Unsync Google Accounts

How to Unsync Google Accounts

This blog will walk you through how to unsync Google accounts. Keep reading ahead to find more.

Undoubtedly, Google sync is a life easing feature. With Google sync, you can use multiple devices and access the same browsing data and passwords that you save on the other device with the same google account.

Google sync enables you to access saved payment details, passwords, bookmarks, and browsing history on all the devices that are connected to a specific Google account.

It’s like a blessing, but what if you don’t want to sync data across devices anymore. The solution is to turn off syncing.

Note: Just turning off syncing won’t wipe out your google data on other devices which means you can still access the bookmarks, history, and passwords. It just stops syncing the new changes.

Google will ask you whether you want to delete the history, bookmarks, passwords, etc., on the device or not when you choose to disable sync.

Without further ado, let’s continue with the main topic on how to unsync Google Account.

How To Turn Off Google Sync on the Computer

  • Firstly, launch the Chrome browser.
  • Move the cursor to the right top and click on the Profile icon.
Profile icon
  • A box will appear where you can see “Sync is on,” just click on it
Sync is on icon
  • On the next page, just hit the Turn Off button.
Turn off button
  • Upon clicking on the Turn Off button, a pop-up will appear where you will be required to hit the Turn off button again. Here you also get the option to delete the history and passwords etc. So if you want to delete them just check the box.

How to Manage Google Synchronization

If you don’t want to sync some specific things like passwords and addresses, you don’t need to turn off this convenient feature. The Sync Manager feature enables you to customize what to sync.

Below are the steps on how to manage Google Synchronization:

  • Launch Google Chrome and then click on the Profile icon shown on the top right corner.
  • Then click on Sync as you did while turning off the synchronization. However, this time the coming steps are a little bit different.
  • Now click on Manage what you sync on the next page, as shown in the below image.
Manage what you sync
  • Here, first, select Customize sync then you will be able to choose what to sync. Like in the below image, we have disabled Bookmarks, so now, if we make a new Bookmark, it won’t appear on the other devices connected to this Google account.
Customize sync

How to Turn Off Google Sync on Android Phones and Tablets

  • Open the Chrome browser on your phone or tablet.
  • Head towards the right top of the screen and tap on the menu icon.
  • A popup menu will appear.
  • Open setting.
  • Tap on your account name.
  • Now tap on Sign out and Turn off sync.

But if you want to keep logging in without turning on google synchronization, just sign in again, and you are good to go.

How To Turn Off Google Sync on iOS (iPhone & iPad)

Similar to Android devices, turning off Google sync on Apple devices is an effortless task.

  • Open Chrome browser on iPhone or iPad where you don’t want to sync the data.
  • At the bottom right side of the screen, tap on More.
  • Now tap on the setting.
  • Tap on your google account name.
  • At last, tap on Sign Out.

How to Stop Two Google Accounts From Syncing

To stop two Google accounts from syncing, you need to head to the Google app’s Settings section, then select the connected apps, accounts, or linked accounts. After that, find a third-party account that you want unsync from your Google account. Select Remove or Unlink next to the third-party account you want to detach.

How to Remove Google Sync From Other Devices

If you want to remove Google sync from other devices, then head to Your Devices and click Manage Devices. A list of devices connected to your Google account will appear.

Click on the device that you want to remove. Under Account Access, click on the Remove button, and you will get a notification to confirm your action for removing the account. Click continue to remove your account.

Why Are Your Google Accounts Linked?

There are some reasons to enforce Google Account Linking. For example, it allows sharing of data from your platform to Google apps and services. It also helps to play videos and movies using Google TV. Lastly, Google linked accounts also manage and control Google Smart Home connected devices using the Google Home app and Google Assistant.

How To Unsynced Your Work Account And Personal Google Accounts

Your Google accounts are already separated from each other. However, you can remove your personal account from your iOS device by simply removing your account from the app.

How to Find Devices That Are Connected With My Google Account

Here’s how to find devices that are connected with your Google account:

  • Go to your Google account.
  • Select Security from the left side.
  • Select Manage devices.
  • Now, you’ll see devices where you’re currently signed in to your Google account.

How Do I Log Out Of My Google Account On All Devices?

To log out of your Google account on all devices, open your Gmail account on a PC and head to your inbox. Now scroll down and click where you see the Details button. You will see your different web sessions on different devices. Click on Security Checkup for more details.

Google account activity

Now, you will see different devices; click on the drop-down menu next to each device, then click the three-dot menu and click sign out.

Remove your devices


That’s all you need to know about how to unsync Google Accounts. I hope the blog covers all the answers you were looking for. You will now be able to easily play around with Google synchronization.

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