Shark Movies On Netflix

The Best Shark Movies on Netflix

In 1975, an incredible shark movie, “Jaws’ conquered the box office. Soon after that, Hollywood caught on and produced the same campy, intense and gory shark movies. 

None rank right up there just like the Jaws did. However, the genre spans a wide range of films today. 

Compared to the classic shark movies like Jaws, and Deep Blue Sea, new shark movies are less original, but no one is saying that these movies are not worth watching. If you’re a movie lover, this blog is everything you need to make your weekend a bit horrendous. 

On our list, you can catch up on the best shark movies on Netflix to watch right now. So, get ready to get hooked on oceanic disasters.

Best Shark Movies On Netflix To Watch In 2021

Deep Blue Sea

Deep Blue Sea

IMDB Score: 5.8
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 59%
Genre: Action, Science Fiction
Starring: Thomas Jane, Samuel L. Jackson, LL Cool J, Saffron Burrows
Platform: Netflix

Deep Blue Sea, based on an Island research facility where a team of scientists collects the brain tissue of a DNA-altered shark to find a possible cure for Alzheimer’s disease. When a team member went to perform a regular experiment, the shark started to attack as the giant creature became incredibly smart due to the genetic engineering processes. Now, the team has to figure out a way to survive and fight this man-eating mega creature.



IMDB Score: 3.3
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 78%
Genre: Comedy, Action
Starring: Tara Reid, Ian Ziering
Platform: Netflix

Sharknado is a creature-themed calamity movie, where a cyclone swamps Los Angeles and surrounds it with an insane number of dangerous sharks. While other residents try to manage their survival, a local surface named Fin tries to save his wife and a teenage daughter. 

47 Meters Down

47 Meters Down

IMDB Score: 5.6
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 54%
Genre: Action, Horror
Starring: Mandy Moore, Claire Holt
Platform: Netflix

47 Meters Down is a mainstream movie with the same shark theme. The movie revolves around two sisters who plan a vacation in Mexico City and eventually end up getting trapped in a shark cage. 

The Meg

The Meg

IMDB Score: 5.7
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 46%
Genre: Horror, Science Fiction
Starring: Jason Statham, Li Bingbing, Rainn Wilson
Platform: Netflix

The Meg is a novel-based thrilling movie in which Jonas Taylor (Jason Statham) fights a megalodon shark to rescue researchers who are stranded at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Moreover, megalodon is a specific type of shark that was considered extinct a long time ago. 

Dark Tide

Dark Tide

IMDB Score: 4.3
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 0%
Genre: Action, Drama
Starring: Halle Berry, Olivier Martinez, Ralph Brown
Platform: Netflix

Dark Tide is a story of a traumatized coach who suffered a shark attack. However, she tries to kill her fears and decides to help a thrill-seeking businessman who wants to dive into a dangerous water section known as Shark Alley. 

Open Water 3: Cage Dive

Open Water 3- CageDive

IMDB Score: 5.7
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 71%
Genre: Horror, Drama
Starring: Blanchard Ryan, Daniel Travis
Platform: Amazon Prime

It’s an adventurous yet thrilling movie about three friends who plan to participate in a reality TV show. The group of friends ends up taking a task to wander into a shark cage where things go exactly opposite to their plan. 

The Shallows

The Shallows

IMDB Score: 6.3
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 79%
Genre: Horror, Drama
Starring: Blake Lively
Platform: Netflix

The Shallows is a good shark movie to watch on Netflix. The storyline explains the struggle of a surfer who is stranded on an isolated rock and fails to get back to the shore because of a killer shark. Before the tides get her closer to the dangerous shark, the surfer has to find a way to survive.

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