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List of the Best Secure Apps for WiFi

In the age of fast-moving digital media, users want to stay connected to the internet 24/7, and following this regard, they connect to unsecure public WiFi and risk their safety. Free WiFi is most vulnerable to cyberattacks since they are not secured. However, connecting through secure apps for WiFi can save the chances of a cyberattack.

Being online has become fancy in the eyes of netizens, and they consider it a thing that falls into the primary necessity of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs like food, water, shelter etc. In this case, they never give it a second thought before connecting to a public WiFi.

For having a safe and secure browsing experience, there are some secure apps for WiFi that you might want to join and put a safety lock on your sensitive and important data while using Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac.

Best Secure Apps for WiFi (Android)

Install the best applications on your device for your WiFi security to save all of your internet activities from getting tracked by any third-party internet criminals. Here are some great and secure apps for WiFi to use on your Android devices.

1. WiFi Inspector

WiFi Inspector is one of the best apps for Android to protect your WiFi. It provides you with features that will enable you to check all the devices connected to your WiFi router, including smart devices and IoT. Besides that, users can manage the device activity by accessing their Mac addresses and IP addresses at any moment.

Moreover, the application doesn’t need a lot of space on your device since it is lightweight and runs amazingly.

2. WiFi Protector Pro

Tech Savvy people around you could be a threat to your sensitive data if you are not protecting it with an intact shield. WiFi Protector Pro is the perfect app to rely on; using the internet at your most commodious with protecting your Android devices.

Therefore, to prevent lethal incidents like a man-in-the-middle attack, Denial of service, and save yourself from all kinds of encapsulated linked layers of Address Resolution Protocol, one should always use this app on their quality Android devices.

Moreover, this application can restrict immediate access whenever finds suspicious activity around your device to save your data from getting in trouble.

3. WiFi Password

Remembering passwords for each application and social media account is mind-boggling, but don’t you need to worry when you have this incredibly secure app for WiFi called WiFi Password. It offers you with most complex passwords that are impossible to guess for cybercriminals.

WiFi Password can manage all of your passwords automatically and save them with its built-in password saving feature, without creating any hassle for the user.

Best Secure Apps for WiFi (iOS)

Here you can find out the best secure apps for WiFi to run on your iOS devices.

1. WiFi Hotspot Protector

With its by-default security feature, WiFi Hotspot Protector encrypts all the internet communications to save you from the prying eyes of internet criminals and data thieves. Besides that, it always sends notification alerts if it detects any suspicious WiFi networks that are not safe to use on your device.

To prevent data loss, install this app on iOS devices. Moreover, it can protect unfortunate events such as credit cards, social accounts, and particular device hacking.

2. Secure WiFi

Secure WiFi encrypts the data between the sender and the WiFi router. Hence, whenever a suspected activity appears around your device, the application auto-enables itself immediately to block access to any unsecured network that tries to connect with iPhone and iPad.

Using this app comes with complete security protocols since internet scammers and third-party spies cannot invade your system to steal your data to threaten you later. It is one of the best apps for a secure user experience for iOS devices.

3. Civic Secure Identity

Unsecure Wifi networks can get you in trouble if you are not following safety measures. Unsanctioned devices can connect to your WiFi and cause you extreme data damage by tracking your data. Since cybercriminals are tech-savvy people, they can hack your systems in different ways if you give them an internet vulnerability.

Moreover, to protect the user, the application sends location updates when an iPhone or iPad gets stolen, or the user loses access to its device.

Using Civic Secure Identity on your device can prevent cyberattacks. Hence, whenever your computer finds a malicious activity entering your system, – Civic Secure Identity sends notifications to alert the user to protect it from data breaches.

Best Secure Apps for WiFi (Windows)

To protect your Windows devices from hideous data leakage and malware, here is the list of secure apps for WiFi to install and use on Windows.

1. Fake AP

To protect your systems from unsecured wireless networks that try to steal your sensitive data via wardriving, this is the essential app to run on Windows. It has the expertise to create multiple fake networks to confuse the hackers so they cannot pinpoint the real one.

This measure protects Windows from malware, ransomware, or other lethal attacks.

2. WiFi Radar

To troubleshoot a device in the immediate need has never been easy when you lack having a great app like WiFi Radar that boosts the signal speed of your router without any extra hardware.

To enjoy a pleasant internet speed with signals that never drop, this app should be your primary choice to maintain WiFi security.

3. Glass Wire Pro

Glass Wire Pro is the most incredible app to rely on for analyzing WiFi. You can easily check whenever an anonymous user signs up for your WiFi. And by sensing a suspicious audience, you can block them. You should always be aware of your WiFi activities to audit the users.

The application offers many features, including comprehensive graphs to see connected devices anytime. Moreover, this application sends you notification alerts if it ever detects a suspicious activity towards your device to block it.

It also monitors cameras, microphones, and webcams connected to your device.

Best Secure Apps for WiFi (Mac)

To use secure WiFi on Mac devices without internet threats, we have listed these three robust and trustworthy apps for a satisfying user experience.

1. KisMAC

KisMAC is a free-of-cost software to run on Mac OS, certified from GNU (General Public License). The unique app is capable of detecting SSIDs, allowing you to check WiFi maps, signed-in users (with IP address and Mac address), and every minor activity that happens through your WiFi.

Along with mapping and GPS support, it also provides built-in support for Apple, Airport Extreme, and numerous third-party cards. Hence, its multiple security protocols can always protect your devices from any antivirus or malware attack.

2. NetSpot

It is one of the best WiFi apps to manage, visualize, and analyze your WiFi activities. The application runs on Windows, macOS, Android, and iPhone and offers insightful ways to check your WiFi traffic through heat maps and dead spots.

Troubleshooting, discovery, and survey are also included in the fantastic features of this app. A user can use WiFi analysis in the discovery mode and wireless network site survey in the survey mode.

3. WiFi Explorer

WiFi Explorer can search and display the WiFi configurations of nearby networks. It has multiple advanced features such as enhanced filtering, decoding network information, access point name discovery, monitoring and troubleshooting several networks.

Furthermore, it monitors your network frequently to offer you loads of results for data analysis. It is the best way to keep logs of your network activities. Besides that, WiFi Explorer allows you to check complex networks that might cause you problems with overlapping channels.

Connect a VPN for robust Security

Using these robust and secure apps for WiFi comes with extra layers of privacy, safety, and anonymity if a user is connecting through a VPN. A Virtual Private Network encrypts the user information from a secure tunnel to save any spying from ISPs or third-party internet criminals.

Keeping track of the traffic that connects through your WiFi is important to protect your network from unauthorized entry of a suspicious user and protect your user information from any malware and cyberattacks. A quality VPN always provides you with trustworthy features and functionalities that puts a shield on your WiFi and devices.

Wrapping Up

Using secure apps for WiFi is a safe road to data protection. Maintaining security protocols can end internet dangers in the increasing number of cyberattacks. As mentioned above, secure apps for WiFi can provide the user with multiple safety measures for all WiFi networks, whether private or public.

You can use these secure apps for WiFi on devices such as Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac without any hassle. From graphical visualization to a robust network management system, these help you achieve wireless security.

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