Instagram Phishing

What is Instagram Phishing

Phishing on Instagram is a common trend these days. The main aim of these Instagram phishing attacks is to take over a user’s account and snatch sensitive information and sell it on the internet or Dark Web.

The snatched information might include your bank credentials, email, and username. Instagram phishers mainly do phishing attacks on Instagram to monetize your stolen information.

Phishing on Instagram could be extremely dangerous at some point because it may help the hacker to identify and attack your other online accounts.

Most users share the same password and usernames for different accounts. In this case, hackers can easily steal private information from all other accounts and sell it on illegal platforms like the Dark web.

This blog highlights all the essential aspects of Instagram phishing. Let’s start with the basics of what is Instagram phishing.

What is Instagram Phishing?

The Instagram phishing attack is a fraudulent activity to get access to your Instagram account.  Instagram Phishers send you DM, or email and pretends to be an official Instagram account.

Hackers use that official-looking Instagram account to inform you that your account will be deleted soon if you will not follow certain instructions.

Usually, hackers ask you to click on a specific link. Such links are scams and when a user clicks on them, he will be directed to a malicious website operated by a hacker.

In another case, a hacker may also DM you and ask you to update your credentials. He sends a spoofed Instagram login page, and as soon as a user enters a username and password the hacker steals your credentials.

How to Know If My Instagram Account Has Been Phished?

If your Instagram account has been phished, then you may know it easily. All you have to do is pay attention to some uncommon account activities. Here are some common signs to know that your Instagram is hacked, or phished:

  • You can no longer access your Instagram account with your old credentials.
  • New messages from unknown people/ or unknown followers will start pouring into your inbox
  • Your account will suddenly start posting new images that you didn’t know about
  • Unknown likes on unknown posts from your account will show
  • All your account information will be changed without you knowing about it
  • Your log activity will show unknown devices.

What Are the Signs of Phishing?

Phishing scams are difficult to detect and that’s the reason many users fall victim to them. However, upon looking or focusing closely, you can clearly notice the signs of Instagram phishing. Here are some common signs of Instagram phishing that you should know about.

Firstly, messages on Instagram that appear to come from an official account, or from an account of any acquaintance will forcefully ask you to click on a suspicious/scam link.

Any official source will never ask you to click on a link, nor will add any link to its email or messages.

Secondly, any fake page will lurk on you with a prize. Many Instagram fake page owners follow you to know your interests, then dodge you to enter your login details for a free prize.

Hence, you should never add your credentials on any page for discount offers or free prizes unless it is verified and authentic. For this purpose, you can consider safe solutions like earthweb to get coupons and discount codes. That way, you don’t need to add credentials to any other third-party sites.

Lastly, scam messages usually use poor spelling and grammatical errors. Therefore, it is advised to always read the header or title of an email or check for spelling.

How to Report Instagram Phishing?

You should always secure your account beforehand. Never share your personal information and credentials with anyone. In case, if your account has been hacked, then read and follow Hacked Instagram Account Instructions to report Instagram phishing.

How to Recover your Instagram Account?

Mostly, when an Instagram account is hacked, its username, password, and email address are completely altered. If the same is the case with you, then you don’t have to worry because there is a simple solution.

All you have to do is open your Instagram app and find the option “Get help signing in”. Click when you see the option and there you will find all the required steps to restore your Instagram account.

How to Prevent Instagram Phishing?

There is a number of ways to prevent Instagram Phishing attack beforehand to protect your account. As you know that most attacks take place via email, therefore, the first thing that you should always do is head over to Instagram Email Center.

From there, you can easily check and verify all the messages and emails that you have received are official, or fake.

Moreover, you will also see records of all DM and other communication from Instagram. The platform splits the record into the “Security” and “Other” section.

If your email or DM is not available in the list there, then it surely will be a phishing scam.

You should also always Activate Two-factor Authentication. By enabling this option, no one can log in to your Instagram account even after having your credentials.

It is because the platform will send you an SMS code on your phone, and you have to enter that code on your app for logging into your Instagram account. Moreover, The code keeps changing so no one can copy it.

Furthermore, always read URLs properly because hackers use scam URLs that are closely identical to the official URLs. However, there are always spelling errors that you can easily find upon verifying.

Lastly, use a VPN before accessing social media accounts. A VPN is the best tool for online privacy and security.

iProVPN uses top-notch military-grade encryption that encrypts your online traffic so that, no hacker can decode or intervene with your online data.


Instagram Phishing is a common threat and many users around the world had fallen victim to it. This blog explains everything about what is Instagram phishing and how to prevent it. You should always be vigilant and follow necessary security measures to ensure your Instagram account’s safety. Your Instagram account will no longer be at risk if you implement all the necessary security cautions in an upright way.

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