 cm)
  • Reach: 68 in (173 cm)
  • Nationality: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
  • Stance: Orthodox
  • Total Fights: 20
  • Wins: 20
  • Losses: 0
  • Wins by KO: 10

Devin Haney Fighting Record

  • Name: Devin Haney
  • Nickname: The Dream
  • Weight: Lightweight
  • Height: 5 ft 8 in (173 cm)
  • Reach: 71 in (180 cm)
  • Nationality: American
  • Stance: Orthodox
  • Total Fights: 27
  • Wins: 27
  • Losses: 0
  • Wins by KO: 17


You now know everything you need to know to watch George Kambosos vs Devin Haney live online on 16th October 2022. Boxing fans long for such events, reminiscing about everything from ring walks to heavy blows and the raucous applause of the crowd. The undisputed lightweight champion of the world, George Kambosos, takes on Devin Haney, and you don’t want to miss this massive fight at any chance.

Fans are ecstatic and have already reserved their seats to watch the live combat with their friends and family at Marvel Stadium in Melbourne, Australia. Hence, you must prepare all of your media streaming devices, and order that favorite flavor of popcorn before 16th October 2022 hits. However, there is no need to worry when you have iProVPN which unblocks every content restriction with complete privacy, and military-grade security protocols. Thanks to its reliable and fast connections and robust VPN servers, it is one of the most popular VPNs for accessing geo-blocked content worldwide.

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