How to delete Amazon Account

How to Delete Amazon Account

Need to know how to delete Amazon account? Can’t seem to get it right? It is okay; we are here to help! Most users find it quite difficult to delete their media or social accounts, which is not your fault! These organizations make it simple to create an account but increasingly challenging to delete one!

So, if you are ready to get started, either head on to the tutorial ahead or first go through a few minor details below.

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Why you need to delete Amazon account

Most Amazon users are not too happy with the policies, especially considering you can’t delete your Amazon search or buy histories. That in itself says a lot.

So, if you are no longer in cahoots with the way Amazon runs their business, policies, or not happy with the service team itself, deleting your Amazon account might be the best option. Also, keep in mind that because you can’t delete account history, this also means that all your credit card or financial information and credit scores are visible to the Amazon team.

If you are still going ahead with deleting your account, make sure you read the following few points, which are essential for you to know!

Read this before deleting your Amazon account

Before you go ahead and delete your account, you need to understand the consequences that come with it. For starters, you know that to sign up for a particular streaming service, you need to have an Amazon account. To give an example, if you own a Fire TV stick, you will need an Amazon account to use it.

There are many services or platforms linked to Amazon, and to use them, you will still need an Amazon subscription. Once you delete the Amazon account, you will immediately lose ownership of anything you bought through your account or service that you have a subscription for.

If you think you are double-minded about deleting your Amazon account, you should read all the points below to get a clearer idea. Once you delete it, the Amazon customer service team will contact you through email and send you a complete look at what all you will lose access to after you’ve deleted it. So, before moving ahead, why not give these following points a thorough look:

  • Here is the thing, if you’ve previously subscribed or downloaded all sorts of digital content, you will lose access to them. Whether you paid $4 or $400 for a service, it will all be lost. Some of these services include Prime Video services, music files, Kindle eBooks, Amazon apps, and others.
  • Once you delete your main Amazon account, it doesn’t matter if you have paid separately for another Amazon service like or accounts present on different country domains. All will be deleted once you delete your Amazon profile.
  • You know those Amazon gift cards, vouchers, or extra points you won through Amazon? Or maybe you signed up with Amazon to watch UFC on your Firestick. They won’t be valid once you delete Amazon account. You will not be able to use them anymore.
  • Make sure you delete Amazon account after receiving your parcel, getting a refund, or canceling an order. Because once you initiate an account deletion, it’s not possible to receive your orders or refunds.
  • You will lose access to downloaded games, software, movies and so much more!
  • Once you make any rentals, make sure all the pending returns have been sorted. What happens is that once you cancel your account, and still have outstanding rentals to take care off, you will be charged for that, and not vice versa.
  • Any reviews, posts, and other social content made will be removed.
  • If you’ve made any reviews, comments, or posts, they will automatically be removed.

All in all, these are a few of what you’d need to expect once you go ahead and delete Amazon account. If, however, you have understood all the terms and conditions, you can proceed to the tutorial below, showing you how to delete Amazon account.

How to delete amazon account

  • Go to the “Close your account” page, and then sign in to your current account.
  • Now, scroll to the bottom and you will see a “Please select the main reasons for closing your Amazon account (Optional).
  • Once you click on it, there will be a drop down menu, choose your reason for leaving.
  • Now, there will be a box that says “Yes, I was to permanently close my Amazon account and delete my data.” Click on it.
  • Then, click on “Close my account.”
  • Here’s where you get a reconfirmation email sent to you.
  • If you’re willing to proceed, click on the “Confirm Account Closure” link.
  • That’s all! Your Amazon account is now deleted!

Can we sign in to a deleted Amazon account?

Here’s the thing, deleting an Amazon account does not mean that it’s just temporary. I’m afraid there is no option for that. It means that even if you’re thinking of signing in after completing the account deletion procedure, it won’t work. To get back on Amazon, you will need to create a new account and start over.

Can I close all my Amazon accounts together?

No, you can’t. If you have more than one Amazon account, you will need to follow the tutorial above for each account that you want to delete. For every account, you will receive an email of confirmation. You need to respond to it within 5 days.

Are there other ways to delete Amazon account?

We believe that Amazon is constantly changing its policies and mode of deletion. If you encounter any difficulties using the tutorial above, simply contact the customer service via online chat, or call them up on 888-280-4331. You can ask a representative there to close the account for you.

Why can’t I delete my Amazon account?

If you’re not within a country that allows access to Amazon, then you might have a problem canceling your account. Let’s say that you used a VPN to sign up while traveling abroad, but have somehow moved again. Try using a reliable VPN to gain access to Amazon again, and then proceed to delete it. We suggest using iProVPN since it’s reliable, affordable and comes with great features!

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