Is Puffin Browser Safe

Is Puffin Browser Safe

A web browser is one of the most significant applications on your device. It stores your core information, including what websites you visit, your login forms, and passwords. There are many browser choices available out there, and due to solid features and security, Puffin is garnering immense popularity among users. But does it really worthy of it? And Is Puffin browser safe to use in 2022? That’s what you will discover in this blog. Keep reading to know more about Is Puffin browser safe.

What is Puffin Browser?

Puffin is a multi-platform web browser developed in 2010 by an American mobile technology company, CloudMosa. It’s a paid application available on all major devices and platforms.

Unlike other regular browsers, the Puffin browser uses cloud technology and a JavaScript engine to process web pages. Compared to other browsers like Chrome, and Firefox, Puffin offers faster loading time and saves up to 85% bandwidth.

Not only that, but the Puffin browser is also available for Android TV and Raspberry Pi. To get the ultimate speed, privacy, and online security, you can connect the Puffin browser with a VPN like iProVPN.

What Are the benefits of Puffin Browser?

As mentioned, the Puffin browser doesn’t work like traditional browsers. It uses cloud technology to process web pages. Therefore, it has more benefits than traditional web browsers.

Puffin uses cloud technology to render content, and it ultimately protects you from malware and other online threats. Also, all your data on the puffin cloud remains encrypted, which is another solid security point.

Since cloud technology is involved, data travels faster, and the browser takes less time to load the websites than the traditional web browsers.

Is the Puffin Browser Safe to Use In 2022?

Yes. Puffin is relatively a safe browser to use, but it is not 100% safe. When using the Puffin browser, your data routes through Puffin cloud servers. It means that all your traffic is rendered in the Puffin cloud servers before being sent to you.

It may seem secure and encrypted, but in reality, it raises a serious security concern. The Puffin cloud system collects your weblogs, including your TCP layer information (Source IP, Source port, destination IP, destination port). It also stores HTTP layer information (URL, HTTP headers).

Although Puffin claims that the stored data is only used for statistical reports, however, they can forward your data to third parties for profit.

The problem is that once your data is stored somewhere, you cannot be sure if it’s safe because anyone can sell it, or the data might land in the wrong hands.

Moreover, Puffin can also deliver your saved data to advertisers to send ads in its free version.

Besides that, the Puffin browser is not capable of hiding your IP address. Every website you visit via Puffin will also collect your information using trackers and cookies, and again it could be a big security loop for your online privacy.

How to Maintain Security and Privacy on a Web Browser?

You can connect with iProVPN to enhance your online security and privacy. All you need is to install the iProVPN app or get the iProVPN extension on your browser and safely use the web without any threats or data security concerns.

IProVPN can be used on any browser, be it Puffin, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.

Where and Why is Puffin Browser Blocked?

Countries like China, Qatar, Iran, and United Arab Emirates have blocked access to the Puffin browser. One of the main reasons for blocking the Puffin browser is geo-restriction.

Its servers are located in the United States; therefore, the browsing will be limited to the USA only. Moreover, some governments also block browsers to limit and control users’ browsing as per the country’s policies.

Is Puffin Browser Encrypted?

Yes. Puffin browser encrypts your traffic to some level in its cloud-based system. However, to achieve additional, you can combine iProVPN with the Puffin browser.

Is Puffin Browser Free?

Puffin browser offers both free and paid versions. Its free version comes with a lot of advertisements. You can switch to the pro version to avoid ads.

What Are the Disadvantages of the Puffin Browser?

Puffin browser processes all your content in its cloud servers that might be a security threat for you. Moreover, you cannot block ads in Puffin free version.

How to Configure Puffin as a Default Browser

You cannot make Puffin a default browser in its iOS edition. However, on other platforms, you can set Puffin as your default browser during the installation process or when you first open the application on your device. If you’re using Puffin on Android, head to the Settings > Apps > Default Apps > scroll down to the browser option and select Puffin on the next menu.

How to Clear Browsing History in the Puffin Browser

If you want to clear history and browsing data on the Puffin browser, click on the three vertical dots (right-hand side of the application) and scroll down to find the Clear browsing data option. Now, checkboxes for All cookies and site data and Cached images and files and click the Clear button.

Why is Puffin Browser Not Working?

If the Puffin browser is not working in your country, then it might be blocked there due to geo-restrictions and censorship issues.

What is Better Puffin or Google Chrome?

Compared to the number of users, Google Chrome is the most widely used browser to date. It also offers top customization options and third-party extension support. However, it is also recommended to use a VPN with Google Chrome for ultimate online security and privacy.


The puffin browser is safe for the most part, but it’s not 100% secure. You can connect iProVPN with Puffin or other browsers to enjoy the most secure browsing experience. You can use Google Chrome for regular browsing since it’s a free browser, unlike the Puffin browser.

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