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Hacker Movies are fun to watch, especially for the cybersecurity maniacs. Although the subject is quite deep and sensitive, watching such movies is a real pleasure. It gives you knowledge, learning, and thrill at the same time.

In today’s fast-paced world, people love to watch movies with technology, innovation, and advancements. Therefore, we have gathered a list of the best hacker movies covering everything from hacking to computing and cybersecurity.

So, if you’re more than interested in movies about cybercrime, choose what is considered the best with our list of the best hacker movies of all time that you must watch.

Top Hacker Movies List to Watch in 2022

Get your snacks ready because we’re presenting you the list of the top hacker and cyber movies.

  • WarGames

WarGames is one of the best classic hacker movies from 1983. The movie tells a story of a young and energetic boy who accidentally hacks into a central military system that controls the US nuclear arsenal. The story is quite interesting and represents how a young and innocent boy starts the World War III launch only in search of playing new games.

  • Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot is not a hacker movie, but it’s a famous show where a simple cybersecurity engineer works as a hacker in his spare time at night. Soon, his life takes a turn when he gets hired by a hacker group to destroy the same company he was working at.

Mr. Robot is a must-watch series as it has a very challenging plot. If you love thrill and excitement, Mr. Robot should be on your next hacker movies watch list.

  • Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a series with lots of twists and thrills. The story of the Black Mirror series depicts the way we live our lives on the verge of real and digital worlds. The show aims to portray the adverse effects of technology in our modern world. Black Mirror is a sci-fi series where you can watch and enjoy how mobiles, social media, the internet, and technology are grabbing us into an abyss. Every episode contains a different story and characters, but the show’s overall theme revolves around darker facets of society and technology.

  •  Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is a comedy series, but you will get to watch a lot of technological efforts in it. The series represents the culture and struggles of Silicon Valley. The best thing about this series is its humorous portrayal of the startups and technology industry.

Silicon Valley exhibits the efforts of a programmer who tries to run his own company named Pied Piper. The programmer, along with his other friends, struggles to maintain his company opposite other bigger firms. The story comprises struggles, competition, and lots of humor that you won’t find in other hacker movies or shows.

  • The Matrix

The Matrix is a great hacker movie for cyber adventure. It’s a combination of science and fiction. The movie focuses on an imaginary distant future where intelligent machines will dominate humans.

The movie represents the Matrix system, designed and created by machines in which robots use human energy for machines.

All these machines will distract humans and trap them by using their bodies and minds. Later, a programmer named Neo and other fellows find out the truth and fight against machines to save humans.

  • Hackers

As its name suggests, the movie is all about hacking essence. The movie focuses on a group of friends who are intelligent, curious, and love to hack systems without having bad intentions.

However, one of the group members was arrested in charge of embedding a harmful virus into a multinational company’s system. The hacker unintentionally accesses a secret computer file that belongs to the same company, and then his bad time starts.

The arrested hacker was innocent. Now, his friends have to prove it to the police and other concerned authorities. The hacker group has to find out the real mastermind hacker who planted the virus. It’s the only way to save their friend and regain their reputation in society.

  • Tron

The hacking genre is incomplete without describing Tron. It’s a movie with various shades of science fiction and fantasy. Tron defines the story of a man who tries to hack his former company but gets blocked by the system.

It’s a story of a man who isn’t bad or good; he is a multidimensional character trying to find evidence that the company had stolen his creative ideas. This hacker movie is quite entertaining and definitely a worth-watching option.

  • Sneakers

Sneakers is a classic hacking movie from the early 90s. The movie describes the story of some white hat hackers. In this movie, you can see that a security system experts group is forced to trace a decryption device for the government. The movie is a great combination of government surveillance and security threats. The good hackers were on a mission to hack for the defense to get essential information.

  • Social Network

Social Network is a biographical drama film that focuses on creating Facebook and other lawsuits related to it. The movie also features the character of Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg played by Jesse Eisenberg, but the movie is not based on 100% real events.

  •  The Great Hack

The Great Hack is a Netflix documentary film on the Facebook-Cambridge Analytical data breach scandal. It might interest you because it features reality-based events and their repercussions on society. Moreover, you will also learn a lot about cyber sensitivity and will think twice before sharing your details online.


There comes a wrap! All the listed hacker movies and series will show you the way systems interact with our daily lives. Whether you want to watch good hackers or some bad hackers in action, we are sure that our list of the best hacker movies will get you everything from real-life cyber experiences to sensational fictional stories.

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