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The 5 Best Adblockers for Safari

Ads can be intrusive to the user experience. Today, the web is littered with advertisements that are tailored to catch your attention. The excess of ads can take away the attention from the actual content on the web page. It is especially noticeable when you’re browsing on a smartphone. Thankfully, you can turn them off with the best adblockers for Safari that we will list here for you.

Why Should You Block Ads?

Websites make money by displaying ads to visitors. The number of visitors they show ads to generates the website money through an advertising platform. The advertising platforms track users across the internet as they jump from website to website to understand the user’s preferences. Ever noticed an ad for something that you searched recently on Google? The advertising platform tracked you on the search engine and delivered ads from of its clients using the websites it has partnered with.

All this is done without the user’s consent and through invisible trackers. While displaying relevant information through personalization is desirable, it should always be through the user’s explicit consent.

It’s why you are seeing web browsers such as Safari taking a stance against cross-site tracking and giving control to users. Download Safari for Mac, and you can disable cross-site tracking in the settings.

Some adblockers also block the said invisible trackers from following you across the internet. You can block ads on Safari for cleaner-looking web pages.

Here are our picks for the best adblockers for Safari. Not only that, the web pages will load quicker too, since there are fewer elements on the web page that needs to be loaded.

The Best Adblockers for Safari

We have compiled a list of the best adblockers for Safari that you can use to block ads on Safari. Some entries in the list might be paid adblockers.

  • Wipr

The first on our list is Wipr. It’s a paid adblocker for Safari that is available for download through the App Store. As the description says, Wipr also blocks cryptominers that steal your device’s resources. It is a capable adblocker for Safari that is updated regularly, so you’ll know that it won’t go away after the next update from Apple.

Wipr works on Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

  • Disconnect

Disconnect is a premium ad blocker for Safari that is capable of blocking adware, spyware, and other types of malware from reaching your device. It was developed by an ex-Google engineer who developed the extension to stop tracking on the web.

It has a reputation for being privacy-friendly, with tech companies such as Mozilla and Microsoft among the partners that trust the technology. The app is free but also offers a paid version that gives you other features, such as DNS encryption and the ability to see what trackers you have blocked.

  • Ghostery

The third one in our list of the best ad blocker for Safari is a freemium web browser extension that blocks unwanted and malicious ads and trackers. Ghostery has over 10 years of experience as an ad blocker, so it has a proven track record of disabling ads and trackers.

Moreover, Ghostery extended its expertise to develop a web browser and search engine that focuses on user privacy.

It has a freemium model, which means that basic features are free, such as adblocking and tracking. If you decide to upgrade Ghostery to use the private search engine and browser, it will cost you $4.99 per month or $47.88 annually.

  • AdLock

AdLock calls itself the most functional ad-block to remove ads and pop-ups. It can remove ads, pop-ups, auto-playing videos, and disable trackers on a webpage.

The service takes a strong approach towards ads with no exceptions, hence why the full version is unavailable through the App Store. If you decide that AdLock is the best ad blocker for Safari for you, download it through the official website, not the App Store.

It costs $19.74 a year for 5 devices.

  • Adguard

AdGuard costs $9.95 for a year and gives you the adblocker for three platforms of your choice but you can download and use the web browser extension for free. It also allows you to switch your license to another device, so the key is not locked to one device forever.

You can download the web browser extension for Safari or the application. AdGuard blocks ads and third-party trackers on web pages and other applications if you use the standalone application.

A noteworthy feature of AdGuard is it makes web pages load quicker by blocking ads and trackers before they can be loaded. AdGuard is also open-source, which means that anyone can scrutinize it.

How to Block Ads with iProVPN

Did you know that your iProVPN subscription includes adblocker functionality?

iProVPN incorporates adblocking to prevent unwanted ads and popups from being displayed on your screen. The feature is part of every iProVPN subscription, and it is enabled by default – you don’t need to tweak any settings. You won’t know it’s working until you have seen the webpage without running the VPN.

Final Words

Not all in this list of the best adblockers for Safari are completely paid options. The good thing is that since the basic functionality of blocking ads and third-party trackers is free, you can try them out for free and decide if you want additional functionality. All you need is a good adblocker for Safari as a web extension.

Download the standalone application where available to block ads and trackers in applications outside of the web browser.

You can also check out the best secure web browsers that are built for privacy.

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