Deep Web vs Dark Web

Deep Web vs Dark Web: What Is the difference?

Once in a lifetime, you would come across these complicated terms like Deep Web and Dark Web on the internet and throw yourself in confusion. However, to keep you from getting appalled, I have designed this blog to teach you in-depth knowledge of the Deep Web vs Dark Web and its mysterious functionality.

Therefore, before we get started with the comprehensive details of Dark and Deep websites, you first need to educate yourself about the Surface Web better.

There are three types of websites, Surface web, Deep web, and Dark web, and we normally can access only one, which is the Surface web. When you hear the term surface, it pops up a dictionary meaning into your subconscious brain: the uppermost layer of something.

The sites visible to the Google search engine fall into the category of the surface web that anyone can access. The surface web is also known as indexed or visible web, which every user accesses in their daily internet activities. People use the surface web for mundane tasks like visiting their favorite website, watching movies online, or shopping.

However, the Deep Web and the Dark Web are different concepts. To find out more, read along.

Why Do you Need to Differentiate Between Deep Web vs Dark Web?

Internet is a virtual world with billions of devices which means there is uncountable internet traffic. The Deep Web and Dark Web are part of the overwhelming virtual world. To use these browsers and their functionalities and understand the difference between Deep Web vs Dark Web, you need to read this blog till the end.

What is Deep Web?

The Deep Web is the home to information such as personal user accounts which are not indexed. The user credentials available on the internet like Gmail, blogs, social networks, online banking details, medical records, and more are solely a user’s property stored on the internet.

Normally, search engines will not turn up these types of search results if you try to access them.

However, the Deep Web encrypts all such data that one cannot see, popping up into a Google search. Such data is protected by passwords and two-factor authentication.

What is Dark Web?

The anonymous part of the internet and Deep Web segment that conventional Google search engines cannot optimize is called the Dark Web. It is not accessible by your day-to-day web browsers but something can be hideous in nature if you are unaware of the conditions.

The Dark Web carries thousands of websites that are not visible to ordinary users since all the sensitive data found on the platform is encrypted and part of a decentralized network. One needs special software, authorization, and configuration to approach the Dark Web.

Since the Dark Web deals with sensitive data and operates through spoof IP addresses, one can access it through specially-designed web browsers like Tor.

Google searches optimize websites based upon the indexation rule. One cannot reach the Dark Web so easily since they have created strong encryption that is unreachable to the average user.

Usage of Dark Web

Cybercriminals, internet scammers, hackers, and internet brokers use it for lethal purposes. People use the Dark web for purposes of Human trafficking, hiring hitmen, selling weapons and drugs, child pornography, racist content, and content that speaks hate about minorities and otherwise. It’s a marketplace for every hideous activity.

The news that will amaze you is that the internet you use contains only 10% of the global internet, and the Dark Web occupies 90% of the space. Now you can sense the usage of illegal internet activities.

Dark Web vs Deep Web

People often get confused with both terms and mention them indistinguishably. Hence, there are massive differences between Dark Web and Deep Web. To find out, read the points below.

  • Used for a personal information platform where data is encrypted through robust systems that one cannot access through the internet’s search engines or through any link, the Deep Web is known as the hidden internet territory that the search engines cannot find.
  • On the other hand, the term Dark Web refers to all the illegal internet activities and a place for the shady people who deal in suspicious actions such as data theft, cybercrime, cyberbullying, and otherwise.
  • The Dark Web network is a segment of the Deep Web. The network is enormous than the surface web.
  • To access the Deep Web, one needs a password and encrypted software.
  • One needs a TOR browser or robust software to access the Dark Web.
  • The Deep Web is used for personal data sharing with anonymity.
  • The Dark Web is used for all sorts of illegal activities.
  •  The Deep Web includes all types of unindexed links.
  • The Dark Web has a subclass of unindexed web browsers interconnected with the Deep Web.
  • One can access the Deep Web with the help of a VPN, and on the contrary, the Dark Web needs special software to get access.

Why Use a Tor Network

Tor is an anonymous browsing network that works with the onion routing system. The information that one shares through Tor are always encapsulated through secure tunnels like onion layers to reach its destination.

Using Tor to import and export data comes with end-to-end encryption, which makes it impossible to track the user data since it works anonymously.

Since the internet is not safe, using a Tor browser can protect the user’s system and virtual activities from the prying eyes of the ISPs and third-party internet criminals. It masks all of the user’s internet browsing to have complete security and anonymity to access any site without the fear of leaving the digital footprints.

Accessing the Dark Web is always suspicious but not an illegal act. Countries put censorship and surveillance on the web, hence, the Tor network helps users hide their physical location and keep them safe from government surveillance.

Why Use a VPN to Access Dark Web

For accessing the Dark web, a VPN is essential for complete privacy. Using a VPN is always safe and secure to browse the internet. For instance, if you have resided in a region where you cannot access the Tor browser or any other software to protect your browsing history, or perhaps you can easily reach Tor, but your ISPs can detect it. In this scenario, a VPN would be a great help to hide your internet activities.

Countries like China, where TOR and other security software are banned, can create a hassle for the user. Connecting through a reliable VPN that masks your IP address and encrypts your data to pass it from secure tunnels can never allow your ISPs or government agencies to monitor it.

Using a VPN server to reach the Tor network allows you to hide your IP address from the Entry Node.

Nonetheless, taking these privacy measures will save your day to access the Dark web anonymously.

Wrapping Up

Deep and Dark Web are two different concepts, but easy to understand. The Dark Web is not illegal to use or consists entirely of illegal elements. There are many legit websites to access on the Dark Web.

If you want to access the Dark Web, follow the security measures pointed out in this blog to be safe and anonymous while reaching out.

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