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Change country in app store

Change Country in App Store

This blog will cover essential details on how to change the country in the App Store. If you’re about to move to a new country, you will have to change or update your Apple ID region to continue using the services.

However, there are certain points that you need to remember before changing your country in the App Store.

Before switching countries in the App Store, make sure to spend all your store credit, cancel subscriptions if you have any, and create an authentic payment method for your newly chosen country.

Why Change Country/Region in App Store

iPhone users are restricted when it comes to downloading games, music, books, and apps. Many apps first make their way to the USA; later, they get available worldwide.

However, certain apps will never be available to other regions except for the USA or outside the developer’s target regions. App Store apps and games are geo-restricted and not available for download in all countries.

Therefore, iPhone users tend to change their App Store location to bypass that restriction.

Geo-restriction is a serious concern that stops many people from downloading content worldwide. iProVPN gets around that problem by letting you mask your virtual location.

What Happens When I Change the App Store Country

When you change your Apple ID location, you have to update your payment and billing information for all Apple services attached to your Apple ID.

Your current payment and billing methods will vanish, and you will need a new payment method as per your chosen country.

You can also create a new Apple ID account in a new country; it will save your previous account information, i.e., billing and payment methods.

Creating a new Apple ID is recommended because it will enable you to use both existing and new accounts with their respective payment and billing methods.

How to Purchase With a New Apple ID Account

If you have created a new Apple ID account in a new country, you can make purchases by adding a payment method specific to that country only.

However, if you find adding a new payment method daunting, you can also try other alternatives.

For example, buy an Apple Gift Card to add credit to your account to make purchases.

How to Change iTunes Store and App Store Country

Before following the outlined steps, be sure to cancel all your Apple account subscriptions. Also, finish your store credit before changing your local iTunes Store and App Store country.

Here’s how to change iTunes and App Store country:

  • Head to your iPhone’s Home Screen
  • Launch Settings
  • Tap where you see iTunes and App Store
  • Now, Tap on Apple ID
  • Under Apple ID, Tap on Country/Region
  • Tap on change country
  • Now, tap on Next
  • Tap on Agree to terms and conditions
  • Add new Payment Details
  • Add new Billing Information
  • Tap on Next

Now, you will be ready to go to your selected new country/region.

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How to Switch iTunes and App Store Accounts

If you don’t want to change the App Store’s country permanently, you can create a new Apple ID for a different country.

To create a new Apple ID, you need the right billing address. Also, you cannot use any email address associated with your existing Apple account.

Here’s how to create a new Apple ID for another country

  • Head to settings, tap on your name and sign out
  • Launch App Store
  • Tap the Account icon in the top right corner
  • Select Create New Apple ID
  • Under the email and password fields, select your new country/region
  • Enter a new password and a new email address for your new account
  • Tap on Next
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and fill in the required fields
  • Choose None, if you don’t have a payment method
  • Enter the billing address for your selected country/region (You can use the old phone number, but the billing address has to be an address from your selected country)
  • Tap Done.

Disadvantages of Changing iTunes and App Store Country

Changing your App Store country will allow you to access many apps, games, books, and media available in different countries. But it does have some downsides too.

Firstly, you will lose access to all your purchased media when you switch to another account or change Apple ID country. If you want to access any of your purchases or apps that you downloaded, you have to change your Apple ID back to the previous country or switch to your old account.


Changing your App Store location will quickly get you access to the content of your chosen country. However, making a purchase in your newly selected region could be tricky. Your payment information and billing address should match your selected region. If you don’t have any payment method to add, you can use international gift cards to add credit to your new account and make purchases without a glitch.

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