Best Dark Web Links

Dark Web Links

Have you ever seen an iceberg in real or pictures? The top part of it is only 25% compared to what’s under water. The same can be said about the internet. Every website you visit on a day-to-day basis is only a quarter of what lies on the surface. If you stretch beyond that, you’ll find the Deep web, and further on, the Dark Web. There are a couple of the best Dark Web links that cannot be seen instantly, but, we’ll get to that further on.

This guide will teach you the easy way to understand what the Dark Web is, how you can access it safely and the best dark web links or onion sites that are the safest.

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What is the Dark Web?

As mentioned above, the dark web and its websites can’t be seen instantly by the naked eye. The dark web consists of a hidden collection of websites that can only be accessed using a special web browser – called the TOR browser.

This part of the internet is for those who are dead-straight trying to get past some of the harshest online surveillance laws, access websites that are blocked, or to use it for getting information to and from reliable sources safely. You could say that the dark web is one of the best places for whistleblowers or journalists who are fighting for truth to see the light of day.

Is the deep web the same as the dark web? Take a look below to see the differences.

Dark web vs Deep web

There are a couple of differences between the dark web and the deep web – don’t get both of them confused.

Deep Web

The Deep web is a part of the internet, but its content cannot be seen at first glance by the naked eye, nor is indexed by search engines that are regularly used. Meaning, deep websites are not identifiable to regular search engines.

Even though its content is not indexed, the deep web holds a huge collection of invisible sites. In short, the Deep web holds content that cannot be easily accessed by just any search engine. Within the deep web, you’’ find the dark web, which is a subdivision of it.

Dark web

The Dark web can be defined as the content that is only available on darknets (overlay network). It can only be accessed using a secure and specific software. The Dark web is mostly used or accessed by criminals and high-governmental positions that require access to illegal content, ammunition, drugs, human trafficking and more.

However, even though it’s a risk to find yourself on the Dark web, there are still a couple of great things you can find there and a few of the safest and best dark websites you can visit. You will need to access the Dark web via a TOR browser.

If you’re wondering what the best dark web websites are, you’ll find them in a list below!

The best Darkweb .onion sites available are:

Now you might wonder what tools you need to access the dark web. It boils down to two unassuming pieces of software and holding the right information. That’s where we come in.

For software, you need a unique ‘Tor browser’ to access onion links to dark web search engines and a VPN. The Tor browser anonymizes your IP address by bouncing it through several proxy servers hosted by hundreds of volunteers worldwide.

Although this process renders your IP address untraceable, due to its very nature, the experience can be slow and unpredictable. A VPN (such as iProVPN) can help you by taking things a step further. The VPN effectively masks your connection, and spoofs your IP, while ensuring optimum usage of your resources and encryption of the connection. The dark web is full of people ready to abuse the smallest weakness.

In terms of information, all you need to know is that dark web links end in ‘.onion’ and never include the actual name in the address. They usually look something like this: ‘http://zqktlwiuavvvqqt4ybv.onion’. Unfortunately, you can browse very few indexes for sites on the dark web that you can access from the ‘clear web’. That is why we’ve listed a few of them here to get an idea of how they work.

The Best Dark Web Websites in 2024 that you won’t find just anywhere

Before we get to the list of the best dark web websites or .onion links, make sure you install a Tor browser and a VPN before you access any of the dark web links below.

1. DuckDuckGo – The Best .onion site on the Dark Web



DuckDuckGo, one of the few search engines that are available on the deep web and surface web, takes user privacy seriously. With that said, DuckDuckGo is one of the best deep web search engines for maintaining complete anonymity and privacy online. This search engine provider also operates on the dark web with the same commitment to anti-tracking while still yielding satisfactory results. However, as mentioned earlier, tread lightly since there are no barriers here for good or bad.

Link: http://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion/

2. The Hidden Wiki

The Hidden Wiki


This website is the underground version of the Wiki platform found on the ‘clear web’. It is a perfect place to see some of the best dark web links active and available. However, be careful what you click on since the Hidden Wiki indexes both legitimate service providers and the less tasteful. There are many copycats and scammers out there claiming to be the ‘official’ Hidden Wiki. Either way, best to stick to categories that are less risky lest you see something you never wanted to.

Link: http://zqktlwiuavvvqqt4ybvgvi7tyo4hjl5xgfuvpdf6otjiycgwqbym2qad.onion/wiki/index.php/Main_Page

3. Facebook



Believe it or not, Facebook hosts a dark web version of the popular social media platform. Although this version won’t protect you from Facebook’s prying eyes, you can easily bypass restrictions where such social media platforms are banned. Mostly, these versions of Facebook give people living in oppressive environments a chance to voice their opinions without fear of retaliation.

Link: https://www.facebookcorewwwi.onion/

4. SearX



SearX, like DuckDuckGo, is a search engine available on both regular channels and the dark web. The advantage of using SearX over most other search engines is the detail-oriented search options. You can specify particular new clippings, music, random social media posts and much more.

Link: http://ulrn6sryqaifefld.onion/

5. Mail2Tor



Mail2Tor, as the name suggests, is a mail client explicitly used on the dark web. Unlike its ‘clear web’ counterparts such as Gmail and Yahoo, Mail2Tor does not scan the contents of your mail. It allows you to send and receive anonymously through webmail or other email clients.

