How to Get Unbanned from Omegle

How to Get Omegle Unbanned

Omegle is one of the best messaging apps for anyone who loves to chat with strangers. It’s a chatting app that enables you to chat with random users. Yet it’s not as fun as it seems because Omegle has its downsides too.

The chatting app is quite disreputable for banning its users for no apparent reasons. Moreover, you cannot talk to any representatives to get Omegle unbanned.

But there’s nothing to worry about because iProVPN has the best way to get you unbanned from Omegle. Keep reading to find the easiest methods to bypass the Omegle ban with iProVPN.

What is Omegle?

Omegle is a free platform where you can do lots of text and video chats. It’s a private app where no moderator can monitor your chats or requires you to create an account. The app only needs little information, i.e., your hobbies and interests to match you with another random user.

How Long Does Omegle Ban Its Users?

There is no exact time for how long Omegle keeps its users banned. Omegle has different types of bans, so the duration depends on which one you get served. Below you can find types of Omegle bans:

  1. Temporary Ban (One week to four months)
  2. Permanent Ban (Permanently or Indefinitely)

Why Does Omegle Block Users?

If you get banned from Omegle, there may be several unapparent reasons. Usually, Omegle bans users for violating their privacy policies. Meaning, if you’re sharing any explicit content knowingly or unknowingly, you will be banned.

Also, there may be other reasons, such as abusing other users or showing chauvinistic behavior, which could lead to the Omegle ban. Other listed factors might get you banned on Omegle:

  • When a user reports you

You will be banned on Omegle if multiple users report against you. No matter why the other user has reported you, it may result in a ban.

  • When you Break Omegle Policy

Adolescents between ages 13 to18 years will probably get banned if they don’t get their parents’ consent to use Omegle. Moreover, the platform has no tolerance for harassment, violence, invading anyone’s privacy, and other sorts of inappropriate statements. Therefore, it’s better not to overlook Omegle’s policies and terms of services before using the platform.

  • When you Frequently Chat to Many Users

If you’re jumping too fast and chatting from one user to another, Omegle will ban you. Even if you have some internet issues and reconnect every time, the chatting app will still block you. Similarly, if other users are continuously dropping you, Omegle might ban you, considering you spam or scoffing.

  • Geo-restrictions

You may also find Omegle banned if you live in a country where the chatting app is banned or has restricted access. For instance, several countries don’t support Omegle access. These countries are China, Pakistan, Qatar, Turkey, and UAE.

Is Omegle Safe?

Omegle is not a very safe place to chat with strangers. The app doesn’t have powerful moderation support. Moreover, Omegle doesn’t have strong systems to verify users’ age. Moreover, several child cases of abuse, racism, scams, and cyberbullying cases have been reported on the platform.

How to Get Omegle Unbanned?

There are different methods that you can use to get Omegle unbanned. Below is a quick rundown on how to get Omegle unbanned:

  • Use a VPN service
  • Connect to a Different Network
  • Use a Proxy server

How to use a VPN to Get Omegle Unbanned?

One of the best ways to bypass the Omegle ban is to change your IP address. Omegle service blocks your IP address and ultimately bans you from further using its services. When you get another IP address, you can bypass that ban.  The easiest way to change your IP address is through a VPN service.

Use iProVPN to unban Omegle; here’s how to get Omegle unbanned with iProVPN:

  • Subscribe to iProVPN.
  • Get the VPN app on your device.
  • Launch the app and log in with your credentials.
  • Connect to any server location where Omegle is available.
  • Now, you can use Omegle with your new IP address.

Connect to a Different Network to Get Omegle Unbanned

As mentioned above, Omegle cannot block you as a user. It only bans your IP address. If you manage to get another IP address, you can continue using Omegle. Therefore, if you notice that you’re blocked on Omegle, switch to another network like your mobile internet or any public Wi-Fi. As soon as your device connects to a new network, you will get a new IP address and can unban Omegle in no time.

Use a Proxy Server to Get Omegle Unbanned

The use of a VPN or proxy server is almost the same. However, proxies don’t encrypt your data, as a VPN does. Therefore, a VPN is a more reliable solution to unban Omegle.

Can I be Tracked on Omegle?

Omegle stores all the chats on its servers which are easily identifiable by the user’s IP address. Moreover, Omegle also generates and saves a randomly-generated user code that identifies each user. All the chat data remains to be saved for about four months on Omegle servers. If anyone is marked as spam, his data will be permanently stored by the app’s algorithm.

Even if you’re using an incognito or private mode, you will still be tracked because of your IP address. A private mode may hide your browser but cannot hide the IP address associated with your network. The best way to safely use Omegle without leaking your real IP address is through a VPN.

How to use Omegle Safely?

As outlined above, a VPN will help you stay secure on Omegle. Besides using a VPN, also do not share your details online. Avoid revealing your personal information like age, sex, address, etc. Ignore attending video calls as strangers may take advantage of your videos. Lastly, avoid meeting strangers on Omegle in real life.


If you have already got banned from Omegle, then it’s time to get Omegle unbanned following our simple tricks. Omegle is a great platform for some random fun and conversations, so try out iProVPN and easily get Omegle unbanned.

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