How to backup apple watch

How to Back Up & Restore an Apple Watch

If you’re about to buy a new Apple watch, then you should read this blog to the end. We will walk you through how to backup and restore your Apple Watch data. You will also learn what data will be restored when you back up your Apple Watch.

Why Is It Important to Back Up Apple Watch?

Backing up your Apple Watch is essential because it saves you from data loss. Your data is synced to the iPhone you pair it with. So, when you back up your iPhone using iCloud or iTunes, your Apple Watch data is also backed up. Similarly, when you set up a new iPhone and restore it from backup, your latest Apple Watch data gets restored too.

If you are buying a new Apple smartwatch and looking to sync data and settings from your old watch, then you will need to first back up your iPhone.

How to Back Up Your Apple Watch

Above, we have explained that backing up your Apple Watch is tied to the iPhone backup. Therefore, you should know the iPhone backup process beforehand. Also, to completely back up your Apple Watch data, be sure to keep it within the Bluetooth range of the iPhone.

Here’s How to Back Up iPhone/ Apple Watch Using iCloud

  • Go to iPhone Settings.
  • Click on your Apple ID.
  • From there, click on iCloud and scroll down to iCloud backup.
  • You can now turn on automatic iCloud backup, and you also have the option to manually back up the device.
  • After backing up your iPhone, your Apple Watch’s latest data and settings will get saved in iCloud.

Note: if you’re not interested in doing a manual backup of your Apple Watch, there’s another way. When you disconnect your Watch from the iPhone, the iPhone automatically does a backup of data and settings. Hence, when you pair a new watch, you can easily sync over the backup.

How to Restore Apple Watch

To restore the latest data on your Apple Watch, make sure to follow the steps above to get the recent settings and data using the iPhone backup process. Once you finish backing up your iPhone, it’s time to dig into the Apple Watch setup.

  • Pair your Apple Watch with iPhone.
  • Tap on Restore from Backup.
  • Select your backup.
  • Tap Agree when you see terms and conditions.
  • Enter your Apple ID to set up Activation Lock and Find My iPhone.
  • Tap on OK.
  • Tap on Create a Password for Apple Watch (Select add a long passcode if you have a passcode on your Apple Watch, otherwise select Don’t add passcode).
  • On your watch, select create a four-digit passcode.
  • Enter your passcode one more time for confirmation.
  • Apple Watch with LTE service that is not properly set up will prompt you a message to set up cellular on your Apple Watch.
  • Tap Continue.
  • Set up Apple Pay using your card security code.
  • Now, your Apple Watch will start restoring from backup.

What is Stored in an Apple Watch Back Up?

Here’s what your Apple Watch backup will add:

  • General system settings: known Wi-Fi networks, Watch face, brightness, haptic settings, and sound.
  • Language.
  • Time Zone.
  • Mail, Calendar, Stocks, and Weather Settings.
  • App-specific data and settings – Maps, distance, and units.
  • Health and Fitness data – history, achievements, and user-specific data.
  • Dock settings.
  • Settings for apps.

What is Not Stored in an Apple Watch Back Up?

Here’s what your Apple Watch backup will not add:

  • Your Watch’s passcode.
  • Credit and debit card information that is linked with Apple Pay.
  • Messages.
  • Bluetooth pairings.


Can I send my Apple Watch data to anyone? 

No. your Apple Watch data is linked with your iPhone device only. Therefore, sending it to anyone else’s device is not possible and not advised. 

Can my Apple Watch save data even when it's not connected to my iPhone?

Yes, your Apple Watch can save information, including your health data, for up to 30 days without connecting with your iPhone. 

What if I get a new iPhone? 

Even if you get a new iPhone, you can still restore data to your Apple Watch, but your iPhone must be appropriately backed up and up-to-date.


Hopefully, the blog has helped you understand how to back up and restore your Apple Watch data. Keep in mind that it’s crucial to back up your iPhone to iCloud first if you switching devices. The whole process will help you restore data even when you buy a new iPhone or Apple Watch.

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