How to increase bandwidth

7 Ways to Improve Internet Speed

Internet bandwidth is a precious resource that could leave you wanting for more if there are more devices than available bandwidth or certain bottlenecks. Speed is vital for a good internet browsing experience. It wouldn’t be much of an experience if you faced interruptions while streaming a move on Netflix or downloading a critical update for your system.

The explosion of devices connecting online can be traced back to just the last decade. The growth in internet devices has been significant in just ten years. The penetration of 4G and high-speed internet becoming a norm and smartphones becoming more accessible delivered rapid growth in the number of devices worldwide.

Today, one household has multiple devices, from smartphones to Smart TVs to IoT devices. And as such, bandwidth is becoming increasingly important to ensure that the internet experience remains smooth on all devices. IoT devices don’t require a lot of bandwidth, but collectively, the bandwidth demand adds up.

How to Improve Internet Speed

Several factors play a role in providing you with fast internet access. As you’ll read in the blog, simply buying a faster internet connection is not always the solution.

  • Get a faster internet package

This is the most obvious one, so we’ll go through it first. It is essential that you buy an internet connection that suits your requirements. Fiber optics is common in many parts of the world, and speeds up to 1Gbps are not unheard of. However, internet speed and cost vary between countries, so there is no written rule about how much bandwidth you should get as the cost may significantly rise for those living in many parts of the world.

But, generally, you need to figure out how many devices there are in the house and their usage.

Streaming is a big part of internet usage for many people. If several devices in the house demand simultaneous streaming, then consider solutions to fix this error code and adjust your requirements accordingly. For most people, a 30Mbps – 50Mbps will do just fine.

  • Use an ethernet cable

If you are experiencing buffering, slower download speeds, then try switching to an ethernet cable. Wi-Fi allows multiple users to share a common access point and is most convenient, but it also comes with a few considerations. Firstly, distance from the router is the biggest factor that affects speed. Wi-Fi strength diminishes as you introduce distance with walls in between. If you have a Wi-Fi router two rooms away or on a different floor, the signal strength will be subpar.

Using an ethernet cable is not possible for some users or some devices. Smartphones are just one of many devices that can only be connected wirelessly. But for a desktop computer or laptop, using an ethernet may fix speed issues. While improving speed, encountering a “This Site Can’t Provide A Secure Connection” error could hint at underlying issues.

  • Buy a better router

A powerful router can extend the Wi-Fi range that will give you better performance over a long distance. Investing in a router that supports the 5Ghz frequency will give you more bandwidth. Entry-level routers feature 2.4Ghz frequency, which is not as powerful in providing the kind of bandwidth required for a smooth streaming experience.

Not all devices support 5Ghz. Look into dual-band routers that support both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. Routers can become an expensive purchase, so adjust to your requirements.

  • Control bandwidth

Routers give you the option to limit the amount of bandwidth a device can consume. It is a good way to control bandwidth. You can limit bandwidth by going into the router’s settings and manually assigning each device a static IP address against its MAC address. Once that is done, set a bandwidth limit on the device.

Smartphones don’t require as much bandwidth as desktop computers and laptops. Webpages are optimized to smaller-sized content, and 1080p is the most common resolution for streaming videos on smartphones.

  • Look for unwanted guests

If you had unprotected Wi-Fi or shared the password with someone, it is a good idea to check what devices are connected to your router. You can do this through the router’s admin panel. If you have DHCP set up, look into the connected devices and note their MAC address and device name.

Some devices may have random names that don’t give you much clue. Note down the MAC address of all devices and compare them against the devices in your home. If any device doesn’t match, kick the unwanted device from your network and change the Wi-Fi password.

  • Switch to fiber optics

Fiber optics is described as a high-speed connection meant to deliver speeds in the Gigabits. If your connection is based on copper, try contacting the ISP to see if you can be upgraded to fiber optics. The connection type might be available only for higher-speed connections.

  • Connect to the nearest server

This option is only for apps that let you choose a server based on region. Online gaming is one such area where you can connect to regions based on your preference. Online performance is contingent on latency, which is the time it takes for data to travel back and forth. Connect to servers that are near your geographic location.

Similarly, connecting to an iProVPN server that is close to you will provide the best performance.

  • Remove unwanted people from your Wi-Fi

Just in case someone other than you or your family is using your Wi-Fi, your internet speeds might go slower than usual. To improve internet speeds, try kicking unwanted guests off your Wi-Fi.

Wrapping Up

It is important to note that performance on public Wi-Fi will be slow just because of the number of connections present. We always encourage to use a VPN on public Wi-Fi due to their unsecure nature. A VPN will encrypt communications and prevent any third-party from intercepting and stealing your data.

Start Browsing Privately!

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