Link: http://mail2tor2zyjdctd.onion/

6. ProPublica



ProPublica is a nonprofit organization that focuses on investigative journalism. Based in New York, this newsroom operates in the public’s interest before anything else. As an outspoken proponent of free speech and privacy, ProPublica created a .onion address to allow worldwide access to global news. It’s like Doctors Without Borders but for journalism geared towards spotlighting wrongdoing by those in power.

Link: https://www.propub3r6espa33w.onion/

7. Torch



Torch is one of the most prolonged standing, purely dark web search engines available today. It indexes millions of .onion sites with zero trackers and filters. However, as always, use it at your own risk. If you don’t search for something illicit, you won’t get something criminal.

Link: http://xmh57jrzrnw6insl.onion/

8. SecureDrop



Now SecureDrop is another tool used by NGOs, nonprofits, and other organizations to receive leaked information from whistleblowers. Many major news agencies use this site to communicate safely with their informants to ensure no one gets hurt but the people responsible for the wrongdoings.

Link: https://secrdrop5wyphb5x.onion/

9. Sci-Hub

Sci Hub


Like a lot of the other websites mentioned here, Sci-Hub is an extensive directory. Only, in this case, Sci-Hub hosts millions of research papers and other scientific documents freely to anyone that can find it. The creator, Alexandra Elbakyan, wanted to help enlighten the world by pulling down paywalls that restrict access to knowledge.

Link: http://scihub22266oqcxt.onion/

10. BBC Tor Mirror

BBC Tor Mirror


As you know, certain governments restrict access to information coming in and going out of their country. To bypass these restrictions and help inform people of all backgrounds worldwide, the BBC created a Tor website that mirrors the official, ‘clear web’ site.

Link: http://bbcnewsv2vjtpsuy.onion/

There are a few Dark Web sites available that are riskier in nature, so make sure you don’t find yourself on the wrong side of them:

  1. AccMarket (Financial services)
  2. OnionWallet (legit dark web financial services)
  3. Best Financial Market (Marketplace)
  4. Bobby (Search Engine)
  5. Bitcoin MineSweeper (Game)
  6.  Demon Search Engine (Search Engine)
  7. Elf Qrin’s Lab (Security and Privacy)
  8. Onionwallet Bitcoin Mixer (Financial services)

And more.

How do you access Dark Web websites

The safest and easiest way to get access to the Dark web or its dark web links is by installing a TOR browser. Through this, all your traffic or data will be routed through the TOR network, allowing you smooth access. Once you get TOR activated, you can enter in any dark web URL you want to access or any .onion site you’d like to redirect to.

Other than that, take a look below at how you can access the dark web securely:

  1. Download and install the TOR browser for anonymity and access to it
  2. Get an iProVPN subscription – it helps mask your physical IP address adding extra security
  3. Make sure to sign up for a secure email address that can’t trace back to you.
  4. Once you’ve got your TOR browser, dive into a .onion website or search engine. We’ve highlighted some of the best on the list above.
  5. That’s all! Now explore the dark web, but make sure you’re careful of what you access.

Is the Dark Web itself illegal?

Generally, no, the Dark Web is not illegal. There are some corners of the dark web that bring users a lot of information, and other perks that are perfectly legal.

For instance, victims of abuse, crime, and wrongfully extorted can find assistance on the dark web, without putting their lives in danger. The anonymity helps whistleblowers, journalists, or political dissidents with their freedom of speech of exposing criminals.

However, make sure you know exactly what sites or links you open up on the Dark Web. Because there is a lack of tracking and surveillance on .onion sites, does not mean it comes without vulnerabilities. Because of this, make sure you’re using the TOR browser paired with the best VPN for extra anonymity. iProVPN secures your connection with AES 256-bit encryption matched with other security features.

Other than that, some users enter the Dark Web for criminal uses, like child trafficing, pornography, abuse and more. These are considered illegal on the darknet.


What is the dark web or the dark web portal?

Simply put, the dark web is the other side of the internet that can’t be found in plain sight. It can’t be found through regular search engines, and needs to be accessed with the help of the TOR browser.

What is the default TOR browser search engine?

DuckDuckGo is the search engine on the TOR browser by default! It’s recommended because of its ability to secure user privacy, and anonymity.

Can you look up anything on the TOR browser?

Yes, you can. It acts just like a simple and regular browser, but adds more anonymity for users. All you need to do is type in the name of what you’re looking for, or an address (.onion site) and click on enter! What’s more, DuckDuckGo is the default search engine on the TOR browser, which is the best for accessing Dark Web links.

What are darknet sites?

A darknet or a darknet site refers to the small networks of peer-to-peer, and bigger networks like TOR, I2P, Riffle, and Freenet that are operated by the public and come with higher levels of encryption that aren’t otherwise available on the regular internet.

Are there any Dark Web links for iPhone?

  • DuckDuckGo
  • The Hidden Wiki
  • SearX
  • Candle
  • NotEvil

What are the dark web links for Android?

  • DuckDuckGo
  • Hidden Wiki
  • Candle
  • SearX
  • NotEvil


There you have it. We have outlined some of the best dark web websites that are the best and safest to access in 2024. As mentioned, it’s no secret that the dark web is used for illegalities, but there are a couple of dark web sites that are mentioned in this guide that are safe to access. Just make sure to use a Tor browser and a VPN on top to protect your privacy and data integrity.

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