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Best Ways to Get Free Wi-Fi

Who doesn’t like to stay connected on the go? Everyone loves to stay online as it helps you to enjoy cheerful chatting sessions with your loved ones and friends. According to, the number of free Wi-Fi hotspots in 2017 was 189 million globally, figures will significantly grow this year. A lot of people use to find specific search terms like “free Wi-Fi near me” when outside or in a dire need to send urgent files. Besides that, uninterrupted connectivity helps you to share files when needed. However, if you are outside home or traveling to a new country, then a pause in your internet access might create a fuss because mobile data plans are expensive, and can’t be used rigorously. Luckily, this blog aims to cover all the possible workarounds that you can use to find free Wi-Fi near your location.

A Note for Free Wi-Fi Lovers

Before getting into the details, it’s important to note that a free network comes with many potential threats.

Most of the public Wi-Fi networks are not secure. Such networks are easy targets for hackers and might drop your information at risk. These complimentary public networks are insecure, unencrypted, and open for everyone. Any hacker can exploit its potential vulnerabilities and might access data passing between you and your visited sources. It’s also possible that free Wi-Fi near you is a rogue network that is being controlled by the hacker. If you connect to it, the hacker will be able to see the unencrypted data.

A hacker can easily track your login passwords, browsing activities, and even your transaction details. The only way to securely access free Wi-Fi near you is through a VPN.

Why Use a VPN While Using Public Wi-Fi?

Public Wi-Fi hotspots attract hundreds of clients every day who don’t think pay much attention to the security aspect before connecting. And because of that, it’s a perfect avenue for hackers to set up fake access points. Such an “Evil Twin” network acts as a proxy between the client and the real access point. Internet traffic travels through the fake access point, thus giving it the ability to Before attempting to connect with a free public hotspot, it’s crucial to connect a trusted VPN like iProVPN. When you connect to a VPN, it creates a private network. All your internet traffic travels encrypted over the unsecured public network.

Using iProVPN, you can browse privately and anonymously.

How to Protect a Device while Connecting to a Free Wi-Fi?

iProVPN makes it easy to connect to the internet. Apps are available for all major platforms and you can even set up VPN on router. Once you are connected to a VPN server, internet traffic will be encrypted and no outside entity will be able to read what’s in the data packets. The VPN server will act as a proxy for you, so you can unblock geo-restricted content on the web with ease.

  • Download and install VPN app on your device.
  • Launch iProVPN app.
  • Login with the provided credentials.
  • Select your preferred server location.
  • Click Connect to establish a connection.
  • That’s it!

How to Find Free Wi-Fi Near Me?

Once you’re under the VPN shield, then you can securely scan for free Wi-Fi hotspots near you. There are multiple ways to connect with free Wi-Fi hotspots. Below, I am whittling down a list of the best ways to find free Wi-Fi.

  1. Use Wi-Fi Map

Wi-Fi map is a paid mobile application to which you can subscribe and find hundreds of free Wi-Fi hotspots near your place. It’s one of the most trusted Wi-Fi finder apps that keep you updated with offline maps and a secure and ad-free VPN is also available. The app uses GPS technology to detect your location and fetches all nearby free hotspot connections. Moreover, it has a built-in map system through which it easily makes a list of the available networks with essential login details. Though the app isn’t free, it can get users free access points, which is a usability luxury that doesn’t have a price tag.

  1. Install Instabridge App

Installing the Instabridge app is another good way to scan a free Wi-Fi network near you. The app is available for Android and iPhones. When you install Instabridge, you can have access to five hundred thousand open Wi-Fi networks available publicly. However, you have to be careful while selecting the location in the app. Your current location should be correct if you want to find working public Wi-Fi networks nearby. You can also use its special feature that connects a device automatically with the nearest available hotspot.

  1. Use NetStumbler

It’s a software tool that fetches available networks from your device/laptop. NetStumbler is also available for Mac; the app is called iStumbler. You can do more with NetStumbler since it helps you scan SSIDs that are not available to the broadcast. In addition, NetStumbler is an award-winning network finding tool, but connecting with a VPN while using it is still suggested.

  1. Connect with your Phone’s Hotspot

It’s no surprise that mobile data is precious and people don’t like to use it excessively. However, you can extend your mobile data to other devices by turning your phone into a hotspot. You can use this trick when you badly need an internet connection for something important.

A mobile hotspot lets you to quickly deliver internet connection on other devices such as your laptop, PC, or another phone. Here’s how to turn your phone into a hotspot:

For Apple Phones

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Click where you see “Personal Hotspot”.
  • Enter a “secure password”.
  • Toggle the bar to get started.
  • Connect your desired device with the same network.
  • Enter the password and click on connect.

For Android Phones

  • Head to “Settings”.
  • Find ‘Network and Internet’ settings.
  • Click where you see “More”
  • Select where you find “Hotspot and tethering”.
  • Now, click on “Wi-Fi Hotspot”.
  • Enter a secure password and enable it to begin.
  • Connect your device.
  • Enter the same password.
  • Click connect.

If you don’t want others to connect to your Wi-Fi network, check out our blog on how to hide Wi-Fi SSID here or on how to kick someone off your Wi-Fi.


You can install any of the apps mentioned above to connect with a hotspot available at your location. However, before connecting to any public network, make sure that you have protected your device with iProVPN for a safe online experience.

Start Browsing Privately!

iProVPN encrypts your data for protection against hackers and surveillance. Unblock your favorite streaming platforms instantly with the best VPN for streaming.

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