Does a VPN Protect You from Hackers

Does VPN protect you from hackers

The risk of hacking attempts is in full swing these days. Organizations and individuals are deploying a host of security tools to prevent hacking.

Among other top security tools, the surge in VPN usage is noteworthy. According to a report, VPN downloads reached 277 Million in 2020.

The same figure is expected to grow further in 2021. The above stat exhibits the potential growth of virtual private networks.

However, many internet users are still not clear about how VPN technology works and how a VPN protects against hackers.

This blog aims to address the question above, but before that, let’s understand what hacking is all about and why it’s imperative to prevent your network from it.

What Is Hacking and Why Should You prevent it?

The process of exploiting a system’s weakness to gain unauthorized access to take control of a network or device is called hacking. Hacking can cause you severe damages, including access to privacy, corporate/personal data loss, or sometimes fraudulent practices in your name.

Therefore, using a VPN provides a layer of security and anonymity that can provide defense against hacking to a great degree.

It keeps your data private and hides it from ISP and other third parties. The sophistication of hacking attempts is remarkable as a user might easily fall victim on a public network or even on a home network.

How Does VPN Protect Me From Hackers on Public Wi-Fi?

Public Wi-Fi is free to use and carries the potential for hacking attempts. An attacker can easily fake a public connection to capture sensitive information like credit card details, login credentials, and accounts passwords.

VPN forms a secure encrypted tunnel responsible for transmitting data safely between you and the VPN server. Due to encryption, no one can intercept or decipher your online traffic. Hackers will be unable to sniff the data packets because they are encrypted.

How Does a VPN Protect Me From Hackers at Home?

The number of smart devices that we own has drastically increased. Besides smartphones, tablets, and PCs, we also have other gadgets like surveillance cameras, smart fridges, and smart TVs.

All these smart devices are part of our home network and only work when connected to the internet. Therefore, the home network should be as secure as possible because all smart devices are vulnerable to hacking. It’s impossible to connect each device separately with a VPN. However, you can connect your VPN with a router. It will secure all your connected devices at once, under the VPN connection.

When you connect a VPN with a router, it creates a secure encrypted tunnel that routes your online traffic. In short, a VPN establishes an encrypted connection using a server of your choice.

Does a VPN Protect Me From Malware?

A VPN alone is not enough for malware protection. It only prevents intruders and hackers from accessing your traffic. However, if you’re clicking on spam or malicious links, the malware can infect your device.

What Are Other Considerations to Prevent Hacking?

Besides virtual private networks, you can enable other online security features to better protect the privacy and defend against hacking attempts.

Use an anti-virus to give your system complete defense against malware. Update the anti-virus regularly to download the latest malware signature for emerging threats. The rule applies to operating system updates as well. Keeping it updated will patch known vulnerabilities.

Lastly, if you’re using a router, keep updating your router’s firmware and deactivate its UPnP and use WPA2/WPA3 for encryption.


It’s time to stay ahead of cybercriminals by adopting practices that reduce the chances of hacking. Implementing security tools like a VPN and anti-virus will provide a combined effect that significantly improves your security and keeps your internet activity private.

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