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Delete Text Now Account

How to Delete TextNow Account Permanently [100% Working]

How would you like it if someone did cave paintings to communicate to you? Or send a homing pigeon right after you block them. Today, apps like TextNow make communication a five-finger exercise. Many others are already winning in the same race today, and you might want to learn “how to delete TextNow account permanently?”

Various Voice over Internet Protocols (VoIP) are users’ favorite – by 2026, the global VoIP market will reach $102.5 billion. And it might be time you consider deleting TextNow account permanently. Here’s a brief guide on how to delete TextNow accounts without hassles. Keep reading to find out more!

Crunched on Time? Here’s the Gist

  • TextNow is a popular app for making calls and messaging online, offering virtual phone numbers for WiFi-connected devices.
  • Due to legal limitations, TextNow has no straightforward “Delete My Account” option.
  • You can deactivate your TextNow account and manually delete your personal information to achieve a similar result as account cancellation.
  • You can check if a TextNow number is still active by sending a message; if the recipient’s name is visible, it’s likely active.
  • Another way to check activity is by accessing a person’s TextNow profile, but you may need account credentials for this.
  • If TextNow is unavailable in your country, consider using a VPN, like iProVPN, for access.

What We Will Be Covering

  • An Introduction to TextNow Services
  • How Do I Cancel My TextNow Data Plan? Deleting TextNow Account Permanently
  • The Process of Deleting Your TextNow Account in 4 Steps
  • How Can I Figure Out if a Textnow Number Is Still Active?

An Introduction to TextNow Services

TextNow is a popular VoIP smartphone application that allows users to make calls and participate in online discussions without paying additional charges on their cell bills. The ability to provide a virtual phone number to your WiFi-connected device distinguishes the TextNow Service. And apps like these contribute to the research; by 2024, the mobile VoIP industry will be worth $145.76 billion.

As long as a WiFi connection is available, this unique number may be accessed online, even in regions with limited cellular network availability.

How Do I Cancel My TextNow Data Plan? Deleting TextNow Account Permanently

TextNow doesn’t allow for permanent account deletion and lacks a clear “Delete My Account” option in its settings. According to the app’s developer, legal limitations prevent them from erasing accounts maintained in their database.

However, this does not mean you don’t have options for leaving the TextNow services. You can still deactivate your account and follow the steps to manually delete your information, which achieves the same outcome as a complete account cancellation.

The Process of Deleting Your TextNow Account in 4 Steps

Since TextNow doesn’t offer a straightforward option, know this isn’t a magic wand wave. You’ll need to go through covert alternatives that will enable you to get the same results.

Here’s how you can delete TextNow account:

Step #1: Open Your TextNow Account

Begin by logging into your TextNow account using your smartphone or your computer since the process of deleting your TextNow account stays the same.

Step #2: Cancel your TextNow Services Package

You can skip this step and move on to the next one if you have a free account and have yet to choose any premium packages.

Go to the “Phone and Plans” and “Manage Subscriptions” tabs on your TextNow homepage. After that, cancel any ongoing memberships you may have. By taking this step, you can stop receiving recurring payments and delete your account.

Step #3: Delete All Your Personal Information

Given the impossibility of deleting this data, changing the names and emails to random ones is the only option.

To access Settings, tap the gear wheel symbol on the left side of the app. Once you’ve opened the settings from the menu, click on the three dots location in the upper left corner of your device.

Then click on the “Account” option. You can see the first and surname names and email addresses connected to your account.

Step #4: Log Out of All Devices

Go to the lower section of the Settings and opt for “Log Out Of All Devices.” Afterward, uninstall the TextNow application from your devices. Once inactive for a few days, your account will automatically get deactivated. Later, the phone number assigned to you will be available for another new user.

How Can I Figure Out if a Textnow Number Is Still Active?

There are over 10 million TextNow users, but you can always check if a TextNow number is still active.

1. Send a Message

Sending a message to the person using their Textnow number is one important and obvious way to determine whether their number is active. The Textnow number is likely still in use if the recipient’s name is visible when sending the message.

2. Check the Profile

Accessing a person’s profile on the site is another simple way to see the activities of their Textnow number. This activity might provide insight into their recent interactions and communications with other Textnow users. However, your user credentials and account information may be necessary for this approach to work beforehand.

Overall, these are the only trusted methods to check if the next person has deleted the TextNow account permanently.

FAQs - How to Delete TextNow Account

Are TextNow and WhatsApp same?

WhatsApp and TextNow are two different messaging apps. TextNow uses virtual phone numbers to provide texting and calling options as an alternative to more conventional services: WhatsApp features voice and video calls, media sharing, and encrypted messaging. While WhatsApp stresses secure messaging and has more extensive capabilities like group chats and business possibilities, TextNow services focus on providing virtual numbers that are used for calls and messages.

Why is TextNow blocking accounts?

TextNow is blocking accounts for spam or fraud suspections.

Is TextNow available in Europe?

No, it isn’t available in Europe, but you can still use it via a trusted VPN, like iProVPN. Connecting to the US server allows you to easily change your location and use TextNow in Europe without hassles.

Wrapping Up

TextNow boasts 250 million application downloads – making it one of the most widely trusted communication apps. However, certain features might lead you to learn about deleting the TextNow account 2023.

However, TextNow is only available in a few countries; if you’re not in one, it’s better to use a VPN, like iProVPN, and use TextNow without hurdles!

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