Change country in google play store

Change Country in Google Play Store

Every Android user better knows the use of the Google Play Store. It’s pretty easy to use. All you need is to head to the Play Store, search for your required app, hit the install button, and get the app on your mobile.

However, new to many android users is that you can also change your region in Google Play Store. In this blog, you will learn why you need to change your Google Play Store location and how to change the country in Google Play Store.

You have to keep reading this blog to find how to change the Google Play Store region, but first, I will explain why there is a need.

Why do I Need to Change the Country in Google Play Store

There are certain reasons that make sense to change your Google Play location. Firstly, if you’re moving to another country, you must change and update your country in Google Play to access local apps.

The Google Play payment methods are restricted to the local payment details. Therefore, you have to update your new location in the Play Store to use its services.

However, even if you have no plans for traveling or moving to another country, changing your Google Play country is a big deal. How? Let me explain it to you.

Google Play Store services are highly restricted; the apps, games, music, and other individual apps like BBC iPlayer are only available at specific locations.

You will not be able to explore the best apps and content because of region-based restrictions. Hence, changing your Google Play Store country is the best way to access apps unavailable in your country.

How to change the country in Google Play Store

Google allows you to change your Play Store’s region if it detects you are visiting from another region. We can use a VPN to spoof our location for that. After changing your IP address, you have to make a few manual changes from Google Play account settings.

Remember, just connecting a VPN won’t change your location in the Play Store. However, after connecting the VPN, you must head to Play Store account settings and change the region. The Play Store will see your new location and give you the option to switch your location.

How to change the Google Play Store Location manually from account settings

  • Download iProVPN and connect to the region you want to change to.
  • Launch Play Store on your device.
  • Tap on three horizontal lines in the upper left corner.
  • Head to Settings > General > Account and device preferences.
  • In the settings tab, scroll down and look for the Country and Profile section.
Country and profile section
  • Now, tap on the country to select your desired region.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and set up your new payment method registered in your selected region.

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How to bypass Google Play payment restrictions

As soon as you select your new location from the Country and Profile section, Google Play will ask you to enter local payment details. This step is to validate your final change of country. If you already have a local payment method, simply enter it, and you can go on with Google Play.

However, if you don’t have a local payment method, you will have to create a new Google account that should not be attached to any other payment methods.

Once you have created your new Google account, you can switch from your old account to this newly created account.

Make sure to delete your entire Google Play Store history before reopening it, and connect your account with the local store of your selected server.

If you fail to set up a local payment method and want to purchase apps, you can buy a Google Play gift card and add the funds to your account. It will help you combat payment restrictions, and you can easily make purchases without setting up a local payment method.

Risks Associated with Changing Google Play Store Country

Keep in mind that you may encounter a few issues when changing your Google Play location. Firstly, your old payment methods cannot be used with the newly created account. You also cannot use apps and content that is restricted in your new country but was available at your previous location.

How Many Times Can I Change My Google Play Store Location?

Google has the policy to allow users to change location once a year only. Users mostly change their region when they travel to another country. If you’re not a frequent traveler, then you cannot change your country often in Google Play Store.


To conclude, nothing happens to your balance when you change your location. Your balance remains safe, but you cannot use it in your new country profile. You can always switch back to your region to continue using native apps.

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