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Best 1MoviesHD Alternatives to Watch Free Movies Online in 2024

Streaming has now reached the top of the entertainment industry with the emergence of apps like Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer. However, because these apps are not available to all, most users are now looking for websites that offer free movies online.

1MoviesHD is among the leading free movie streaming sites, but it seems to shut down quite a lot or remain inaccessible in some countries. So, if you’re looking for websites that offer similar content, we’ve listed some working 1MoviesHD alternatives that you can try out instead of movies that you can watch on a private web browser.  

Note: Most free movie websites are marked as unsafe, no matter which one you choose on the internet. iProVPN in no way recommends accessing free content that violates copyright laws. However, we do recommend connecting to the VPN to secure your connection. 

Quick List – 5 Working Alternatives to 1MoviesHD

  1. YesMovies
  2. MyFlixer
  3. Solarmovies 
  4. MoviesJoy 
  5. HuraWatch

What is 1MoviesHD?

1MoviesHD is a free video streaming website that gives you thousands of movies and TV shows to stream. It serves as an option to take a break from satellite or cable TV. You don’t even need to register for an account. All you need to do is select a movie and click on play. 

You’ll find movies from various genres and some of the latest releases. Is 1MoviesHD illegal? Yes and no. If you stream free movies on 1MoviesHD, it’s not completely deemed illegal, but if you download any copyrighted content, it is. 

This is the case with all movie streaming websites that are free to access. Because of this, 1MoviesHD is frequently taken down but then comes back under another domain name. However, in the meantime, if you’re still looking for similar sites, I’ve listed 5 1MoviesHD alternatives that are working. 

Best 1MoviesHD Alternatives in 2024

Need more details on the alternative 1MoviesHD sites? Find them below: 

Alert: iProVPN does not support streaming free movies from websites that violate copyright laws. We’re only here to give you the information you’re looking for. Access 1MoviesHD alternative sites at your own will. 

1. YesMovies


YesMovies tops our list for the best alternative website to 1MoviesHD. This free streaming site gives you a wide range of content to stream, categorized by various genres, languages, latest releases, and more. Its user interface is intuitive, allowing easy navigation on the website. The best part about YesMovies is that it comes without ads; however, its loading time for certain newest movie releases takes a little longer than expected. 


  • Still works
  • Free 
  • Zero ads


  • Blocked in some countries. Use iProVPN to connect. 
  • Contains copyrighted content.

2. MyFlixer


Second, on the list of the best 1MoviesHD alternatives is MyFlixer. This website features some of the latest movie and TV series releases, where you can choose according to genre, country, top IMDB-rated shows, and more. There’s even an Android app for MyFlixer, where the app gets daily updates on both TV shows and movies. You don’t need to sign up for the service; however, like most free sites, it comes with ads. 


  • It comes with an Android app  
  • Free video streams with zero sign up
  • Updates movies and TV show list daily


  • Both pop-up ads and redirect advertisements. 
  • Contains copyrighted content

3. Solarmovies


Solarmovies still is very popular among streamers, but its main website shut down in 2016. Since then, many copycat Solarmovies sites popped up with different domain links. These links still make a great 1MoviesHD alternative website, but it comes with loads of gambling pop-up ads and even redirects you to other websites every time you select a movie. Even though you’re getting access to free movies online, taking precautions is what matters. We urge you to connect with iProVPN while accessing free show streaming sites. 


  • No sign up required 
  • Free 
  • Wide range of movie variety


  • Copyrighted and pirated content
  • Too many ads 

4. MoviesJoy


The only reason MoviesJoy makes a great substitute for 1MoviesHD is because it comes without ads. Its user interface is simple to navigate through, and you can choose shows from numerous genres and countries or even find out the most top-rated shows by IMDB. There is even an Android app you can get. 


  • Has prints in 1080p.
  • Free and no sign-up required
  • No ads 


  • Too many cam prints available 
  • Copyrighted content

5. HuraWatch


Last, on the list, we have HuraWatch, another 1MoviesHD substitute. It does offer a wide variety of movies to watch, but the site is riddled with pop-up ads and re-directional advertisements. However, it still makes an alright 1MoviesHD alternative if you’re headset on getting a quick movie fix. 


  • Easy to navigate 
  • A large variety of movies to watch 
  • Free 


  • Too many ads
  • Some broken links 

How to Access 1MoviesHD Alternatives Safely

As mentioned, free movie streaming websites are not the safest to access, especially since most links violate copyright laws. Other than that, the websites are seemingly unavailable in some countries. There are a lot of hidden setbacks that you need to stay wary of if you’re still going to go ahead and access them. The safest measure you can take is to use the best VPN. That said, here’s how you can use iProVPN to access any alternative 1Movies HD site: 

FAQs - 1MoviesHD Alternatives

Is 1MoviesHD similar to F2Movies?

Yes, f2Movies is similar to 1MoviesHD. They both offer free movies and TV shows to stream, and both websites are occasionally down. This is why we’ve listed alternative sites on our list to try.

What is the best 1MoviesHD alternative?

Currently, the best 1Movies HD alternative sites are YesMovies, MyFlixer, Solarmovies, MoviesJoy, and HuraWatch. There are other options, but most of those websites are often shut down or come with more bugs than expected.

Is it safe to access alternative 1MoviesHD sites?

Yes, and no. Most free streaming websites come with more malicious ads and often redirect you to unknown pages. Not failing to mention that they harbor illegal content. Although to access them, you need to first check the laws in your country and whether or not it’s allowed to access.

Why is 1MoviesHD not working?

1MoviesHD is working, but not regularly. The website seems to be down a lot and comes with outages and real-time issues, and viruses.

Is 1MoviesHD safe?

No, it’s not completely safe. Even though free movies and TV shows are tempting and exciting, there are a lot of hidden issues that sites like 1MoviesHD come with. So, if you’re still going ahead with them, ensure that your connection and devices are secured with iProVPN.

How do I watch movies for free?

There are many sites that offer movies for free, although most of these sites often generate streams that violate copyright laws. Other than that, these streaming-free websites are riddled with ads, some of which are malicious in nature. This is why it’s always recommended that you go for paid streaming apps instead. If that isn’t an option for you, ensure that your connection is secured with iProVPN.

To Conclude

The best streaming apps often cost around $49-$55 a month, and not everyone has that kind of money, which is why most users look for websites that offer free movies and TV shows. 1MoviesHD used to be one of the best, but it shuts down regularly or is inaccessible in most countries. For this reason, I’ve listed down some working 1MoviesHD alternatives you can try. However, understand that these websites house copyright material, which isn’t legal. We at iProVPN solely curated this guide for informational purposes.

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