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7 Pixwox Alternatives for Finding and Sharing Unique Images

Pixwox is a flexible tool for all Instagrammers, adding a new level to downloading and viewing experiences. This goes above and beyond the conventional, delivering a new method to view Instagram posts, Stories, and profiles. However, in a few cases, these versatile tools can be found down or not working, and that’s exactly when you jump to Pixwox alternatives.

Let’s explore apps like Pixwox, their features, and much more. Buckle up!

Got No Time to Spare? Here Are the Key Takeaways

  • Pixwox offers private Instagram post viewing and privacy protection.
  • Key Pixwox Benefits: Easy access, anonymous browsing, direct downloads, secure activity.
  • Explore alternatives to Pixwox: Discover apps for anonymous Instagram content viewing.
  • 4K Stogram: Free downloads of Instagram content like stories and hashtags.
  • StorySaver.net: Anonymously save Instagram stories without signing up.
  • InstaStories: View Instagram content and profiles discreetly.
  • Dumpor: Access stories, profiles, and tagged posts anonymously.
  • FastSave: Browse and download Instagram media worldwide.
  • Instasaved: Quickly access various profiles, albums, and IGTV.

What Are the Benefits of Pixwox?

  • Pixwox revolutionizes post access with no login required.
  • Explore user histories effortlessly to satisfy your curiosity.
  • Simple steps to download history directly to your smartphone.
  • Your Pixwox activity remains completely private and secure.
  • Enjoy a worry-free browsing experience with Pixwox’s safety measures.
  • Pixwox collaborates seamlessly with the Instagram Charge Less app.

List of Pixwox Alternatives

Here’s a list of apps like Pixwox:

1. 4K Stogram

4K Stogram

While Instagram is the fourth most popular social media network – with an audience of 1.386 billion people, do you want to store your Instagram photographs, videos, and stories? Try 4K Stogram, the best alternative to Pixwox. This program provides a simple method to download Instagram material such as stories, profiles, hashtags, and locations for free. You can easily gather media from several Instagram accounts using 4K Stogram. To find the requested content, enter the user’s name, location, or hashtag and click the download button.


  • Easy Instagram account backup.
  • Easy content search.
  • Allows exporting and importing accounts, hashtags, and locations.

2. StorySaver.net


If you want to save Instagram stories, StorySaver.net is a simple way. This tool eases the Instagram story download process from various Instagram users, allowing you to access the information privately. 

This is one of the best apps like Pixwox that lets you see and download stories from nearly all public Instagram accounts. Enter your username, hit the download button, and watch the download proceed. 

Select the current story and highlights, then click the “Save as” button to save your chosen media. The best aspect is that you don’t have to sign up or pay for this site – it’s free!


  • Safe to use. 
  • Compatible with multiple devices.
  • Free to use.

3. InstaStories


This is the best Pixwox alternative. This tool lets you explore and observe Instagram content discreetly, focusing on the users you’re interested in. It has an incognito IG browser, input the relevant username into the search box and hit the search symbol to access outcomes. 

Enter the username in the search section and let the system manage the rest. Subsequently, include your preferred usernames to the roster of your favorite, granting you instant access whenever you desire.


  • Comes with an incognito mode. 
  • Anonymous search experience. 

4. Dumpor


Do you want to access Instagram stories anonymously? Indeed, this is an ideal platform for quietly studying people without their knowledge. This service lets you explore profiles of people you’re interested in, learning about their followers, IG stories, and tagged posts without disclosing your presence.

Dumpor allows you to search Instagram profiles, tags, and places by entering your query and hitting the search button. 


  • Anonymous browsing experience. 
  • Allows profile analysis. 

5. FastSave


Fastsave is another best Pixwox alternative. This allows people worldwide to browse and download Instagram videos and photographs for free. Fastsave – Repost Photo Videos is a popular app for invisibly keeping track of Instagram IDs. Download movies and pictures to watch them offline and easily repost complete sets.

Fastsave allows you to easily handle numerous reels thanks to its straightforward interface, high security, and quick downloads. You can organize your media into slideshows, share, delete, browse, or repost videos/photos with a few clicks. Fastsave – Photo, Video, & TV Video Repost is a quick, user-friendly solution for Instagram users with many useful functions.


  • Offline stories, reels, and post views.
  • Free tool.

6. Instasaved


Instasaved is the next significant alternative to Pixwox. This effective Instagram downloader lets you quickly grab the needed content from the platform. Instasaved has you covered for images, albums, IGTV, and stories. Furthermore, no logins or personal information are required. Go to the website, select your stuff, and begin downloading from the Instagram profiles of your choice.

It simplifies media downloading. Its simple design helps you through the procedure in just three stages. 


  • Safe and easy-to-use application.
  • Enables content download from both – public and private profiles.
  • Easy Instagram content backup.

7. IzoomYou


IzoomYou’s primary goal is to improve profiles; it isn’t yet completely developed. You can easily read and download Instagram stories, posts, and profile images. You may also browse people’s profiles without them knowing. Although InstaStories iOS is not yet available, it will be shortly.

IzoomYou for Instagram allows you to see, save, or download high-quality profile photos. Private profiles are not accessible, but controlling information from public ones is simple. In a nutshell, IzoomYou is an excellent Pixwox substitute.


  • Enhanced performance and better results. 
  • Age restrictions.
  • Dark Mode.

FAQs - Pixwox Alternatives

Is Pixwox anonymous?

Pixwox is a robust and secure solution that allows you to read Instagram posts anonymously while protecting your privacy. Its simple yet effective features appeal to those looking for anonymous online browsing.

What is the best Pixwox alternative?

InstaStories is the best Pixwox alternative. It gains popularity due to its incognito mode feature - allowing a seamless and anonymous browsing experience.

Final Note

Pixwox is a powerful and safe solution for individuals who want to browse Instagram posts privately and protect their privacy. Its simple yet effective features make it accessible to anybody looking for anonymous web browsing.

While alternatives to Pixwox or apps like Pixwox have impressive features and even incognito modes, using a trusted VPN, like iProVPN, only elevates your Instagram browsing experience. Protect your ID and take data protection to the next level.

Start Browsing Privately!

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