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Best Plex Plugins You should install

Best Plex Plugins

Plex is just like a media manager that functions across different devices and platforms. The only catch is that the media streaming service stopped supporting plugins back in 2019. Without the working Plex plugins, users can’t install new features nor add the latest releases in their Plex libraries. Therefore, finding the best Plex Plugins will help you create a highly customized media library. Having the best Plex plugins is essential to customize the overall Plex experience. Luckily, you don’t have to stress out because we have done all the hard work for you. Thank us as you look at the list of the best Plex Plugins 2024 to improve your Plex media experience.

The Best Plex Plugins to Install in 2024

Here are the top Plex plugins you should definitely give a try!

  1. WebTools

WebTools is one of the most popular and widely used Plex plugins. It lets users access unlimited Plex channels plus, and helps with logging tools, subtitle management. A playlist management module is also available. Not only that, but WebTools also gets you the scanning feature through which you can check easily if you’re missing out on any media.

  1. Tautulli

If you love sharing content among friends, then Tautulli is the best plugin for you. It maintains who watched what stats around your Plex server. Besides that, Tautulli also allows you to use custom scripts to boost Plex functionality. It gets power in your hands, and you can even control the streams limit over your local network. All in all, Tautulli is a must-have Plex plugin for 2024.

  1. Pandora

Pandora Plex plugin is a true gift for those who love music. This Plugin lets you explore the best music collection on Plex. In fact, you can enjoy unlimited radio content with it. Since it’s a free and easy-to-use plugin, therefore, it will be an excellent alternative to many paid services like Spotify and Google Music.

  1. Sub-Zero

Sub-Zero is another highly recommended Plex plugin for subtitles. It uplifts your overall streaming experience by fetching the most relevant subtitles from eight different repositories. The Plugin also scans for the missing subtitle files. You can also use Sub-Zero as the customizing tool to set colors, offset, and much more. It is important to mention that Plex offers built-in subtitle management, but it has some limitations. Therefore, installing Sub-Zero for the best subtitles is suggested.

  1. IPTV

IPTV Plugin for plex gets you a collection of everything, including sports, movies, and TV shows. It also offers unlimited live streaming options. IPTV opens access for many broadcasters, and you can enjoy those if they are not geo-blocked in your region. You can connect iProVPN to beat content censorship and access IPTV channels that are otherwise blocked in your region.

  1. TheaterTrailers

If you’re obsessed with the latest releases, then installing the TheaterTrailers Plex plugin is worth installing. This Plugin plays the trailers of the movies that are about to be released. In this way, you can easily watch trailers for upcoming titles. You can get informed about most of the forthcoming content even before your video starts to play. All the trailers are automatically removed when the film gets released publicly.

  1. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll has all the best anime collections in the box. It’s one of the best Plex plugins for anime. You can watch both subbed and dubbed anime versions on Crunchyroll. First, be sure to create a premium Crunchyroll account to configure it on Plex and enjoy anime collection in HD streaming quality.

  1. Kitana

When Plex officially stopped supporting plugins, then Kitana was the first working plugin for Plex. Before, it wasn’t that popular, but now it’s been a widely used Plex plugin. It enables you to get various Plex servers at once. Besides that, it also functions remotely with a VPN to protect the overall online experience.

How to Add Plex Plugins?

You can get Plex plugins by installing the unofficial Plex App store, and here’s how to do it:

  • Download WebTools
  • Open bundle
  • Drag unarchived version to Plex Plugins Folder
  • Head to Plex Plugin management page
  • See the installed WebTools addon
  • Launch the Plugin and copy the URL
  • Paste the URL in the browser
  • Login with your Plex credentials
  • Search for your Plugin to install
  • Wait for the installation, and you’re done!

Why Do I need a Plex VPN?

Using a VPN for Plex is critical these days. A VPN will encrypt your traffic so that no intruders, including hackers and ISP, can monitor your online activities. This way, your ISP will not be able to detect your online activity, throttle speed or bandwidth and won’t be able to bother you because of your online behavior. Moreover, by changing your VPN server location, you can unblock any content currently unavailable at your location. Read more about the detailed functions of a VPN here.


That’s about it! We have compiled the best Plex plugins list that you should try in 2024 to alleviate your streaming pleasure much more than ever before. Wait! Don’t forget to connect iProVPN with Plex to evade cyber threats and content censorship.

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