How to Stop iPhone Calendar Virus

How to Stop iPhone Calendar Virus

iPhone calendar spam is a new trick to disguise iPhone users. How can you remove the iPhone calendar virus? Let’s talk about it in this blog.

After visiting dodgy websites, users unknowingly install a malicious calendar on their devices. Using this spam calendar on your device, the spammers can send you lots of messages, links, attachments, and popup notifications.

Once you click on any link or attached event, you could end up downloading malware on your device or being redirected to a malicious website that will steal your phone’s data.

Let’s discuss what this calendar virus is all about and how it infects your device. Also, explore the best ways to remove the iPhone calendar virus from your device.

What Is the iPhone Calendar Virus?

iPhone calendar virus is spam to trick iPhone users into clicking on a malicious link or event to be infected by a virus.

How Do Spam Calendars Break Into Your iPhone?

iProVPN, as a responsive security provider, often reminds users not to click on unknown links and attachments. Because clicking on unknown links holds a serious risk of downloading malware to your device.

The iPhone spam calendar also breaks into your device in the same way. Whenever you knowingly or unknowingly tap or click anything malicious, these spam calendar apps are secretly installed on your device and later send you tons of ads, notifications, and event reminders. The problem worsens when you click on the provided attachments. These attachments will redirect you to a malicious website or download malware on your device that steals your phone’s data.

How To Recognize the iPhone Calendar Virus

When your iPhone is infected with a malicious calendar app, you will recognize it by focusing on small details. Firstly, these spam calendar apps always send you notifications that contain odd URLs and messages that tell you that your device is hacked.

These messages create panic and force you to click on a link to secure your phone or download an app to remove a virus. In short, you can identify spam iPhone calendar viruses by odd URLs, fake messages for your device protection, and any online invitations.

How To Remove the iPhone Calendar Virus?

If you’re constantly receiving spam invites, it means that the spam calendar has set up a subscription on your phone. Don’t worry, because removing it is super easy. Here’s how to remove the iPhone calendar virus:

  • Open iPhone Settings.
  • Tap Calendar and click Accounts.
  • Look for the Calendar option and click on it once you find it.
Delete iPhone Spam Calendar
  • Tap on the Calendar option and select Delete account.
  • This will remove the iPhone calendar virus remainders on your phone.

How To Remove the iPhone Calendar Virus From Older iOS Versions?

If you have an earlier version of the iPhone, you can follow these quick steps to remove the iPhone calendar virus.

  • Open your Calendar app.
  • Tap the calendars mentioned at the bottom of the screen.
  • Look for an unfamiliar calendar account.
  • Tap more info next to the calendar account you don’t know.
  • Scroll down, and tap Delete calendar.

You can also delete calendar subscription settings, here’s how to do it:

  • Head to the Settings.
  • Tap on Calendars > Accounts (For iOS 13, tap Passwords & Accounts > Accounts instead)
  • Tap on subscribed calendars.
  • Find a calendar that you don’t know and tap Delete Account.

How To Stop Spam on iPhone?

If you want to stop spam on your iPhone, you have to take your online security seriously. Taking some preventive online security measures will help you get rid of iPhone spam.

Before visiting a website, make sure it is secure and uses HTTPS encryption. You can check out the website’s URL to ensure security. A website containing HTTPS in its URL is secure and encrypts all the information you enter on its designated page.

Conversely, when you visit an unsecure website that is not protected with HTTPS and TLS protection is unsafe and unlikely to host ads designed to infect spam on your device.

Secondly, secure your browsing with iProVPN and avoid spam and malware from infecting your device. iProVPN offers military-grade encryption to protect your traffic from hackers and spammers.

Besides that, iProVPN also offers ad-blocking and malware protection feature that detects malicious domains and blocks them. In this way, you can easily spot a shady website and instantly avoid it.


iPhone calendar spam is quite pervasive and often referred to as a virus. Luckily there’s a way to get rid of it. You can follow our instructions to remove the iPhone calendar virus and secure your personal information from hackers and spammers.

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