Uses of a Home Server

Uses of a Home Server

If you happen to have many people in your home, with many devices connected to the internet, you probably have tons of images, data, and downloads stored on those devices. With several files stored on different devices, it gets tough to share files from one device to another. An easy solution to this problem is a home server, And and its multiple uses.

What is a Home Server?

A home server is a device that allows storing and sharing files. Your devices need a sensible way to share large files. Instead of storing these files, such as photos, eBooks, videos, etc., individually on your computers, you can store them on your home server, so they’re accessible to everyone simultaneously. Read more about the shared and dedicated hosting here.

Home servers are inexpensive; they are just regular PCs with potentially larger storage.

What are the Uses of a Home Server and How to Use them?

It’s very simple. As described above, your home server will store almost all shared data for you; whether that is music, images, or videos, it is all saved in one centralized server. It even allows you to grant access to new people connected to the home network.

It’s a device that can be connected to through any of your gadgets that can then access all shared data on the home server without going through the hassle of sharing every file individually through devices.

The Countless Uses of a Home Server

People tend to use a home server for several reasons, ranging from a simple storage device to a cryptocurrency hub. The uses of a home server are endless; we believe you all could make use of one.

Here are a few of the best:

1. To Store Files:

The most common use for a home server is to use it as a centralized storage unit for the entire family. Its cost-effective, time-saving, and a great way to share your files with everyone on the home network without individually transferring them.

You can restrict and add as many people as you’d like to your home server as well. The process is fairly easy.

2. Host a Website

If you plan on beginning a website and don’t want to pay for hosting services or want full control over your website – a home server can help with that. A home server allows you to host a personal website with a certain amount of traffic as well.

However, a hosting service will probably cost you less than a personal home server host since it requires 24/7 electricity backup and a lot more.

3. Host Game Serves

Similar to hosting your website or blog, you can also host your game servers on a home server. It allows you to control the experience that you otherwise cannot on the game’s official servers.

4. Access Home Automation

Having a home server is like having the perfect platform for home automation. Like a central storage space, a home server provides you with a central place to regulate all your smart devices; you can adjust the lighting, heating, and cooling within your home all with a home server.

Moreover, you can also use a home server to monitor a home security camera or a baby camera.

5. Make a VPN

As surprising as it may sound, a home server allows you to make your VPN. A home VPN is comparatively different from a commercial premium VPN because there is only one server. Even though your home VPN allows you to surf the internet safely, it does not mix your traffic with a different virtual IP address, which means that your privacy is not at its best.

While a home VPN allows you to access your personal files and IoT devices anonymously, it doesn’t do all the things a commercial VPN would. A premium VPN like iProVPN lets you access hundreds of VPN servers in different regions of the world and streaming services like Netflix.


A home server is the hub of all sharing solutions. Setting up a server might be overwhelming for some people. If your goal is to encrypt network communication, then it is recommended that you use a premium VPN like iProVPN. It secures data with AES 256-bit encryption and gives you the freedom to spoof IP address.

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