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Check Who Stalks Instagram Account in 2023 via 3 Ways

Just like having privacy for every social media account, Instagram is no different. For those who aren’t public figures, Instagram influencers, artists, or business holders, Instagram, for the rest of us, is sometimes a place of privacy where we only let a few tap into our lives. No one would appreciate Instagram stalking. For this reason, our guide will show you how to check who stalks Instagram accounts and some of the ways you can remove them. Although, does Instagram have a feature to check who stalked your Instagram profile? Find out ahead.

Note – Instagram holds the sensitive data of every user, and if you’re accessing your accounts via public WiFi, just about anyone with the right tool can hack it. Always connect with iProVPN to secure your connection, device, and information.

Can We Check Who Stalks Instagram Account?

In short, no Instagram doesn’t have any option that allows you to see who stalks your profile or visits it. This means that if your profile is open or you’ve got an anonymous person added to your profile, you won’t be able to see if they went through your account unless you like or comment on their post.

However, there are still workaround methods for you to see who stalks your Instagram profiles. This way, you can easily block off unwanted Instagram stalkers. We’ve highlighted a few guides below.

Ways to Know Who Stalks Your Instagram Account

There are roughly 3 ways for you to see who checks your Instagram profile, starting with:

Who Views Your Instagram Account Stories

Even though we wouldn’t label it as Instagram stalking, this is one of the simplest ways to see who checks your Instagram account stories. Let’s say you post a picture and get around 55 views. This list of views will no longer be panned out chronologically. It will be listed according to who views your stories the most and on a regular.

You could test it out for a week to see what happens. Here is how you can do it:

  • Post a random story on your Instagram account.
  • Wait till you see the first 2 views and record it.
  • Now, wait around 19 hours and check to see how many views were generated.
  • If the first or second person who viewed it is not listed on the top, you then have your results. You can conduct this for a week and check whether it’s the same person on top.

This method is not the sure set way to find out your Instagram stalker, but it helps you understand how views work and who views it most frequently. This way, you get to prevent cyberstalking.

Frequent Comments from the Same Person

Another way to see who checks your Instagram profile or stalks it is by monitoring who comments on your post or likes it. Sometimes, one or two likes or comments aren’t a big deal, but if the likes and comments are from posts that are months or years old, then you’ve got an Instagram stalker on your hands.

The same applies to when the person does not follow you but leaves likes and comments on your posts often. Of course, this does not apply to friends or family, but the proof is always in the pudding.

Third-Party Apps to Check Who Stalks Instagram Account

Last on the list for ways to see who stalks your Instagram profile is by getting a third-party app. Many apps nowadays boast features that allow you to see who visits your Insta profiles, but we don’t really trust them. In most cases, these apps are another way to lure users into downloading the app and steal their information.

They give you a randomly curated list of visitors with inaccurate results. However, you don’t see that you’re giving these apps permission to tab into your profile and scan through your list. While this is happening, you miss out on the fact that they can access your accounts and tap into other private information within your Instagram account. You could even call it an Instagram phishing scam.

Suppose you’re still going ahead and using these third-party applications. In that case, we urge you to secure your connection and data with iProVPN, keeping your Insta accounts and other media files private.

Check for Compromised Accounts on Your Profile

Let’s say you have around 400-1000 Instagram followers, and of course, it’s not always easy to remember who you’ve added in the past. That said, you would never know if one of your followers’ accounts was hacked. This is why going through your list is crucial. If you happen to see one profile with barely 10 followers with a fake picture or none at all, that is alarming. The account may have slipped under your radar by mistake.

How to Block Your Stalker on Instagram Under Seconds

Just in case you do happen to find an Instagram stalker, the best step to take is to block them. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Go to your Instagram profile.
  • Click on the list of your followers and type the name of the person you’re looking for.
  • When you find the name of the account you’re looking for, go to their profile.
  • Click on the three vertical dots on the top-right of the screen.
  • Click on “Block,” “Report,” or “Restrict,” depending on the option you’re going for.
  • Follow the rest of the onscreen instructions to proceed.

Alternatively, You can remove them from your list if blocking is not the option you’re looking for.

5 Measures to Take to Prevent “Instagram Stalk” Incidents

Apart from the three ways you can check who is stalking your Instagram account, how about 5 ways that you can use to prevent it from happening? Let’s first start with:

Solution 1 – Make Your Account Private

As mentioned, if you don’t have a business account or aren’t a public figure and value your privacy, it would be wise for you to make your Instagram account private. This way, no uninvited stalkers can check your posts or interact with them.

Solution 2 – Don’t Overshare Personal Details

Yes, social media helps you get connected with the rest of the world or show off your latest achievements in one shot. Still, oversharing personal details via pictures or videos can get you the attention you don’t want. Keep the details to a complete minimum if your account is not private.

Solution 3 – Use the Close Friends Feature

There’s another feature on Instagram where you can pick and choose who can view your stories. This comes particularly in handy when posting extremely personal pictures or videos that not everyone should be seeing.

Solution 4 – Manage Your Tag Settings

Some circumstances are out of your hands when a friend or family member posts a picture with you and tags you and you’re whereabouts. It could easily lead a stalker to that profile, and more information could be leaked. The best way around this would be to manage your tag settings. This way, you get to approve what to be tagged in.

Solution 5 – Security for Your Devices

Using Two-factor authentication adds another layer of protection for your Instagram accounts and other media profiles. However, using security software like a VPN to secure your connection and prevent third-party intervention is also a reasonable idea. iProVPN spoofs your IP address and secures your connection, especially while connected to public WiFi.

FAQs – Check Who Stalks Instagram Account

Can I see who stalks my Instagram profile?

Not exactly. No one, not even a business account, can see who visited their profiles because there is no feature available for it. However, the workaround methods just give you a slight idea about who it may be.

Does the Insta tracker work?

No, the Insta Tracker app and other free apps give you warped versions of the result. Plus, they’re not safe to use.

How do you see who stalks your Instagram with an app?

There is an app called “Followers Insights Trackers” for Instagram that is available. It claims to give you completely accurate results. However, we for sure know that’s not true after having tried and tested it.

Can I use third-party apps to check who stalks Instagram account?

No, it’s never recommended to use third-party apps to check who blocks, follows, or stalks you on Instagram. Third-party apps are vulnerable and susceptible to cyberattacks. Always use security software like a VPN to ensure that no third party app hacks data from your accounts.

To Conclude

You now know how to check who stalks your Instagram account using 3 ways, but, as mentioned, these are just simple workaround methods. You can use these since there is no official feature or app that supports tracking Instagram stalkers. Other than that, take heed of the preventive measures listed above that add security to your Instagram profile.

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