Free Anonymous Email Account

Free Anonymous Email Account

Have you ever wondered why online users are so much more gutsy and confident when commenting on other’s posts on the internet as compared to real life? It is because the internet has given them a cloak of invisibility that gives them the privilege to say whatever they want to whomever they wish without the fear of judgment, ridicule, or revealing their real identity. Imagine having the power to say anything or write anything all the while being protected; that’s the dream, isn’t it? With a free anonymous email account, all that has become possible and more!

While the power of anonymity was previously used for frustrated rants and tarnishing reputations, people now wish to use it for privacy and digital safety in the online world. Many internet users don’t like the concept of an online entity going through the subject lines and email attachments, and then micro-targeting while ads are chasing you everywhere.

If this sounds frustrating to you, your identity needs to be your priority while navigating the online waters, and nothing is worth it if it gets trampled just because you left yourself exposed to hackers and trolls.

The fact is that freedom of speech sounds dandy in theory, but you will get dissed on for your opinions or the truth in reality, but with modern privacy tools like anti-tracking software, VPNs and anonymous email accounts, and with net neutrality campaigns and concerns about the digital divide, things have started changing, and for good.

What Is An Anonymous Email Account And Is It Free?

To put it simply, an anonymous email is an email service that allows users to keep their identities and data private on the internet. Making an anonymous email account is easy, depending on how invisible you wish to be. If you want to keep your identity hidden from the internet, then you can use email services like Tutanota and Protonmail and attain those ends. However, not all of these service providers allow a free anonymous email account.

Why Do You Need To Send An Anonymous Email?

Sending an email that hides your identity is helpful for various reasons, most of which are non-malicious and perfectly innocent.

Using an anonymous email account is the most effective way of avoiding spam as it eliminates the use of your email being harvested for spam lists, or avoiding data breaches. You can use your email to blow the whistle on your organization’s shady practices and send them to a journalist from an address that cannot be traced back to you. If you’re a journalist, then this is the golden age for journalism because, with an anonymous email, any sensitive information will never be at risk of being exposed to the public or get into the wrong hands. Other uses include:

  • Reporting fraud or a crime
  • Sending private or secret information
  • Professing your feelings
  • Outing the truth in a difficult situation
  • Keeping your business and client’s data secure from online monitors
  • Getting rid of digital fingerprinting by disallowing Gmail to sneak into your email communications
  • Protecting your email communication, sensitive information like bank statements, credit card details from email providers too

However, if you truly care about privacy and digital security, let iProVPN inform you that an anonymous email account is not enough for the purpose.

Unfortunately, it does not make you anonymous if you truly wish to become invisible.

When you embark on this journey of anonymity, remember that the internet is always looking for you, and it will find you.


You will log in using your exact IP address, leave traces of yourself when you visit the same websites, and even with the free anonymous email account, anyone will find you after sufficient data has been collected on the internet about your online excursions.

But there’s more on that later. For now, let’s see how you can make an anonymous email account.

Top Services For Free Anonymous Email Accounts

Many email providers offer anonymous email services along with extra encryption features. While we have charted the best ones here, you can find the reviews of 5 such services here.

  • Tutanota

Since 2011, Tutanota has gained popularity as the best secure email provider functioning out of Germany. Tutanota offers a free plan and three paid plans that often come with discounts depending on the country of the users’ residence. The free plan had limited search functionality, but it comes with a generous 1GB storage, so there’s that.

It has a secure calendar that uses end-to-end encryption, so your schedule and appointments are safe from prying eyes. It has several apps for various devices such as desktops and smartphones. The signup is straightforward, and no personal details are required. However, you may have to provide your country of residence in case you upgrade to a paid account.

  • ProtonMail

With end-to-end encryption, ProtonMail offers an email service that is inaccessible for third parties. Unlike most email services, they do not require any personal information to create an account, and they do not keep IP logs so no one can trace the email back to you. The biggest perk about ProtonMail is that its code is open-source, and anyone can check its security. It is based in Switzerland, where the laws are pretty pro-privacy which means that it offers more privacy than most email providers without limiting compatibility.

2 More Tools for Online Privacy

Just if you’d like some bonus information from the digital experts on our team, here are 2 more tools that offer maximum security from the risks of this internet as we see it today. As mentioned earlier, having an anonymous email account isn’t enough to warranty 100% stealth which is why it should be used in conjunction with these tools:

  • VPN

Employing a VPN while sending an anonymous email adds an extra layer of protection to your tasks and keeps your identity safe. VPNs provide network-level security to users even if they are simply surfing their favorite blog. Also, you can make the most of the VPN’s military-grade, 256-bit AES technology that’s offered as a standard feature by iProVPN.

  • Antivirus

An antivirus does so much more than keep away computer viruses. It protects your device from malware and annoying ads. These may seem like minor hindrances when in fact, they have the ability to crack into your files and steal information that could lead to far-reaching serious ramifications.


While you may still have doubts about the kind of security you can get with a free anonymous email account, you can get a fair deal of it by using several services in combination. The internet is a boundless space filled with the same technological advancements that you’re using to attain your means. To stay a step ahead means to think of all the possible ways in which you can keep your identity protected and take no risk with a lax security protocol.

Start Browsing Privately!

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