How to find lost airpods

How to find lost AirPods

Apple AirPods are super convenient; they let you enjoy music, videos, and podcasts hands-free. What makes Apple AirPods one of the most sought-after devices is definitely its wireless nature and the fact that they are designed for Apple devices.

Since it is small and portable enough to be carried anywhere, there is an equal chance of losing them.

In this blog, you will learn everything to find lost Airpods on the go. So, without wasting much time, let me show you how to locate lost AirPods.

How to Find Lost AirPods

When you buy AirPods, make sure to make a few settings to find your lost AirPods when you accidentally drop them. Remember, you can only find lost AirPods when the following settings are enabled:

  • You must have any of the following: iPhone, iPod, iPad Touch, or a computer
  • The devices should have the latest iOS version installed.
  • Your AirPods should be set up on the “Find My App” on your device. If it is not listed there, you cannot find it when they go missing accidentally.

How to Enable “Find My” on iPhone?

If you don’t know how to set up “Find My” on an Apple device, here’s how to enable it:

  • Go to the Settings app, click on your Apple ID name and open Find My App.
  • While setting up the Find My, make sure to enable the following three options: Find My iPhone, Enable Offline Finding, Send Last Location.

How to Find Lost AirPods When They’re in Bluetooth Range

Sometimes you can get lucky! If your AirPods is on and within the Bluetooth range, you can easily find lost Airpods using the following method:

  • Turn on the Bluetooth on any of your Apple device and launch “Find My” app.
  • Select your misplaced device, i.e., AirPods
  • Select among the two available options: Play a sound or check the location
  • If you select “Play a sound” your AirPods will emit a chirp that will help you find the location of the lost AirPods.

How to Find Lost AirPods When They’re Turned Off

Your lost AirPods might be turned off due to inactivity or zero battery charge. If that happens, then here’s how to find lost AirPods using the following method:

  • Open Find My app on any Apple device.
  • Tap AirPods, under the devices list.
  • Now, a map will scan the location where your AirPods was last connected with your device.

Alternate Method to Find Lost AirPods When They’re Offline

You can also find lost AirPods when it is offline while using a computer. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open your web browser and navigate to
  • Sign in here using your Apple ID.
  • Click Find My iPhone when the option appears.
  • Now enter a 6-digit verification code sent on your iPhone for verification, again tap on Find My iPhone.
  • At the top of Find My map, tap on All devices and select AirPods from the drop-down menu
  • Now, you can see the last unknown location of your AirPods.

What to do if I lost both AirPods at Different Locations?

It’s not uncommon to lose both your AirPods since they are small and might fall out of your pocket in a rush. If that happens, simply follow the above process and head to the Find My app. The map there will show you the location of one AirPod; once you find that, repeat the process, and this time the map will show you the location of your other AirPod.

In this way, you can find lost Airpods pairs separately.

What If I Lost My AirPods Case?

Unfortunately, the Find My app cannot help you with finding the lost AirPod case. But you can contact Apple Support for a replacement for your AirPods or AirPods case. You first need to get the serial number of your AirPods that you can find on its charging case; otherwise, find it in the iOS settings.

With your AirPods serial number, contact Apple support and ask them for a replacement. The cost will fall between $59-$99, depending on your replacement model. Replacement is recommended because it is less pricey than buying a new set.

Bonus- Apple’s New Firmware Version Just Rolled Out to Make It Easy to Find your Lost Airpods

For AirPods Pro and AirPods Max, Apple has rolled out its new firmware, making it incredibly easy to find your lost AirPods. With this new update, you only have to activate Lost Mode, and other iPods, iPads, and Macs in the area will participate in the search mission.

When the missing AirPods Pro and AirPods Max come within the Bluetooth range of another Apple device, they will deliver continuous Bluetooth beacon messages.

Other Apple devices will detect the signals and report them to the Find My network, placing its location on the owner’s map. This is just like how AirTags work at long range.


The small size of Apple AirPods makes it prone to being lost. But, enabling a few settings options will save you from finding a replacement. We hope that following this guide, you will easily find lost AirPods.

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