How to delete tinder Account

How to Delete your Tinder Account

Tired of using Tinder? Or, have you found your happily ever after? Either way, if the constant swiping left and right have you tired of using the app, or maybe it was not up to mark, this guide will show you how to delete Tinder account successfully!

Why you would want to delete your Tinder account

It is no secret that the dating app empire has taken it up a notch in popularity point, especially ever since the start of the Pandemic. There are over 57 million Tinder users worldwide, spread across various countries, but each reason for wanting to delete Tinder account varies.

A few reasons surrounding why you would want to delete your Tinder account are maybe because you have found someone outside the app, or you would like to delete all traces of your profile, or maybe because you’ve read up on vulnerabilities caused by Tinder bots.

Other than this, there are other solid reasons why you need to delete Tinder account, and here is why:

  • Tinder bots

As mentioned above, there is something called Tinder bots. They are set up behind fake profiles that usually lure in anyone they can, asking them to click on links, send adult content of themselves, or even trick them into sending money. Bots pretend to be people, but the replies are generated extremely quickly and abruptly.

  • Cat Phishing

Another similar strategy is cat phishing. It is when people pretend to be someone else by using fake or stolen pictures and videos. Cat phishing conversations are much more natural than Tinder bots, even though the outcome is the same. This is very harmful to teenagers or kids who’ve signed up for the app since there is no way of legally showing how old you are to sign up. It is why parents should educate their kids about online safety.

  • Impersonation

Just like cat phishing, other phishing attempts can take place online. Since most users put their actual information on Tinder, it can be seen by practically anyone. Any scammer can use that information for gain.

All this and more is why you need or should consider deleting your Tinder account. Other than this, there are other social media apps that fall into the category. So, if you are thinking of deactivating Facebook messenger, or Instagram, consider going through the same steps below.

Either way, if you are planning on deleting your account, just make sure you do it the right way. If you do not delete Tinder profile successfully, all your information could still be swarming around without you using the app.

So, if you are not too keen on opening vulnerabilities linked to your Tinder account, follow the easy guide below, showing you how to delete it.

 How to delete Tinder account

The method is quite simple to execute, here’s how you can begin:

  • If you have got the app open, click on your profile icon on the top left corner of the screen.
  • Now, click on “Settings.”
  • Scroll down to the end of the menu and click on “Delete account.”
  • There will appear two options of either “Pause my account” or “Delete my account.” Click on “Delete my account.”
  • Now, Tinder will ask you a reason for leaving, state your reason.
  • Next, Tinder will ask you whether you want to delete or hide your account. Click on delete.
  • That’s about it! You’ve now deleted your Tinder account!

Also understand that for those who have a Tinder Plus subscription, just by deleting your account doesn’t mean your subscription has ended. If you are not willing to get charged, make sure you head to the Google Play or Apple App Store and get it sorted there.

Can’t I delete Tinder account by just deleting the app?

No, you can’t. Tinder is among some of the more popular apps that has its users go the extra mile for signing up or deleting an account. By simply deleting the Tinder app from your phone or desktop, doesn’t mean all traces of your Tinder account is deleted. Your account is still pretty much active by only deleting the app.

This is what you can call a temporary account deletion. You will still be able to sign into the Tinder app whenever you re-download the app.

Can you only delete Tinder account through the app?

Not really, you can also delete your Tinder account via the browser website. In fact the process is nearly the same as deleting Tinder account through the app. Depending on which browser you are using, just head to the Tinder website, sign in to your profile, click on Profile tab and then on settings. Now delete your account, and that’s all it takes!

Will your Tinder account stay active after your delete the app?

This is the most commonly asked question swooning every Tinder user’s mind. The question is not whether it will stay active, but rather how long it will stay active after you have deleted it. Here’s a simple answer, if you’ve deleted your account, the account is no longer active. However, if you’ve only deleted the app from your device, your profile will still be active. If you are not willing to appear on someone’s search results, then make sure you stay off the app for a while!

To conclude

This brings us to the end of the guide showing you how to delete Tinder account. Again, no one is saying Tinder is not one of the best dating apps, but because there are quite a number of vulnerabilities attached to it, it is best you use a VPN to keep you safer while on the app. iProVPN offers great VPN features and makes an affordable choice. Other than that, the steps above will show you what you should do and why you should delete your Tinder account.

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