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Bypass Paywall

How to Bypass the Paywall?

It’s an inescapable frustration when you come across a captivating headline and become absorbed in the first few paragraphs of an article, only to have your reading experience abruptly cut short by a payment request. These prevalent trends aren’t limited to a small number of websites; an increasing number of platforms are adopting this specific structure. For readers who simply want information, though, this may be inconvenient.

They take these steps to guarantee that the creators of these works get compensated for their labor.

Paywalls: What Are They?

Websites employ paywalls as a kind of digital gatekeeper to manage who can access their material. Paywalls are used by well-known publications including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Economist to require users to subscribe to view their stories.

Generally, a paywall will prompt you to “Subscribe now for unlimited access!” when you encounter it. This implies that you will have to take out your wallet if you wish to read more than the headline and the first few sentences. Occasionally, an article’s first part is available for free, but if you want to read the whole, you may need to subscribe.

How do Paywalls Function?

Paywalls, as we’ve already discussed, are essentially obstacles that prevent users from accessing a website’s content for free and force them to subscribe. The kind of subscription can differ; some publications let you purchase access to a single article or a set amount of articles each month, while others provide an all-access pass to their complete library of information.

Paywalls come in a few distinct varieties, and publishers may configure them differently. Here are few instances:

  • Hard Paywall: No content may be accessed without a subscription; this kind of paywall is unyielding.
  • Soft Paywall: More adaptable than hard paywalls, soft paywalls limit the quantity of content you can access without a subscription while still allowing you to view some for free.
  • Metered Paywalls: Metered paywalls allow you to view a set amount of articles for free each month before requesting that you subscribe.
  • Freemium Model: This model allows for the free distribution of certain content while charging for access to more premium content.
  • Patron Model: Instead of charging a set subscription cost, the patron model depends on readers’ generosity by asking for donations to access the material.

Now that you know exactly what paywalls are and how they operate, let’s look at a few simple methods for getting around these online obstacles.

How To Get Around Paywalls?

Bypass Paywalls Manually

The article’s title can be manually bypassed by copying and pasting it into a Google search. Google may pull it from another website if you’re lucky.

Additionally, you may check websites like Zendy and Sci-Hub.

The article’s title or URL must be typed into the search bar. These websites can offer free access to a large number of articles and research papers if they have a soft paywall.

Paywall Bypass Through Your Phone

What occurs when your phone comes across a paywall? Not an issue. We have everything covered.


Apple Shortcuts on your iPhone allow you to get around paywalls.

  1. Access the Bypass Paywall iCloud hub by using a shortcut.
  2. Click on the paywalled content you wish to read.
  3. Select the trio of lines adjacent to the search field.
  4. Press the “Bypass Payroll” button.
  5. Take joy in your work.


By following the instructions below, you can get around paywalls on your Android smartphone in less than two minutes:

  1. Open the Play Store and download Kiwi Browser.
  2. Go to the article that a paywall has blocked.
  3. Select the bypass-paywalls-chrome – github link.
  4. Download the zip file by navigating to the readme section.
  5. Select Kiwi and activate the developer mode there.
  6. Click (from zip/.crx/.user.js) after that.
  7. Pick the file that was downloaded.
  8. Select Next. (Verify that the extension is turned on.)
  9. There will be a list of publications that the extension avoids.
  10. Click extension options if the website for your published content is not included in the list.
  11. Use bespoke websites.
  12. Type in your website and select Save.
  13. If you reload the page, the paywall will be removed.

Paywall Bypass By Using A VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Vpns are used for purposes other than IP address masking and security. Paywalls can also be gotten over with it. By changing your IP address and connecting to a different server, you can access articles that are banned by a paywall.

Certain blog and journal pages keep track of the reader’s IP address to restrict how many articles they can view. When you hit your limit, you can switch servers by using iProVPN.

Unless the website doesn’t track the reader’s IP address, this strategy is effective on the majority of websites.

Paywall bypass by Reader Mode

There are rumors that you can bypass some soft paywalls by putting your browser in reader mode. We attempted this with no luck on The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.

Try switching to Reader Mode and see whether you can read the entire article before resorting to more drastic steps, as it has been known to work with less well-known websites. If it fails, no damage is caused.

Mac Safari

Examine the address bar in Mac Safari to enter Reader Mode.

  • In the address bar, click the rectangular shape with lines.
  • You should now be in Reader Mode.
  • To disable Reader Mode, repeat these procedures.

iOS Safari

  • Examine the address bar in ios Safari to enter Reader Mode.
  • On the left side of the address, find Aa.
  • Press Aa.
  • When you reach Show Reader, scroll down and tap.
  • You should now be in Reader Mode.
  • When you’re finished, follow these steps again to turn off Reader Mode.

Miscrosoft Edge

  • In Microsoft Edge, to go to Reader Mode:
  • Using the address bar, select Enter Immersive Reader.
  • Click Exit Immersive Reader to go out.
  • F9 is another keyboard shortcut that you can use to open Immersive Reader.

Google Chrome

  • To enter Reader Mode in Chrome, type chrome://flags in the URL box and hit Enter.
  • Go to the Experiments section.
  • Look for Reader Mode.
  • Put it in the enabled state.
  • To enable Reader Mode, relaunch.
  • Click Reader Mode on the right side of the URL bar after opening the page you wish to read.

Paywall Bypass Through Bardeen

Bardeen’s primary purpose is to facilitate workflow automation, but it also can get around paywalls by using playbooks, which are pre-built automation.

There are several ways to accomplish this, but our favorite is the web archive playbook, which lets you visit a website by impersonating a Google web crawler rather than a paying customer. The best part is that Bardeen offers a free account registration.

Paywalls Can Be Avoided By Resetting Browser Cookies

Sometimes all it takes to get around a barrier is to delete the cookies on your browser. Numerous websites keep track of the number of articles you’ve viewed before limiting your access with a paywall. You can essentially stop this tracking by erasing your cookies, which resets your article count and causes the website to treat you like a new visitor.

Go to the Settings or Options menu on your browser to delete your cookies. Find the Privacy area, choose Clear browsing data, and make sure the boxes next to Cookies and other site data are checked. Click on Clear Data to start a new browsing session.

Paywall Remover By Stopping It To Load

Another ingenious way around paywalls is to stop a webpage before it loads completely. The script that activates the paywall may not run if you stop the loading process, enabling you to read without a subscription.

To accomplish this, open the article in a new tab and halt the page’s loading right away. This may be done on many browsers by holding down the Shift key when hitting the link, which will stop the paywall from showing.

Unlock Paywalls With Expertise

We’ve included a list of very simple ways for you to get around paywalls. To recognize and honor the contributions of authors and other journalists, it is also advised that we purchase subscriptions to these websites.

However, you can employ the previously described ways if you’re at a loss for resources and need access to a paid article or research paper for free.

Finally, you can access geo-blocked content and be secure by using iProVPN

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