Free Anti-Tracking Software

Free Anti-Tracking Software

Do you sometimes feel like your browser is spying on you? Or that the ad showing up on your screen is extremely familiar? That’s probably because your browser is keeping track of the webpages you visit, and the items you view. isn’t that scary? An online entity who you don’t know is monitoring how you behave online – all the time! Read on to discover why you should discourage web tracking and find a list of premium and free anti-tracking software programs.

Understanding Web Tracking

The process of collecting users’ online behavior and patterns of their activity is known as web tracking. Many online entities may be tracking you this very moment: your internet service provider, a website (via cookies), advertisers, and agencies who might have bought your data. These parties utilize the data in the raw or processed form to create advertising profiles: but that’s not the only way they use your data. There are cybercriminals and fraudsters on vulnerable networks who wish to hijack your session, execute online scams (man-in-the-middle-attacks and evil twin attacks), and later cause you financial damage. All they have to do is log your online activity by checking the IP addresses, your user preferences and analyzing the cookies.

Restrict Web Tracking with Anti-Tracking Software

If you want to prevent unauthorized access to your online activity, you most likely need anti-tracking software.

An anti-tracking software can be any application or program that protects IP address, reduce digital fingerprinting, create firewalls to protect your device and provides a secure and private medium for browsing and communication.

One such example is a VPN application that makes you almost anonymous on the internet by masking your IP address and encrypting the online traffic. Another example is the secure browser, Tor, that reduces digital fingerprinting by discouraging ads and encouraging DNS over HTTPS. Antivirus programs that provide device-level security against data leaks can also be used as anti-tracking software, but it does have limited functionality.

We understand that anti-tracking software sounds too complex or just difficult to manage which is why most people are yet to discover it. However, having anti-tracking software is essential before you begin browsing if you wish to stay protected online.

While the idea of web tracking may sound fairly harmless and barely damaging to many, the high extent of web tracking can be disastrous. If your confidential information such as credentials, passwords, etc. go into the wrong hands, it could be misused dramatically.

The Best Paid and Free Anti-Tracking Software

If you’re planning to download an efficient anti-tracking software application, we’ve compiled a list of the best ones for you:


One of the most famous web proxy tools is known as Privoxy, especially known for its compatibility with almost every other browser. To add to its list of advantages, Privoxy is completely free to use and serves as an ad-blocker as well while keeping you anonymous! Moreover, Privoxy also has an anti-tracking feature that appropriately tracks and filters any bugs, traffic, and blockers. Users are even allowed to manage custom privacy settings according to their choice.

Disconnect Browser

This is another free form of anti-tracking software. The Disconnect Browser protects users from any suspicious websites and makes sure that their activity online remains anonymous.  If you ever decide to connect to Disconnect Browser, the browser provides you with a list of websites in advance that track and store your information. Moreover, it will simply break your connection with a particular page if it is included in the list of suspicious websites. However, this may not be the best for everyone since you won’t be able to visit any of the websites you’d like if they are mentioned in the list.


TrackOff also ensures to keep your activity online completely anonymous and untraceable. It keeps your identity safe through numerous ways such as cookie-based tracking, IP hacking, etc. With its ‘Protect Mode’ and ‘Blackout Mode’ you are given the option to password protect your apps and even lock and hide them whenever you want. However, it is only free for a limited period, and in order to get the full experience, you have to purchase their product key. Regardless of in-app purchases, what we like the most about it is that their free trial that lets users decide whether they truly like the app or not.

Avast Anti-track

The Avast anti-virus program has introduced its very own anti-tracking software. It protects you online by changing your IP address and making you untraceable. Similarly, one of the reasons we’ve selected it as the best anti-tracking software is because of its excellent features which send the user an alert every time there is the threat of a web tracker.  Moreover, it performs basic functions such as blocking ads and filtering out trackers and bugs while also regularly deleting your browsing history which leaves web trackers with nothing to track.  Additionally, it will also keep you safe from any spam emails that may result in an attempt of phishing. It is a premium app fit for users who prioritize online privacy and freedom because the benefits do outweigh its price.

DuckDuckGo (DDG)

DDG is not exactly an anti-tracking software. However, it is a search engine that does not store or record any of its users’ data. Regardless of what you view and what pages you visit, DuckDuckGo makes sure to keep you anonymous and blocks advertisers from following you. Moreover, it provides users with the option to be able to see who is tracking them in turn.

iProVPN Extension

What better application to provide you with utmost security and privacy along with complete anonymity than a VPN? A VPN is built on the claims to keep your online activity 100% untraceable by anyone else but you. If you want effective and next-level security and privacy, we suggest you download and subscribe to iProVPN! It has dedicated apps and extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. With its military-grade encryption, advanced features, commitment to user privacy, and reliable customer service, it guarantees to keep you protected at all costs.


Given the number of security breaches and rapid increase in cybercrimes, protecting your data has become an integral part of staying safe while online. If you do not wish to share your information with the web, that is your choice, and you are entitled to do so. Downloading and installing anti-tracking software should be an essential part of your online security regime by now. If it is not already, now’s the time! To avoid online scams, it is integral that you remain private while connected to the internet. This is why we suggest you stay connected to iProVPN before initiating your browsing session or download one of the best free anti-tracking software programs mentioned in the article.

Start Browsing Privately!

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