Is Dailymotion Safe

Is Dailymotion Safe?

With people stuck in quarantine in such challenging times, the demand for online streaming services has risen significantly. Users turn to several media platforms where they can stream whatever content they’d like. One of such platforms is Dailymotion. However, with the number of people using Dailymotion increasing, a legit question also arises, “Is Dailymotion safe?” Read on till we uncover the major online threats associated with streaming this platform and how you can steer clear of them!

What is Dailymotion?

For people who do not know about Dailymotion, it is a French video-sharing platform owned by Vivendi. Dailymotion is currently available worldwide in 25 different languages with over more than 300 million users.

The platform is similar to, but an alternative to YouTube in many ways. Users either upload their content on the platform or use it to stream other videos. In this way, Dailymotion, which is not as saturated as Youtube, allows users to communicate with the world through their video content. They can put out their stories or watch as other content producers film their opinions. Both are excellent ways to catch up with the rest of the world and become part of a wider conversation.

Is Dailymotion Safe?

Here is the answer to our main question: Is Dailymotion safe?

Dailymotion is operating in a somewhat grey area. The streaming platform does withhold a lot of threats and can be risky. We’ve made a list of some of the prominent vulnerabilities in Dailymotion. The next section discusses how you can tackle the mentioned issues.

Third-party Advertisements

Such free applications need a source of income. And to make money, Dailymotion hosts multiple third-party advertisements. These advertisements can contain malicious links or software which may intercept your system and cause harm.

No Censorship Policy

Another prominent issue with Dailymotion is their ‘No Censorship Policy’. Dailymotion allows almost anything on the platform. Users can upload and view all types of content, including explicit or mature,  triggering, and sensitive videos.  The site, as a result, has become extremely unsuitable for children and faint-hearted people. The platform can be dramatically misused as it hosts all types of content.

  • Information Vulnerabilities: When you register yourself on Dailymotion, you will have to fill in a basic general information section about yourself. Since Dailymotion hosts several third-party ads and users, your information may potentially be at risk and could be intercepted easily. The platform can process the patterns of your activity and your information to create advertising profiles.
  • Spyware Attacks: Similarly, users are constantly under the threat of a spyware attack. Criminals have been using a key logger which records whatever you type, this could include passwords, credentials, etc. exposing you to attempts of hacking.

Moreover, such criminals also keep logs of your internet activity and watch history- getting insights into all your information.

How to Protect Yourself on Dailymotion?

Dailymotion possesses certain threats and risks that can quickly turn a user’s streaming session into a nightmare. But, why should users miss out on streaming their favorite content? We’ve listed the best solutions to help you watch Dailymotion as much as you want but securely.

  • Turn the Age Gate On: Dailymotion offers an Age Gate feature that allows users to restrict adult content. Considering the Dailymotion’s ‘No censorship Policy’, you can turn the Age Gate option on by going to the “Help” section and selecting “Age Gate,” which will restrict all or any mature content and will need confirmation of whether you are over 18 before viewing anything of that sort.
  • Download a VPN: Your ISP may practice speed throttling, monitor how you access content on streaming platforms like Youtube and Dailymotion, and later, can attempt to control how you consume bandwidth or browse the internet. Using a VPN is an effective way to avoid such tracking and intervention while maintaining security and privacy on the internet. With iProVPN and its highest security standard, you can surf to your heat’s content on Dailymotion while keeping yourself untraceable.
  • Use an Antivirus Program: Almost every other website is susceptible to malware attacks due to the use of third-party advertisements, or cookies. This could potentially put their users at risk. In order to protect your devices from a virus attack, it is best to download and install an antivirus program to get alerts of anything suspicious.

Is Dailymotion Available Worldwide?

Even though Dailymotion claims to be available worldwide and completely free, the problem which is faced by most users is that it is geo-restricted in multiple regions. Plus, some content producers can also specify countries where they would like to restrict access to their video.

The easiest way to get access to geo-restricted content would be to download a VPN since it hides your IP address and provides you with immediate access to all location-restricted apps/websites.

One of the most efficient and fast VPNs for the job is iProVPN, it guarantees to unblock all major streaming platforms for its users along with unlimited bandwidth ensuring the best of speed while you stream!

Here’s how you can subscribe to iProVPN: 

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So, is Dailymotion safe? While Dailymotion is risky to use, it does have a great deal of content that users should not miss. Fortunately, there are safer methods to stream Dailymotion. To protect yourself on the platform, use filters like Age Gate, and use tools like VPN and antivirus programs to ensure device and network-level security.

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