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Ukrainian Relief NFTs on Fabriik - F

Get Limited Edition Ukrainian Relief NFTs on Fabriik

Limited edition Ukrainian Relief NFTs are now available for sale on the curation-focused NFT marketplace called FabriikX, for $100 each. The collection is composed of two unique charity NFT art pieces, released in 100 editions per design, targeting total sales of $20,000.

The full amount of $20,000 will be donated to the United Ukrainian-American Relief Committee (UUARC), a non-profit humanitarian organization based in Philadelphia. It has been providing assistance to Ukrainians all over the world for almost 80 years.

The limited-edition NFTs in support of Ukraine are priced at $100 each to reflect the average amount of donations being received by the UUARC since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began on February 24.

As the world watches, Russia has perpetrated incessant attacks on Ukraine, shelling government buildings, residential apartments and schools. It is an invasion that aims to kill the ideology of democracy that Ukraine believes in.

The unjustified invasion is a strategic move made by Russia before Ukraine becomes a member of NATO and the European Union, and essentially becomes untouchable. It is a horrendous act that the entire world is condemning. As the civilian death toll rises, many are rallying behind Ukraine and providing help in whatever way they could.

Why buying Ukrainian Relief NFTs is of importance

Buying these Ukrainian Relief NFTs is one way to show support for the people of Ukraine who are not backing down, impressing the world with their resilience, courage, and patriotism. These limited-edition NFTs were made possible through the collaboration of Yuriy Porytko, a consultant and tech executive of Ukrainian-American sports club Tryzub, and Adam Hawley, managing partner of NFT community NFTfamiliars.

β€œIt was an easy decision for us to get involved in this project, and we are delighted that FabriikX has come on board to help with the process of minting these highly collectible NFTs to support such a vital cause,” Hawley said.

stand with ukraine

With the trio working together, two unique designs have been released on FabriikX entitled β€œStand with Ukraine” and the β€œUkrainian Effort.” The former shows a statue standing in front of a picket fence in the colors blue and yellow colors of the Ukrainian flag, while the latter has the Ukraine coat of arms plastered on a similar picket-fence backdrop.

β€œThe statue in front of the fence is like an angel standing tall to protect her people,” Hawley explained.

β€œThe picket fence symbolized the value that can come from many pieces bonding together to form protection. And the idea of using the coat of arms came from meβ€”I see it as representing both the strength and the precarious fate of the Ukrainian people which is lying in the balance,” Porytko added.

As the popularity of NFTs constantly rises, Hawley and Porytko, who are of Ukrainian descent, have decided to take advantage of this growing market to show that they can also be used for a worthy cause.

β€œI [believe an NFT sale over a blockchain is] an ideal way to transfer funds directly to those in need. Offering a digital image that remain[s] on-chain is a reminder of the impact that we have on others in their times of need. The NFT allows the donor to retain a gift in return as a reminder, or, for possible tie-ins that may come forward in the future.

NFTs are popular right now so why not shift the gears and show people they can be useful tools beyond just their focus as speculative assets,” Hawley pointed out.

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