Google Map Alternatives

The Best Google Map Alternatives

Google Maps has been serving travelers since 2005 with its easy navigation and advanced array of features like street maps, live traffic updates, route plans, and aerial photography. However, you must seek a few more alternatives to Google Maps.

The reason to make a move to the Google Maps alternatives is that Google keeps tracking your location data to target ads that will interest you.

Yet, Google maps users are free to turn off their location data on the app. However, turning off your location data will only stop Google from creating your travel timeline.

Users also need to turn off Web & App activity to stop Google from saving the travel history in their Google account.

Note: Google also allows you to delete and edit your previously-stored traveling history. 

Turning off your location will not be a great option as it creates difficulty whenever you use Google mapping services. Also, you have to be sure that every mapping service keeps a record of your location to some extent. However, not every mapping app collects as much information as Google does.

Therefore, for the sake of convenience and privacy, iProVPN offers a curated list of the best Google Maps alternatives that you should use to achieve a privacy-oriented traveling experience.

List of the Best Google Map Alternatives

  • Waze

Waze is surely a better alternative to Google Maps, although Google acquired it in 2013. However, it still works as an entirely separate app. There are so many features that you can get with this app.

It’s a community-driven map service that enables users to edit their location for a customized map of their area; the feature is called Waze Editor. Besides that, there’s much more, which makes Waze a great Google Map alternative.

It has a live map option which you can click to search for route plans and destinations quickly. What’s more? You can also tap on the map locations to share, drop a pin or add destination information.

The app also lets you know about current traffic situations of the route plus; you can also get to know about speed monitors, nearest fuel stations, under-construction roads, and more.

  • OsmAnd-OpenStreetMap

The app works for both: Android and iOS. It uses the OpenStreetMap database but runs as an independent app that’s not associated with OpenStreetMapfoundation. It is considered one of the best alternatives to Google maps.

The OsmAnd app uses OpenStreetMaps as the basic web mapping tool and gathers all the data from it.

The best thing about this app is that it works offline, so there’s no need to worry about network or signal issues. Moreover, it’s an open-source app similar to Wikipedia, where users can upload data using GPS and cameras. The app doesn’t send you targeted ads like Google Maps does.

Your data is secure since admins will not sell it to third parties for the sake of revenue. The app is easy to use and offers two fields for directions. You can see a field on the left side to enter your current location and set your destination in the other field.

The app will get you the accurate direction with other things like required time and distance.  This Google Map alternative is very flexible as it also gets you the customized directions for a walk, car, and bicycle.

Although the app is free to use, you have to pay a few dollars to use multiple services including unlimited map downloads, finding the nearest location, and trip planning with its navigation option. It’s good for frequent travelers to pay for the app; otherwise, it is good to go for normal traveling.

You can also safely create an account while using the app. The account will help you to add information or smoothly use the map. Also, you can stay anonymous by using a fake username for the account creation.

You can also add notes to the map by tapping your desired location and then tap on “Note” and add information that you want.

  • Maps. Me

Maps.Me is similar to the OsmAnd app in a way that it also fetches maps through OpenStreetMap. If you’re looking for a perfect offline mapping tool Maps.Me is what you need.

The app works for Android and iOS mobiles and allows you to download apps when you’re online and use those apps on the offline mode.

The best thing about Maps.Me is that it’s a lightweight app that doesn’t consume a lot of your device’s space. You can install common maps of the entire US, and the app will only consume 21MB.

Besides that, the app also covers directions for 345 islands and countries. It’s no wrong to say that Maps.Me is a global mapping app that caters to your traveling needs quite well. The app also allows you to bookmark a location and share it with anyone. It also has an online version to look for traffic conditions, public transport and cycling routes, and navigation.

You can also find various spots well categorized as per their types, such as shops, food, hotel, cafes, and more. The app offers a filter section that helps you to search the location of your desired places.

  • MapQuest

MapQuest works the same as Google Maps does. You can use either its web-based mapping tool or its mobile app. The app uses your IP or mobile GPS to search for your location when you tap on “Get Directions.”

While getting the route directions, you can also use this app to get live traffic updates, distance, fuel cost, and other relevant information.

Compared to its web-based services, the mobile application offers more robust features. You can see your areas’ temperature plus find locations for hospitals, parking spots, cafes, and more.

MapQuest is a great GoogleMap alternative since it also enables you to book hotels, cars, flights, and more with its advanced Priceline incorporation.

  • Bing Maps

Bing Maps is among the best alternatives to Google Maps/ It is easy to use with a simple navigational system. The app’s interface is total spick and span that neatly defines traffic, directions, and sharing options.

Similar to Google Maps, Bing Maps also has features like roadside layers, aerial, and roads plus, you can also find maps for walking and driving. Bing maps allow users to add their destination’s route and later use its printed map as a trip guide.

All in all, it’s a great alternative to Google Map with detailed maps and advanced and easy features. However, it also has a few downsides, like the unavailability of a trip planner tool and mobile app. To use Bing Maps on your mobile device, you need to use the Bing search engine and then tap where you see maps on the main screen.

How to Use Online Google Maps Alternative Securely?

A number of online maps are free to use and might be a prime target for hackers. Mostly, hackers try to exploit the security loops of free apps and then attack users to capture private information.

Such information may include your IP address, login credentials, and more. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to connect iProVPN before using free online mapping tools.

IProVPN uses industry-leading encryption to conceal your traffic so no one can ever snoop on your data successfully.


These are the best Google Maps alternatives to use in 2021. However, if you’re a frequent traveler, then you should not rely on offline mapping services; it’s better to try Google Maps alternatives with detailed maps and route plans. Similarly, casual travelers might use the featured apps with an offline mapping facility. Also, consider using a trusted VPN every time when you use a free mapping tool in order to keep your privacy and security intact.

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