UFC Fight Night - Rozenstruik vs Gane

Watch UFC Fight Night: Rozenstruik vs Gane

Sporting fans worldwide look forward to UFC fights more than any other MMA platform out there. However, getting to see these matches live can be a hassle. Using a VPN like iProVPN can reduce those hassles by giving you access to geo-restricted content and securing your internet connection online. Continue reading to learn how you can watch UFC Fight Night: Rozenstruik Vs Gane online.

What is the UFC?

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), based in Las Vegas, promotes Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) globally. The competition, one of the world’s largest, hosts sporting events worldwide and brings together some of the highest-level fighters. If you are a martial arts fan, sports fan or love the thrill of competition, this is the right choice for you.

What is UFC Fight Night?

The most common and popular format for UFC is the numbered fight. These matches usually involve high-profile fighters and high-stakes. For example, main card and title fights typically come through on UFC numbered events. On the other hand, UFC fight nights are smaller events usually aired on cable TV and other non-pay-per-view channels. Not as grand as its counterpart, however, worth it for any MMA fans.

Who is fighting?

Jairzinho “Bigi Boy” Rozenstruik is a Surinamese heavyweight MMA fighter and former kickboxer. Competing in the heavyweight division, Rozenstruik holds the world record for the second-fastest knockout in the UFC heavyweight division against Allen Crowder.

Ciryl “Bon Gamin” Gane is a French MMA fighter also in the heavyweight division of the UFC. With his first professional fight in 2018, Gane ranks 7th in the UFC heavyweight rankings as of December 22nd 2020.

When is the fight?

UFC Fight Night: Rozenstruik Vs Gane will take place on Saturday, February 27th, 2021 at the UFC Apex facility in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

How to watch UFC Fight Night: Rozenstruik Vs Gane

Now we should come to the heart of this article. There are many ways you can stream the UFC Fight Night: Rozenstruik Vs Gane from the comfort of your home. Especially now, with travel restrictions everywhere and Covid-19 regulations forcing people to stay at home. Below are some of the methods you can stream the match.

Note: Before we begin, however, know that UFC fights are not always available in every country. For example, watching the match with UFC Fight Pass is possible anywhere except Brazil. Either way, you should consider purchasing a subscription to a premium VPN service such as iProVPN. A VPN enables access to content blocked by region and protects your privacy online.

Setting up iProVPN on your favourite device

iProVPN is compatible with a wide range of devices ranging from mobile phones to gaming consoles and routers. Therefore, the installation is easy and straightforward. All you need to do is:

  1. First, create an iProVPN account and purchase a subscription by navigating to https://iprovpn.com/buy-vpn;
  2. Choose a plan suits your needs, enter your credential and proceed to the checkout;
  3. Once you have your license information, download the installation package for your device;
  4. Install iProVPN, launch the application and log in;
  5. Then select the most relevant server or allow the software to choose one for you (the USA usually works best)
  6. Select a USA IP address;
  7. Enjoy an uninterrupted viewing experience.

Instead of installing the VPN on each device, you can install iProVPN directly on to your router. Go through this blog to read more about how to do that.

Watch UFC Fight Night: Rozenstruik Vs Gane with Fight Pass

Fight Pass is the official streaming service for all things UFC. You can unlock a wide range of live fights, new shows, and events across multiple combat sports worldwide. This 24/7 platform brings you a non-stop supply of fighting in every discipline be it MMA, boxing or Jujitsu.

To start streaming on UFC Fight Pass, you need to:

  1. Open the browser on your favourite device;
  2. Navigate to https://ufcfightpass.com/signup;
  3. Select either the monthly or the annual plan, whichever works for you;
  4. Enter your details and preferred credentials and click ‘Checkout’;
  5. Read through the terms of use and accept;
  6. Choose your preferred payment option and complete the process.

Once complete, you only need to access the Fight Pass website and login to start watching UFC fights. However, as mentioned earlier, use a VPN like iProVPN to get access to the most content.

Watch UFC Fight Nght: Rozenstruik Vs Gane with BT Sports

If you prefer streaming through BT Sports or already own a subscription, you can stream any UFC fight as long as you stay within the UK. If you must travel for work or are away from home, here’s how you can use BT Sports to stream Rozenstruik Vs Gane:

  1. Purchase a subscription to iProVPN and install for your device;
  2. Launch the application and select a UK or Ireland server and IP address;
  3. Then go to https://www.bt.com/sport/buy and purchase a subscription (If you already have one, move on to the next step);
  4. Navigate to https://www.bt.com/sport/ufc and enjoy UFC Fight Nght: Rozenstruik Vs Gane.

Watch UFC Fight Nght: Rozenstruik Vs Gane with MatchTV

MatchTV is another excellent option for streaming UFC fights online. You don’t need a subscription, but the service is available only within Russia. To use MatchTV, follow these steps:

  1. First, get an iProVPN subscription and install for your device;
  2. Launch the application and select a Russian server and IP address;
  3. Then go to https://www.matchtv.ru/on-air;
  4. Watch UFC Fight Night: Rozenstruik Vs Gane.


There you have it. Three services paid and unpaid that you can use to watch UFC Fight Night: Rozenstruik Vs Gane live online. However, keep in mind that this set is not exhaustive and can use other streaming services such as ESPN+. Nonetheless, remember always to use a VPN service such as iProVPN to get around pesky geo-restrictions and protect the integrity of your streaming experience.

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